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The new budget is out, folks. President is Bush sending Congress a $2.9 trillion — an inconceivable amount of money to anybody. (interruption) Hey, hey, Snerdley! Stop screaming at ’em in there. I can see your facial expressions. I’m inviting these people to call. Do not scream at ’em. I don’t care if they’re as idiotic as the guy last week from wherever he was. Mike from wherever, the minimum wage guy or the cheap bastard guy. (sigh) Just be cool. If they’re making you mad, move on to somebody else. (Pardon me on that, folks. A little discipline here from management down to the troops.)
$2.9 trillion — and of course what we’re going to get from the Democrats is that there will be “Draconian cuts” somewhere in this budget. There won’t be enough money for health care; there won’t be enough money for education. There won’t be enough money for entitlements. There won’t be enough money for this or that or the other thing. There will be too much money for the Pentagon. $2.9 trillion! I long for the day — it won’t happen, folks, but I fantasize about it sometimes — that a budget will be presented to the president this large, $2.9 trillion, and the president looks at it and says, “What the hell?” and starts saying, “Scratch that. Scratch that. Scratch that. Scratch that. Scratch that.” 2.9 trillion! Don’t ever let anybody tell you this country is not spending enough on anything. You can’t even conceive of $2.9 trillion.

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