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I just watched a little bit of the press conference of these two guys that deposited those nine phony, hoax electronic devices at bridges and other spots in Boston. They threw a scare in the whole town yesterday. These guys were from a third-party company hired by Turner Broadcasting. I think it?s still Turner’s ultimate responsibility because you hire a third-party marketing firm to go out and do your PR for you, your marketing, you still gotta know what their plan is. I would think that you would sign off on it at some point. But anyway, these two guys I saw being dragged in on videotape, and they had a press conference, and one of them has got some pretty wild, long hair, and he told the press, he told the Drive-Bys he’s only going to answer questions about his hair, and so the Drive-Bys, ?Why did you do this? Did you have no concept?? ?It’s not a hair question. I’m not answering it.? The next question, ?That’s not a hair question.? It’s funny as it can be. (Laughing.) I don’t know these guys, I don’t know who they are, other than the name of the company they work for, but just to see them just toying with the Drive-By Media at the press conference? (Laughing) Of course everything is life and death, it’s dead serious, this is horrible, ?That’s not a hair question. I’m here to answer questions about my hair.? (Laughing.)

John in San Diego, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Hi. This bomb scare in Boston is not a hoax. I think it’s a mistake, and I think it’s very irresponsible to call it a hoax. A hoax would be if somebody purposely intended these devices to be thought of as dangerous, but I can’t believe that these people, and yourself included, are calling this a hoax.
RUSH: Well, you may have a point. I call it a hoax because that’s what the Drive-Bys are calling it.
CALLER: Since I have you on the line, Rush, have you seen the video of the Bohemian Grove ceremony that Alex Jones produced that’s on Google video?
RUSH: No. Been invited Bohemian Grove but I’ve never been there, and I’ve not seen the video.
CALLER: Do you know about the activities within the Grove? Can you talk about that?
RUSH: No, because I’ve never been there. All I know is that it’s a bunch of elitists and power brokers who conduct secret meetings to take over the world, and they run around nude, it’s all men, no women are allowed, and you can go to bathroom on the side of trees and so forth. They have people come out and make speeches to them and all that, and I know it was started by members of the San Francisco symphony, way, way, way back who were shunned from San Francisco society so they formed their own little club there up in northern California. (talking to Snerdley) Where do you find these people? (Laughing.) Have you ever heard of the Bohemian Grove? Oh, you have? He believes the Bohemian Grove is the CFR in the woods. The Bohemian Grove was started by members of the San Francisco symphony or some orchestra way, way back, many, many, many years ago, shunned by San Francisco society. They have camps. It goes on for three or four weeks up in the Russian river area of northern California.
They have members from all over the world and they can take guests. There are people that come out and speak to them, it’s rustic living, it’s great food, it’s great cooking, but people believe that it is nothing more than a secret meeting of world conspiracists who are out to take over the world’s money supply and all these other things. I’ve been asked to speak at the Bohemian Grove, and I’ll guarantee you this, John, if Bohemian Grove is what you think it is, I would never have been invited there as many times, nor would I have been invited to go out and make speeches. Some of my best golf buddies are members of the place and they just go out there and it?s a social thing. It’s just a pure social thing, and they do bring in entertainment and speakers, and it’s rustic, rustic living out there by the Russian River, and everybody has these fearful conspiracies and theories about it.
One of the myths that always goes around about the Bohemian Grove, is that if you do go, since it’s all men, you could walk around nude if you want, you don’t have to get dressed or any of that, you might even see George Schultz relieving himself on the side of a tree. So one night some years ago I was invited to a dinner in Washington, the American Spectator, Bob Tyrrell’s fantastic, fabulous magazine and website and I was seated next to the former treasury secretary, the late great William Simon. And he said, ?You gotta get out to the Grove.? And I said — thought he had a sense of humor — I said, ?I’d love to get out there because I would love to see George Schultz relieving himself on the side of a tree,? and he looked at me, ?Who told you that? Why, that would never — why — who — that — I can’t believe it.? And I’m shrinking in my seat because I thought he’d understand the humor because I thought this was something everybody thought. He was profoundly offended that that’s what the reputation of the Grove was, and I’m talking about George Schultz, the former secretary of state. Look, I’m probably ruining any chance I’ll ever have of being invited back, but I’m just telling you these are the popular myths about it when it’s actually harmless. It’s just three or four weeks in the summer when people can go out and have a good time. When they’re tired of playing golf, they go to the Grove.

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