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Nancy Pelosi, fresh sound here this afternoon on PMSNBC, Chip Reid, the reporter, interviewed the speaker of the House, and said, ?Explain to me why a nonbinding resolution is strong medicine.?
PELOSI: Any resolution that passes the Congress of the United States disapproving of the actions of the president of the United States, binding or not, has great power. So I wouldn’t underestimate the power of a bipartisan resolution in disagreement with the president’s actions in Iraq.
RUSH: And then she had this to also say.
PELOSI: I hope that we can have a prayerful meeting with the president. We’re talking about the lives of now over nearly 3100 of our young men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice for our country. How we go forward is very important. We have a responsibility to support the troops.
RUSH: Caca, Madam Speaker, utter caca. You do not support the troops by advocating their defeat! You do not support the troops by putting them in a position where they cannot complete the mission, where they cannot win and then claim you’re doing it to honor them. And you cannot at the same time honor these 3100 battle deaths, or troop deaths — not all of them in combat — by pulling the mission out now and making their loss meaningless. Yet that is what they seek to do. But do they really? Where is the teeth of this resolution? Let’s de-fund it, Madam Speaker, let’s de-fund the war. Why don’t you agree with Senator Feingold, whose trying to do that? He claims that he has precedent to do it. He goes back to Vietnam. He goes back to Somalia. In fact, I did look into this. Congress does have, according to precedent — it’s somewhat murky — but they do have the ability to go back and amend a use of force amendment previously signed, the most recent one 2002.
If Feingold can get the votes for it, they can go back and they can amend it and they can say, ?We made a mistake.? Republicans did this in Somalia, Republicans in the Senate led by Strom Thurmond. So it’s not unprecedented. It can happen. But this business that a nonbinding resolution will have power? Look it, if the American people are so on your side, Madam Speaker, de-fund it. If the American people are so desperate for defeat, if the American people want to get out of there and lose in such great numbers that you believe, then simply deny the president and the military the money to conduct further operations. This is nothing more than a political hack making a political statement, attempting to gin up all of this anti-war fervor that does not exist in the numbers that she says or claims, trying to create that. It’s not only they can’t afford a victory now, they can’t permit it.
They are so invested in defeat, if we defeat this insurgency and if there are great stories and articles and books written about the great comeback victory of the United States military and the hang-tough president who stood in with them, they are dead for any position of national power in 2008, they are dead, and they know it, and that’s why they want the troops out. They cannot, my friends, they cannot survive an American victory in this war, simply can’t. As to the 3100 deaths, once again, Madam Speaker, I only call your attention to Philadelphia: 406 homicides last year alone. One American city. Cities run by liberal Democrats and have been for years. States run by liberal Democrats. If you’re concerned about death, if you’re concerned about the loss of life, if that’s all that this problem in Iraq means to you, that troops are being killed — and don’t tell me you care about the Iraqi people because you didn’t care when they were being slaughtered under Saddam Hussein, you didn’t care to stop that. So don’t throw the Iraqi deaths in with this.
Let’s just stick with US troops. You know damn well that you’re just against death, you think it’s meaningless here. Well, add up all the homicides in this country. Philadelphia, 406 last year, in a city of one and a half million people, in a city where Donovan McNabb lives, the articulate and clean Donovan McNabb. Actually lives in New Jersey, but he’s the soul of Philadelphia, according to Bill Rhoden of the New York Times. So, madam Pelosi, maybe you should call Senator Specter and say, ?Senator Specter, 406 citizens of Philadelphia were murdered last year. It is the city you’re from, as you are the senator of the whole state of Pennsylvania.? Using Democrat logic, using the same battle plan to fight death, we should cut off all federal funding for Philadelphia now. We should establish benchmarks for the Philadelphia cops and the Philadelphia mayor to meet. If they don’t meet those benchmarks by reducing the numbers of deaths, we need to pull all federal funding and all federal agencies: The FBI, Customs, I don’t care what it is, pull out of there. It’s untenable.
It’s not worth the risk to federal agents to live in this city, nor any other American city with a homicide rate this high. There many of them. I mean 406 homicides in Philadelphia in one year, sounds to me like a civil war. Sounds like you got insurgents and gangs that are running roughshod all over Philadelphia neighborhoods. We ought not be in the middle of it. Get a resolution going. Get Senator Specter on this. This is obscene. This is absurd. Folks, you’re going to have to understand something. This whole Democrat position on Iraq is nothing but politics, and it’s now become business. The business of politics, and that is the future of the Democrat Party. They cannot allow, they cannot survive an American military victory in Iraq.

Patty in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Hi. Following that blow-hole Kennedy, I’d like to wish you World War II Company L sleep number 45 and clean and articulate dittos to you, Rush.
RUSH: Well-l-l-l-l! Thank you very much.
CALLER: Before my question, Rush, I’d like to tell you that yesterday I had the opportunity to talk to the infamous Mr. Snerdley, whom at one time I thought was an imaginary friend of yours. Anyways, I must say that not only was he extremely nice, but he has a very sexy voice, and I hope that one of these days he would consider sitting behind the Golden EIB mic when you’re on vacation.
RUSH: I have to tear him away from it. He’s been begging to do that forever, but I’ve never thought that he was articulate enough to host the program.
CALLER: Oh, so he doesn’t pass the clean and articulate test?
RUSH: Yeah, right.
CALLER: I’m sorry.
RUSH: Well, cleanliness is okay on his part, but the articulation, that’s a problem. Which you know, you’ve spoken to him.
CALLER: Well, he’s very articulate.
RUSH: Then it’s a matter of judgment.
CALLER: Oh, I have good judgment.
RUSH: Get Biden’s opinion on it, and then I’ll decide.
CALLER: Rush, if you don?t mind, I have a two-part question for you. I’ll ask them together and then get out of the way for you to respond. And my first question is this. If the all-caring morally superior Democrats are so concerned about the underprivileged and the downtrodden and illegal immigrants, why are they not concerned about the poor, the innocent, oppressed civilians in Iraq who also need help and want a better way of life for themselves and their families? And secondly though it appears that many of the Democrats are personally and politically afraid of US victory in Iraq and would rather destroy our president at the expense of our country and our troops, do you think that if the Democrats were able to view the money’s used to fund the war as more of a welfare-based program to help these destitute Iraqis, that they might be more inclined to support the war?
RUSH: No. They want the money to build votes in this country. They don’t care about the Iraqis. The answer to your first question, they couldn’t care less about the Iraqis. They didn’t care about the Iraqis when Saddam was slaughtering them. Until the Iraqis get to vote in US elections, the Democrats aren’t going to care one way or the other about their lives.
CALLER: I find that hard to believe. I mean, these are the all-caring, all-loving, all-concerned Democrats we’re talking about.
RUSH: Well, believe it. It’s not hard to believe at all, once you understand them as I do. And I know you understand what I’m saying. You’re just being facetious.
CALLER: Yeah, of course. I’m sad to hear that, though.
RUSH: No, you’re not. You’re not sad to hear it. Don’t — (Laughing.) because the expectation you have is not real. You can’t allow yourself to become sad over something that’s not going to happen.
CALLER: I guess I’m just the eternal optimist and hoping and praying that it would hit them one of these days, what they’re really doing.
RUSH: Oh, they know what they’re doing. They know what they’ve been doing for years and years and years. The solution to this is not changing the Democrats. The solution to this is not changing the left. The solution is defeating them. The solution is not changing them, not getting along with them, it’s defeating them. Which, of course, not enough of us cared about last November. Priscilla in Medford, New Jersey, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Yeah, kind of like the caller before me took the wind out of my sails. You haven’t discussed the fact that the mantra of the Democrats, including the speakerette of the House, has been that we need to pull out because as long as we’re there, the Iraqis won’t step up and take responsibility for themselves. And yet in this country, the government seems to want to take responsibility for everybody.
RUSH: That is an interesting point. You know, I was reading something just this morning, might have been Specter, I think it was Specter, who may as well be a Democrat on this, who said, ?Look, the longer we stay there, the less the Iraqis are going to step up and take care of themselves.? That’s a conservative argument. You could say the same thing, well, what about Katrina? What about New Orleans? Let’s pull out of there so the citizens of New Orleans stop waiting and start taking care of themselves. Why don’t we do that? Why don’t you Democrats pull out of everything where people have become dependent on you so that they can take care of themselves? They’re tripping up here. Priscilla, that’s an excellent point and I’m glad you called. Speaking of pulling out.
CODE PINK PROTESTOR: We women of the United States have a very clear message for every single presidential candidate, including or especially Hillary Clinton. And we women say, ?Puuuull oooout noooow!?

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