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RUSH: Ruth Bader Ginsburg feels isolated on the Supreme Court. This is a quote of hers, ?We divide on a lot of important questions, but we’ve had the experience of growing up women, and we have certain sensitivities that our male colleagues lack.? She said she dislikes being all alone on the court nearly a year after the retirement of Sandra Day O’Connor. Now, folks, this is nothing short of shocking that this concept came out of this woman’s mouth. What does this have to do with the law? It suggests the old canard that the Constitution is a living, breathing document, and as such, it is to be manipulated to suit the needs and whims of the times and the judges. Positions on legal questions should never be affected by somebody’s personal experience. Instead, it should be by what the law requires.
If women have certain sensitivities that render them differently qualified for the bench than men, then wouldn’t those who have had abortions be vested with certain sensitivities that other people lack? How about crime victims, or any other host of special classifications? This is serious and by legitimizing this, the Drive-By Media fails to question the idea that different people are going to come to different decisions based on their life experiences and in the process Justice Ginsburg undermines the important idea that justice should be completely color and gender blind. She feels alone on the court, because she’s the only woman. What the hell was feminism about?
Man, folks, it’s falling apart right around us. Unfortunately, the effects are not. Seems the structure is.

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