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RUSH: This is amazing. They had a conference in London on climate change very recently, and scientists came up with one of the root causes of terrorism, and that’s global warming. I kid you not. Global warming is said to be a cause of terrorism. (story) The chief scientist in the UK on this issue is a guy named John Mitchell, and he actually cited studies that have been made by Osama bin Laden. ?John Mitchell, chief scientist at Britain’s Met Office, noted al Qaeda had already listed environmental damage among its litany of grievances against the United States. ?You have destroyed nature with your industrial waste and gases more than any other nation in history. Despite this, you refuse to sign the Kyoto agreement so that you can secure the profit of your greedy companies and industries,? al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden wrote in a 2002 ?letter to the American people.?”
Now, he wrote it, but for a British scientist to quote it and to suggest, ?Here is another reason that the terrorists hate you.? And, by the way, you want to know what motivation liberals have? Liberals feel the same way. They think we need to be taught a lesson. They want us to sign Kyoto. They think we’re too big and powerful. They think we are destroying the planet with all of our pollution and emissions. They think that we deserve a comeuppance. We need to be shown and taught a lesson. So that’s why we make jokes here that when Osama bin Laden speaks, it’s Osama bin Laden (Democrat – Tora Bora). Ayman al-Zawahiri (Democrat – Cave, Pakistan), or what have you. They echo the sentiments of the Democrat Party. The Democratic Party, after 9/11, a lot of people said, ?Why do they hate us?? And this is one of the reasons. The blame-America-first crowd, the hate-America crowd is loud, and this summarizes their view. They’re closer in their opinions to what Osama bin Laden would say than they are not.

Then this from a website called Science Direct. It’s a research report, and they just headline it and give the authors and where they work, University of Cagliari in Italy. It’s a forthcoming report, don’t have the details, the headline says it all, “Global warming possibly linked to an enhanced risk of suicide,” data from Italy from 1974 to 2003. We will eagerly await this research paper. So now global warming is responsible for suicide. And this from New Delhi: ?A forthcoming U.N. report on climate change will provide the most credible evidence yet of a human link to global warming and hopefully shock the world into taking more action, the panel’s chairman said on Thursday.
“The report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), due for release on Feb. 2 in Paris, draws on research by 2,500 scientists from more than 130 countries and has taken six years to compile. ?There are a lot of signs and evidence in this report which clearly establish not only the fact that climate change is taking place, but also that it really is human activity that is influencing that change,? R.K. Pachauri, the IPCC chairman, told Reuters. ?I hope this report will shock people, governments into taking more serious action as you really can’t get a more authentic and a more credible piece of scientific work. So I hope this will be taken for what it’s worth.??
Well, if there’s consensus anywhere in this, it is worth nothing. In the meantime, ?Anchorage has been hit with more than 74 inches of snow this season, and according to the city, it’s reaching a crisis level, with snow removal on the streets becoming a big problem.? How can this be? Because the warming is supposedly happening up there near the Arctic Circle. We keep hearing about the ice sheets breaking and melting and so forth, all this snow in Anchorage, ?The roads are looking smaller these days around town, as two-lane roads are quickly becoming one. The city can plow the roads, but where it can remove the snow to another location is a problem.? The headline of this story, ?Massive Snowfall Causes City to Shrink.? So in the midst of all of this global warming hysteria and these new reports coming out, look at the deep freeze that the northeast is in and that the upper Midwest and the central Midwest is going to be in later today and Friday. You have wind chill factors below zero, which is normal, by the way. It’s winter.

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