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RUSH: Peggy in Aquebogue, New York, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.
CALLER: Hi, Rush. Listen, I believe in you, I trust you, and I have a question. You’ve got us out here frantic. What can we do to punish these Republicans who are not true Republicans? How can we get rid of them, how can we either get rid of them or yank their chain and put them back where they belong.
RUSH: Oh, the age-old question. I could be — and I don’t mean this directed at you personally, but you have raised the question, and I could answer this in a number of different ways. One way I could say it was I warned you. So many of you people thought it would be good for the Republicans to lose, for them to be taught a lesson.
CALLER: Not me.
RUSH: Well, good. Elections have consequences. I’m not for violent overthrow, and I’m not for coups, and I’m not for revolution or any of that. I think we have that handled pretty well in our democratic process. I’m going to tell you something, the best and loudest message you can send to any of these people is to not send ’em any money. And when they send you solicitations for money, send it back with a picture of your rear end on it.
CALLER: (Laughing.) I have to tell you, I refuse to send money to the senatorial committee. I will choose the Republicans that I wish to give money to. I want these people who are parading themselves as Republicans, and they’re not. And this is the most desperate and horrible thing that they’ve come up with, they’re not going to fund these people over there.
RUSH: Well, they haven’t gotten there, no, no. They haven’t gotten there. This is a nonbinding resolution. You’ve gotta understand what this resolution is, Peggy. This resolution is pure Democrat politics. It’s playing politics with the troops. It is nonbinding. If it were binding, they don’t have the guts — the majority of the American people do not want to lose. The majority of American people want to kick butt and get out of there. They want to win this. They want the enemy to suffer. They’re sick and tired of this. They want to do it now. They think its taken way too long. We’re the United States of America. Come on, let’s get with it. To hell with democratizing the place, let’s win the war. This is about a US national security and our enemies, as well as it is about stabilizing Iraq. Let’s do the first thing first, and that’s win, and then stabilize the place. We got rid of the people that are trying to destabilize it. Seems to me that’s what the American people want, get in, get it, and get out. We’re the United States of America. We can do it.

We don’t want to listen to a bunch of malcontent senators who are out of touch with the country — that whole city is out of touch with the country. If the American people were really as anti-war as they say, then they would de-fund the war, they would put muscle behind this resolution. This resolution is designed to scare a bunch of Republicans like Chuck Hagel and Voinovich into joining the Democrats so that the Democrats can make this look like a bipartisan thing and take the heat off of them as the sole anti-war party, and these idiot Republicans who fail to understand that they are the targets of a political operation instead act like they’ve got the moral high ground on trying to save the lives of the troops and they are an absolute, abject embarrassment in a political sense as well as in the real life sense. Look it, Mr. Snerdley who’s screening calls today tells me that, Peggy, you are one of just thousands of voices that are so hot today, angry over all this, and I don’t blame you but, you know, the only way to get rid of these people is at the ballot box.
CALLER: Yeah, that’s a little late right now. I mean I want to do something now, today. I can’t help it.
RUSH: Well, look it, in a way, and I’m not trying to be patronizing here, but in a way, it is good in the sense that it’s identifying for Republicans the ones that are the bad apples and need to be dispatched.
CALLER: That’s it.
RUSH: At the next election. You know, this kind of thing goes on in politics all the time, has since the inception of the country. It’s why it’s a never-ending battle, and that’s why it is so disheartening and frustrating to watch our own guys join the give-up squad.
CALLER: Oh, it’s just maddening to me, utterly maddening. As the lady beforehand said, there are days that I scream and rant at the radio or the television. I do everything I know, but I’m impatient now. I don’t want these people to be able to do what they’re doing, sending this terrible message to these people. I read that book, America Alone and realized the danger that we have in our own country and our own enemy is at the gates. And it scares me.
RUSH: Yeah, and you know that probably better than most, given that you’re in New York. Well, look, I understand. I wish there were more I could tell you to do, short of, you know, the Buchanan brigades picking up the pitchforks and heading into town to start bonfires.
RUSH: You just gotta do this with the Democrat process.
CALLER: I’ve got three sons, and I have one who was a complete liberal, highly successful, good loving person. I have a middle guy who would follow Bush to the end of the earth. And I have the oldest one, all brilliant, the oldest one who says, ?I don’t trust any politicians anymore, mom.? Now, that’s right here in my — and they’re all brought up to love — their father — we’re part of the greatest generation.
RUSH: Yeah, disown the liberal son, and encourage the other two.
CALLER: (Laughing.)
RUSH: I gotta run, Peggy, thanks for the call.

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