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RUSH: “New ethics charges have been filed by the North Carolina State Bar accusing the Durham district attorney, Mike Nifong, of withholding DNA evidence and misleading the court in the Duke Lacrosse case. The amended complaint cites findings of April 2006 that DNA tests found on the alleged accuser excluded all of the Duke Lacrosse players as potential contributors. The complaint also states that Nifong was told of the test results by Brian…” We all know this, by the way. The bar has just gotten around to adding this to their complaint. Now, this… That other stuff that they filed could have been a slap on the wrist. You know, these guys tend to circle the wagons around one another. But this has the potential to be serious. This could get the guy’s law license taken away. This could get him disbarred! This, ladies and gentlemen, this could even interest — although I don’t think it will, but it could interest — the feds. The US attorney can look at this and find obstruction of justice and any number of things. This is serious, serious stuff.
“The amended complaint also states that Nifong and Meehan agreed that the potentially exculpatory DNA evidence and test results would not be provided to defense attorneys, which is a violation of rules. The state bar also cited dozens of pretrial comments that Nifong made to the media early on in the case. On March 13th, 2006, a woman who was working is an exotic dancer claimed she was assaulted by three men,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Now, here’s another interesting aspect of this. With this amended complaint that alleges that Nifong withheld DNA evidence, you’ve got the attorney general’s office in North Carolina now having turned the case over to two super-duper prosecutors. How in the world could these people go forward with a trial with all this having been alleged and under consideration about Nifong by the North Carolina bar? Would that not be outrageous and comical at the same time? How can these people decide to try this case with the North Carolina State Bar officially complaining about Nifong’s violation of serious rules? This is just me, average citizen asking the question. It seems like it would provide a tremendous conflict and problem if they decided to go ahead and prosecute this, despite all of this.

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