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RUSH: Get this. ?The state chapter of the NAACP on Thursday called on those involved with the Duke lacrosse sexual assault case — from defense attorneys to state bar association officials — to stop talking publicly while the state attorney general’s office begins its review. ‘We sincerely believe that the high level of public scrutiny and controversy involved in this matter is unwarranted and threatens to pervert the truth-finding process,’ said the Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP. ? ‘Nobody knows the totality of the facts,’ Barber said. ‘We do not expect, nor should North Carolina citizens condone, a resolution of this case based on biased and political or public pressure from the public or any overzealous supporters on either side. What we must do is insist that we follow the facts wherever they lead and face the facts when they are all in.’?
Well, doesn’t surprise me. Does it surprise you? Makes total sense to me the NAALCP wants everybody to stop talking about this case. You know why? Because it makes all the race pimps look like just what they are, a bunch of hysterics with no regard for the facts. The picture of this accuser is starting crystallize, with more and more people, after she’s changing her story all these times and all that DNA that had nothing to do with any of the lacrosse team. I totally understand why the NAALCP would like people to shut up about this, because it’s ruining their business. You know the dirty little secret is these guys would love for this rape to have occurred, and since there’s no rape now, they would love for this sexual assault to have occurred. That would promote the race business; that would promote the template; that would give them a reason to go and fundraise and all of that. That’s why they want people to shut up about this.
There was a column in the Raleigh newspaper, News and Observer, has a great column. The journalist talks about how he felt when he watched the attorney general for North Carolina come out last Saturday and make the press conference, ?We’re taking over the case.? Because the next scheduled hearing in this case is February 5th, and at that hearing, the discharges could be dismissed. The judges could throw this thing out on February 5th. But, the attorney general said, ?Hey, my prosecutors don’t know anything about this. We haven’t even got the case files yet.? They didn’t get them ’til this past Tuesday. ?Now, we’ve got to get up to speed, we’re starting from scratch, we’re starting at day one.? Which means they’ve got, what, 20 days, February 5th when they take this over. The can easily say, ?We’re not ready,? by February 5th and ask for a delay, which is just going to prolong this.
But the last paragraph quoted one of the defense attorneys, Donald Evans I think his name, saying, (paraphrasing) ?We’re happy, we want this investigation to go on and on and on and on because the more investigation takes place the more it will be clear no crime was committed and we want these prosecutors to know this because you can’t prosecute a crime that didn’t occur.? And I said, ?Oh yes you can!? It happens. You think that crimes that have never been committed haven’t been prosecuted? I tell you, they have. Patrick Fitzgerald. There’s no crime. There’s no crime in terms of what the original investigation was about. He claims the crime was committed in the process of the investigation. There’s no crime, but there’s a prosecution, there’s a trial. Don’t kid yourself that it doesn’t happen.

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