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RUSH: Steve in Colorado Springs. Thanks for waiting, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Master Limbaugh! Terra dittos on every single subject across the board that lifts off your glorious tongue, sir.
RUSH: Thank you, sir. (Laughing.)
CALLER: Hey, I’m a financial investor, and getting back on the subject with the media and the stuff that you were on earlier in the program, I’m on the news all day long every single day, and for the last couple weeks I’ve noticed something pretty peculiar and I don’t know if you noticed it.
RUSH: What’s that?
CALLER: Well, I don’t know if it’s because that Osama, or what’s his name? The dictator in Iraq? I forgot that bug’s name. Saddam Hussein was executed —
RUSH: Saddam Hussein, right. You have a very good memory.
CALLER: — or it’s because the Democrats have taken over Congress, but I’m not seeing the doom and the gloom and the despair in the news over the past two weeks that I’ve seen from the Drive-By Media.
RUSH: No, because it has transferred to the United States Senate. They have taken over the job of portraying doom and gloom in Iraq with this silly little resolution that they’re trying to pass. Just in a interview last night, I guess it was this morning Chuck Hagel and Soledad O’Brien and she kept talking about the death count. There may not have been as many pictures of blown-up trucks and burning bodies and so forth. There was a story just the other day about 400 Iraqis died or 30 Iraqis were blown away in some attack.

CALLER: Yeah, and there was some today. PMSNBC is showing it but nobody else is, really.
RUSH: You’re observing that the entire impact, the whole impact is down. They’re not really showing as much mayhem and destruction on a daily basis as frequently?
CALLER: Right.
RUSH: You know, I hate it when a caller calls and I have to say, “I don’t know,” but I don’t watch this garbage anymore. I mean, it’s on here when I’m at work. I can’t tell you the last time I had a news network on at home, and from December 22nd until I came back here on January the 3rd, I did not see any news broadcast anywhere, anyplace on television. I can’t tell you how long it’s been. I don’t even turn this stuff on at night, because, frankly, folks, I just don’t believe it! I’m watching bias! I’m watching agendas, and I don’t care to. So I find a way to inform myself in other ways, and I don’t care what these people are doing anymore. I couldn’t care less what happens on Hardball; I couldn’t care less what happens anywhere. I couldn’t care less what happens on Scarborough or any of these other shows. I could not care less — and when people tell me what happens, I delete the e-mail. I get sick and tired of it. I don’t want to read about it. I don’t want to hear it, because I know. I already know!
I know they’re going nuts. They’re practically having on-air orgasms over Obama. I know that Chris Matthews is about to start cursing. He’s going to lose control here, he’s so excited about the Libby trial. I don’t care! So this is a long way around telling you, “I don’t know if the coverage has changed.” All I know is that the Democrats have not changed their attitude about us losing, nor has the media. If there is less coverage of the atrocities or the so-called atrocities of Iraq, then there is a reason for it, and it’s either that there is less of it and there’s more good news they don’t want to report, or as I suspect, the doom and gloom has transferred to the US Senate where the Democrats are providing more of it than war footage can, which I suspect to be — of course joined by seven cowardly Republicans, which is very exciting. That’s as exciting to the media when Republicans abandon their own party as when an IED blows up in Baghdad. In fact, it may even be more exciting.

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