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RUSH: There are some things happening. If you’re one of the things people out there that you’re paying attention to news and say, “My gosh, everything’s disintegrating here! We’ve got marbling over in Iraq saying, ‘Get the troops out; just give us a bunch of guns.’ You’ve got Chuck Hagel and a bunch of cowardly Republicans trying to implement their own version of the New Tone by joining Democrats in this resolution.” We have audio sound bites, by the way, to support all of this coming here. I’m just setting the table. You have this, the domestic spy program (laughing). See? I even victimized myself by it. The foreign surveillance program, that seems to be a cave — and you look around and you say, “My gosh! Everything’s just disintegrating here — and the president seems to be trying to give the critics, his critics, everything they want just to get these issues off the table.
People are sitting around wondering: Can this administration reassert itself?
Yes, and this is not a unique prescription offered by me, but this administration could jump-start itself with a conservative agenda, emphasizing core principles; offer the people an alternative to the doom-and-gloom left — and that’s exactly what we’re getting from them. It’s not changed since the last year and the last two years and certainly during the last campaign. There’s nothing but doom and gloom being offered by the left. Doom and gloom is seductive! It’s much easier to be doomy and gloomy especially when it seems like the whole government is doomy and gloomy, than it is to be optimistic and positive about being an American and about living in this country. So come out with some alternatives to this doom and gloom and demand — and this is the key: demand — that the senators who are going through the motions of this resolution either support the war or de-fund it. Let’s have a little substance here, but stop undermining our Armed Forces with PR stunts like nonbinding resolutions.
The administration needs to assert itself here, act like they’re in charge rather than reacting to all of this, all these defections and what they appear to be. You have senators out there who are practicing their own form of the New Tone. They’re cutting deals with liberals. They’re undermining the administration. They’re doing it on purpose. The administration is undermining itself with this NSA program and not being able to tell us why it’s a big win-win-win, and if you can’t enforce party discipline in Congress, your own party, if you can’t keep — and I know we’ve got some wacko moderates and liberal Republicans. We’re talking about national security here! We’re talking about the war on terror. If you can’t keep these people in line, then… Well, if you don’t practice it yourself, then how are these people going to be any different? If you’re going to run around and start making deals with Democrats on this issue or that domestic issue, then why should a Republican senator sit here and say, “I’m going to stay loyal to the administration”? Everybody is in their own world now. Everybody is doing their own New Tone, and everybody is out for themselves, and it seems to be that everybody thinks the best way to get what they want is to dump on this administration. The administration has the power. It’s the presidency, for crying out loud! You have the power to stop all this. (sigh) If this trend continues, you can imagine what’s ahead regarding illegal immigration. We haven’t even gotten to the non-pardon of the border agents. I know it’s a done deal anyway.

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