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?If you’re trying to amass political power, fine and dandy, get the people who agree with you and think like you, and then go out and try to win it at the ballot box.?
?One of the things that I’ve noticed about Obama when he speaks, is he uses a lot of clich?s.?
?I’m sitting here monitoring PMSNBC during the break, and you know what they’re doing right now? They are doing a serious hand-wringing segment on the nuke explosion last night on 24? and whether or not it will help Bush.?
?We have a country that is basically settled into passivity, and they are mollified by meaningless words that they think are coupled with good intentions.?
?We are told that people are ?tired and weary? of the constant confrontations that are the by-product of partisanship, and of course Obama comes along, and much like Clinton, tries to convince them that he’s not a partisan.?
?The way the left looks at things is there’s only one common interest and that’s theirs! ?Bipartisanship? means Republicans and conservatives shut up. ?Bipartisanship? means conservatives cave — like it appears two-thirds of the Republicans in the House want to do.?
?Even though I know why the election turned out the way it did, I’m still stunned — that it did, and I don’t mind admitting this. It goes against every granule of human nature I know.?
?The country doesn’t have to come together for us to be at war. Those who don’t want to even acknowledge that we are at war don’t have to! Their lives are unaffected by it. Their jobs are there every day, more so than ever before. Affluence and the opportunity is at an all-time high. We are at war, but we aren’t.?
?The media, the Drive-Bys are in the midst of Obamagasms, because Obama has announced the perfunctory and predictable ?exploratory committee.? It’s really gutsy of Obama to do this while Hillary is out of the country.?
?If there is consensus in science, there’s no science. Science is what it is. It’s not the result of consensus, and the only reason people think that there’s global warming is because a whole bunch of scientists have come up with a consensus.?

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