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As you know, the Al Gore movie, an Inconvenient… Well, lie, truth, they’re trying to show it in as many schools across the country as possible. In Seattle, some parents have finally said, “Wait a minute! This is propaganda! If you’re going to show this, show the alternative point of view on this. This is by no means concluded science.” It’s “scientific consensus,” which is not science. Again, I say, folks: if there is consensus in science, there’s no science.
“What do you mean Rush? We all have to agree and get along.”
It’s very simple. I’ll be happy to explain this. Consensus is nothing more than a bunch of wusses getting together and coming up with a proposition they can all agree on for whatever reasons. Usually they have political biases or some other thing and just want to avoid controversy. Let’s say that a bunch of scientists got together and said, “You know what? We have formed a scientific consensus that the earth is flat.” Would the consensus make it right? No, because science has told us we now know the earth is round. Science is what it is. It’s not the result of consensus, and the only reason people think that there’s global warming is because a whole bunch of scientists are have agreed and they come up with a consensus. So this movie’s all over the place, and finally some people are stepping up, like parents, of all places in Seattle, to try to stop this. Well, in the midst of all this global warming we keep hearing about all the mild temperatures in the Northeast and so forth:

“Three nights of freezing temperatures have cost California up to three-quarters of its billion-dollar citrus crop, according to an industry estimate given Monday as forecasters warned that the cold weather could batter groves through midweek. Other crops, including avocados and strawberries, also have suffered damage in the cold snap,” as well. “‘This is one of those freezes that, unfortunately, we’ll all remember,’ California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary A.G. Kawamura said. Damages from the latest freeze will likely surpass those caused by a three-day freeze in December 1998 that destroyed 85 percent of California’s citrus crop, a loss valued at $700 million…” Now, the global warming advocates can say, “See? It is warming because in ’98 when they had the freeze 85% of the crop was destroyed. This time only 75% of the crop will be destroyed. So it is getting warmer.”
They’ll twist it and turn it however they choose, but the fact is if we have global warming (sigh). I just get tired of trying to make this case. “Citrus growers already have lost between 50 and 75 percent of their crops to the cold snap, said Philip LoBue, a Tulare County farmer and chairman of California Citrus Mutual, a 2,000-member trade organization. ‘When you’re already cutting ice within the oranges, you know those are gone,’ LoBue said. While growers hastened to pick as much of the $960 million in fruit still hanging on trees before the cold hit Friday, an industry labor shortage meant much of the crop went unharvested,” and yes, there is in association with this freeze, in the California citrus industry, a desire for more “undocumented workers” to do the picking. They just don’t have enough, despite all of the illegal immigrants in town and in the state, the citrus growers are still saying, “We could have gotten to save a lot more of the crop if they’d have just had some more undocumented workers!”

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