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RUSH: TV violence is surging, a group says. ?Violence on broadcast TV is approaching ‘epidemic proportions,’ surging 75% over the last six years, while posing a threat to children that parents and government officials need to address.? Wait ’til you see the new season of 24! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You haven’t seen anything yet. I’m not giving away plots. You can read reviews. Fox sends out the first four episodes for review, and there are four huge, ?I can’t believe they just did that,? moments in these four episodes. There are four moments where you’re going to sit there, ?I can’t believe I just saw that! I can’t believe they just did that.? They beg the newspaper and television, whoever, the critics that they send these advance copies to, do not divulge these things. So far I haven’t seen anybody that has and I’m not going to, either.
I know I?ve talked about it a couple or three times. I can’t get away from talking about the thing, I’m a media guy. They are, too. I just marvel at the creativity of these guys that put this program together. I marvel at the genius of the writing. If it weren’t for the writing, the actors would have nothing to say. It’s just astounding. The plot twists in one half hour of this program rival anything you’ll see in a two-hour movie, and they just keep coming. I told you I had 22 people over to watch the first eight episodes. We started at seven p.m. We finished at 2:30 in the morning. Well, we stopped and refueled between episodes, had a little buffet set up there, adult beverages and so forth, and soft drinks for those who preferred. Only four people left, and those four people left only because they didn’t want to have to wait ’til February the 19th to find out what happens next.
What are you guys smirking at in there? Yes, it was an all you can eat buffet. They’re asking me if it was an all you can eat buffet. Yes. You want to know what was on the buffet? Okay. Beef stroganoff, Allen Brothers hot dogs, Allen Brothers miniature hamburgers, chicken strips, popcorn, cheese and cracker tray, potato chips, peanuts. No, there were no veggie burgers. There was coconut popped in coconut oil, by the way. That theater smells like a theater when I rev up the popcorn machine. There was one other — what was it? Oh, egg rolls. Anyway, the people would come in, check supplies. If the supplies were down, bring in another. It was all you can eat, all the way up ’til 2:30 in the morning. The point is only four people left, and that was because they didn’t want to have to wait until February 19th when episode nine airs to find out what happens next. But here’s the thing. They were exhausted after the first four. And after episode four they couldn’t believe what they had just seen.
Its so intense, you are riveted, more so than any other season. And by 2:30, I mean people were tired, but they were exhausted, they were emotionally spent. It was fascinating, because I had to watch these in advance because you can’t have people over, say, ?Hey, we’re going to watch the first eight episodes,? and have some of the episodes not be correct, have them not work. So I had seen them, so while the guests are in there watching this stuff I stole into my office now and then to check news on the computer, even though it was Friday night. But I would come in; I would watch them watch the show, standing in the back of the room. If somebody had an empty wine glass I’d fill it up so they don’t have to leave. It’s a fascinating case study. These are all 24 fans, by the way. These are people that are die hard supporters. Every episode has one of these, gosh-I-can’t-believe-they-did-that moment in it, and especially the one in number four. They all start Sunday and Monday night for the first four episodes.

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