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RUSH: Here is John in Dublin, California. John, welcome to the program.
CALLER: Megga dittos, Rush.
RUSH: Thank you, sir.
CALLER: You don’t puff yourself up. That’s for us to do.
RUSH: That’s exactly what I told the guy.
CALLER: Absolutely.
RUSH: Exactly what I told the guy.
CALLER: Doing a great job. Hey, just a quick one, in reference to — I’m a retired military officer, 22 years in the Army, fought in Desert Storm, trained many of these troops which have gone over for this current conflict, but right from the beginning, this is in reference to your cut-and-run seminar callers from last hour, right from the beginning I’ve been for this war, I’m still for it. Yes, I would like to see some changes. I’d like to see us untie the hands of the troops who are over there. They have to go through a seven step process to be able to engage somebody. Unless they’re being fired on directly, even then these guys are going to hesitate because of the political correctness that we have injected into our military. It is absolutely abominable what we’ve done to them. But also I want to mention, if this is becoming a Vietnam, Rush, it’s not because of George W. Bush, it’s because these liberal Democrats and their lap dogs in the media that have turn it into Vietnam.
RUSH: Yes, and that has been an objective of theirs.
CALLER: Absolutely. It’s like they want the terrorists over here blowing up our people instead of going after our troops who are ready and willing and able to take them out. We just won’t let them.
RUSH: Wait a minute. I want you to stop and think about this. Do you really think that the liberals both in the Democratic Party and the Drive-By Media actually want terrorist attacks in this country?

CALLER: You know, I don’t, I don’t think they consciously want it, but with what they do, the way they are just putting out — I think you said it yesterday, that all you hear is all the bad that’s going on, you know, another car blown up, you see that on the news, you see all this about how bad our troops are over there. You never see, well, how many are we killing? We’re killing a lot of them over there. I still have friends who are there, I get e-mails from these guys, I hear what’s going on. Plus you can see all the websites out there that are supporting the troops, that we have troops talking about what’s going on, and it’s positive. We are rebuilding that country. The Iraqi people like having us over there. Sure, they want us to go eventually, but they know that we’re a necessity there right now.
RUSH: Yeah, I think that’s a given, it’s just up to people to believe or not, and a lot of people are not going to choose to believe it on the left because they don’t want to believe it. You said something — you said that the Democrats and liberals are content for there to be attacks in this country as a result of pulling out of Iraq and maybe Afghanistan and not doing anything in Somalia any further.
CALLER: You know, Rush, I don’t think that’s — like I said, consciously I don’t think they want that to happen, but by everything they are doing, that’s what it’s going to lead to. Therefore it seems — oh, can I say therefore? You got kicked off the radio station for that one.
RUSH: Yes, you can.
CALLER: Therefore it seems like that’s what they want to do, and it drives — I mean they’re just absolutely nuts, in my book, for taking this position. They are tearing this country apart.
RUSH: I wanted to give you a chance to clarify that, because that’s a serious charge, to say that they want terrorist attacks in this country. (interruption) Oh, yeah. Well, I know the Clinton reaction was — some of the Clinton people, after 9/11 happened, were all upset that this didn’t happen on their watch because it would have given their guy, Bill, a chance to really define himself as great. Clinton didn’t get the big issue, Bush did get the big event to mold his presidency around. There were Democrats that said that. But that’s still different than saying that they actively want to pull us out of Iraq so that we will have terrorist attacks in this country. When you say that, I wanted to give you a chance to deny it because that’s a pretty serious charge. I think rather the case is they’re just not trustworthy with national security.

They do not see the threat. They see us, they see their own country as creating the circumstances that lead to the threat and the terrorism. They don’t have any idea. They have no concept that we are hated and despised. Tto the extent that they will acknowledge that we are hated and despised by people around the world they will agree to a certain length that we deserve to be hated and despised because look what we do. We plunder the earth, we pollute the planet, we cause global warming, we steal all of the resources of all of these great nations and continents around the world and convert it to our own selfish use. We have so much more than our share of the world’s wealth, and so they think that there are reasons to hate us because they do. And if they hate the country, it’s not a stretch to imagine that others would hate the country. If they feel justified for their own hatred for the country, then how can they blame anybody else for hating the country? They’ve got to embrace it.
So in the process of that, they actually see terrorism as an outgrowth of US imperialism in the postmodern, post-Pelosi era. They believe they have the ability to reverse this with the power of their elitism, the power of their, uh, shall I say intellect, and their ability to talk with these — who is it that’s suggesting we go talk to these people, and who’s off running around doing it? Democrat senators, running all over the world talking to Bashar Assad, let by the brilliant Bill Nelson, right after the Iraq surrender group report came out. It’s like I told you once, folks, during the 1960 presidential campaign, I’m nine years old, and my dad is being highly, highly critical of JFK. Of course I’m this young kid, and I see my dad animated like this, and I’m nine years old, I’m on the fringes of starting to pay attention to politics. I said, ?Why are you getting so upset about this?? He proceeded to tell me it was all about my and my brother’s future.
He said, ?Son, I’m afraid that this guy is too young, and he’s going to start a war.? I said, ?You think he’s doing it on purpose?? He said, (paraphrasing) ?No. Imagine if I got up on a chair underneath the kitchen lightbulb there and started swinging a baseball bat around, I might accidentally hit the lightbulb and break it. I think that’s he’s going to do it. I think he’s going to start some, not intending to, not understanding the ramifications or consequences. I just don’t think he’s competent.? Those are my words. I don’t remember the exact words. Those are not exact quotes from my dad. But I?ll never forget the analogy of somebody standing on a chair to get closer to the lightbulb, swinging a baseball bat around. Obviously, if you?re going to swing a baseball bat around and don’t want to break the bulb, stay on the floor. You get on a chair and do it, you’re putting yourself in a risky situation.

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