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RUSH: I had a great weekend, folks, but, I’ll tell you what: I went out and did some television Saturday in Los Angeles. There’s a new show that probably will air soon, I’m not sure when, but it’s called The Half Hour NewsHour.” That’s the working title of it now. I guess that’s subject to change. Well, actually it’s not, because if it changes I gotta go back out there, but nevertheless it’s a parody newscast, takeoff on liberal media newscasts, and I play the president of the United States in the opening segments of this program.
I went out and shot three takes. Ann Coulter is the vice president. (laughing) It’s hilarious. The whole thing is hilarious. I went out there and shot three opening segments. These things run anywhere from a minute to 90 seconds. It took eight hours to do these three segments on Saturday, all day long. I did it in the Fox Studios, then had a big after party at the Grand Havana Club. What a bash we had. I left about midnight to fly home and rolled into the driveway yesterday morning about 8:30. I hate spending a whole day coming back from the Left Coast in an airplane, because you lose three hours just because of the time zone differences. I got home at 8:30. I wanted to watch the football games in toto from the comfort of my fashionable estate, which I did. We were watching the Seattle-Dallas game on Saturday night at the Grand Havana Club. There’s one in New York atop the 666 Building and one in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. They are owned and operated by Stan Shuster, and they are <a target=new href=”http://www.cigaraficionado.com/Cigar/CA_Archives/CA_Show_Article/0,2322,62,00.html”>outposts of civility</a> now.
You can actually smoke cigars while having dinner, and they’ve got televisions all over the place. Yes, they’re legal, Mr. Snerdley. We were watching the Dallas-Seahag game, and I just could not believe the way that game ended. You talk about the highs and lows? These people, these young kids, these athletes, everything they do is on the national stage. It’s public, and the highs and lows they go through! Tony Romo, the savior of the season earlier this year for the cowboys, now the goat. Somebody turned to me and said, “Rush, what’s the name of that Red Sox player that blew the ground ball through his legs in the World Series against the Mets?” I said, “That was Bill Buckner.” So people were already starting to think that this was Bill Buckner II with Tony Romo. He’s young; he’ll get over it, but wow. To have the game… They still had to kick the field goal but it was less distance than an extra point.

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