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RUSH: Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee, affectionately known as The Punk here, interesting timing on this, isn’t it? He?s got his memoirs out. The book comes out later this month, but miraculously advance copies have already appeared. In this book McAuliffe lambastes John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, for a horrible presidential campaign, ?calling his effort to unseat President Bush ‘one of the biggest acts of political malpractice in the history of American politics.’ In his scrappy memoir, McAuliffe criticizes the 2004 campaign that he was responsible for defending but ultimately lost to what he describes as a more organized Republican machine. McAuliffe calls the Kerry campaign gun-shy, distracted and incompetent.?
Everybody knows that McAuliffe will die one day of anal poisoning because he’s so close to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and there’s no accident here, ladies and gentlemen, that this book comes out now as we enter the run-up to the official beginning of the 2008 presidential sweepstakes. The book is entitled, ??What a Party! My Life Among Democrats: Presidents, Candidates, Donors, Activists, Alligators and Other Wild Animals.? McAuliffe plans a 25-city tour to promote the memoir and parties to celebrate its publication Feb. 8 in Washington hosted by Mrs. Clinton and Jan. 22 in New York City hosted by former President Clinton. The book is full of revelations from McAuliffe?s years among the power elite, getting a startling leg rub from Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat at a dinner, watching movie stars Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow smooching during a showing of ?Good Will Hunting? at Camp David and being chastised by former President George H.W. Bush during the 2000 election for treating his son with such ?disgrace.??
The Kerry people said (paraphrasing) ?Come on, come on, come on, let’s look forward. There’s no point looking backwards. We did everything we could, everything we could right.? The book is full of stories about how the Democrats are all upset because Kerry and his campaign people were ordering people not to attack Bush. Was Bush not attacked during the 2004 presidential campaign? They said he should have attacked Bush during the convention and he didn’t do that. Edwards was upset that he wasn’t allowed to attack Bush out on the campaign trail. This was news to me that Bush was not attacked.

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