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RUSH: Now, normally, ladies and gentlemen, we don’t spend a lot of perusing ESPN to see what’s happening at ESPN, but somehow Cookie, who watches and sees everything, found this. This morning on their Cold Pizza show, I think it’s the ESPN2, actually, Patrick McEnroe, the sane brother of tennis pro John McEnroe, and Skip Bayless are discussing the upcoming football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. Bayless says, ?Patrick McEnroe, who you got in this game??
MCENROE: I got the Eagles in this one, and you know what? In some ways, it’s weird when you think that maybe Rush Limbaugh, excuse me, and Terrell Owens were right in saying they might be better off without Donovan McNabb, which is kind of scary, and I don’t agree with that. But what Jeff Garcia has done, he’s added energy, but he’s also added emotional energy, but stability in the way they go about their offense.
RUSH: I never said that. I mean, I could understand somebody not paying attention would conclude that, but I never said that. Do I have to keep repeating myself? How many years has this been? All these years later, and still when the Eagles — even when McNabb is not playing, I get somehow lumped into the discussion. I’ll tell you the most interesting thing about the Eagles this week is that Wilma McNabb, the official team mom, went to her son’s website and talked about how that the city of Philadelphia would crucify her son if the Eagles do win the Super Bowl without McNabb. Man. Then William Rhoden — well-known racist at the New York Times — wrote this piece about McNabb and how tough it is being a black quarterback in the NFL (clearing throat) and said that the city of Philadelphia would lose its soul if McNabb does not return as quarterback next year.

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