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RUSH: From Elmont Park, New York, this is Melvin. Melvin, welcome, sir.
CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Yeah, I have to make an observation that the conservative party, and the Republican Party, I think with who we have occupying the House and the Senate, this last election is due in part to bashing. These people ride into office… Like the Democrats, they don’t do this; you can’t do that, you know? People… I mean, I’ve gotten to the point where I just get tired of hearing it, and it’s like —
RUSH: Ah, ah, ah! It’s a good point. I want to respond with a question. First let me make sure I understand what you’re saying. I think you’re saying that me and whoever else bashing all the Democrats just made people so mad that they didn’t want to hear it, so they went out and voted for Democrats. Is that essentially what you’re saying?
CALLER: That’s what I’m saying. You bashed them right into office basically is what you’ve done.
RUSH: Yeah, “bashed them right into office.” Now, it’s an interesting phrase, Melvin, “bashed them right into office.” I’m going to have to remember that. But the question ? (interruption). Yeah, it’s almost like I endorsed them, by bashing them into office. But here’s the question. You know, they were bashing. My gosh, they set the record for bashing! I mean, the Democrats were bashing Bush, and they’ve done it for six years, and they’ve been bashing Republicans. Whatever it was that I said in criticism of Democrats, it was not personal like they have turned it into on the Democrat side. Why didn’t all the Democrat bashing drive Republicans into office, Melvin?
CALLER: Well, sir, I’d have to say you look at this bill that all you have to do is sign now to give illegal immigrants if they want to call it, politically correct phrase) they’re lawbreakers, give them Social Security? That doesn’t make sense to me whatsoever. Who the heck could even conceive a stupid idea like that? Just have it waiting for his signature? Come on. If that’s not enough to bash somebody for. I mean, I’m born and raised in this country, and I just ?
RUSH: Well, see, let me tell you something. I did my share of bashing on that, and you were in favor of that bashing.
CALLER: Well, it’s only right. I mean, come on. Why should I have to give up part of what I’ve earned just because some guy stole a series of numbers who doesn’t even belong in this country?
RUSH: Totally agree, but get used to it, Melvin. It?s a reality.
CALLER: No, no, I won?t! I’m not going to!
RUSH: Just like minimum wage is a reality. There is going to be amnesty. It isn’t going to take long. There is going to be amnesty for the illegals here. They’re going to be a pretense at border security, and that’s it, get used to it.
RUSH: We lost the argument, it’s going to get done because you?ve got —
CALLER: I’m not going to lay down.
RUSH: — Democrats in the House and Senate.
CALLER: Well, anyway I just hope that you ride this rail for quite a while on that.
RUSH: Well, according to your theory, I better shut up about it, because now you want me bashing. I “bashed the Democrats” right into power; now you want me to bash illegal immigration so to get something done about it, but if I were to follow your theory, I should shut up about it, because when I “bash” something, it guarantees it to pass or become reality. I appreciate the call. I’m fascinated at the various thought processes that occurred out there.

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