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Intriguing headline here. ?Many US cities have had murder rates higher than Iraq’s 2006 violent death rate.” Now, we did this story way back during the campaign, nobody cared. ?Government officials on Monday reported that 16,273 Iraqi civilians, soldiers, and police died violent deaths in 2006, a figure larger than an independent Associated Press count for the year by more than 2500.? But we have ten listings for US cities and years, and you go through the — well, it’s too many numbers here to go through. But the bottom line is that many United States cities have had murder rates higher than Iraq’s violent death rate of 2006. Of course, in Iraq it means it’s a quagmire, it’s hopeless, it’s gone, we can’t do anything about it. In the United States, such interpretations are never made. We’re not losing New York! Well, we might be losing New York, but for another reason.

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