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I got this e-mail last night from Virginia. ?Dear Rush, I’m a fan of both you and ?24,? but I think it’s completely unfair that you get to watch the upcoming season of ?24? before I do, and then you talk about it on your show and you rub salt in the wound of those of us who have to wait, and then we have to watch with commercials and we have to wait a week between episodes. Because of this, I have concluded that you are just mean. So there. Feel better now. And you, well, you’re a great American, too, and Happy New Year.?
RUSH: Now, this e-mail symbolizes and represents quite a few that I received yesterday afternoon and last night after I mentioned ?24.? Look it, folks, I can’t win. If I don’t tell you what I did on vacation, you get mad. If I do tell you what I did on vacation, you either say stick to the issues or we don’t care, or shut up about it, blah, blah, blah. I can’t win. All I did was say that I watched the first eight episodes of the new season of ?24,? and had a party last Friday night to do so. I didn’t get into the plot, didn’t tell you a thing about it, nothing I said could possibly ruin it for anybody. So what you people are feeling is just base jealousy, just base envy.
Well, my friends, if you were a powerful, influential media figure, as I am, you, too, might have a chance to see these things in advance, but you’re not, and I am. (Laughing.) I used to be able to say this stuff with a straight face but I got so many people on the other side of the window just rolling their eyes, I can’t do it anymore. Need to close the shades when I do this. No, seriously, folks, all I want to tell you about it is don’t miss it. If I start getting into any specifics, I won’t be able to stop, and I’m not going to do that. No, I’m not being paid. This came up, too, yesterday, we had a caller, ?You know, you’ve been giving a lot of movie and TV reviews. Are you getting paid for this?? Yeah, like they could pay me enough that it would matter.
Come on, folks, could we get real? You people, you know I do not accept anything, freebies. I don’t want to be obligated. I certainly am not going to accept payment for something like this. That’s absurd. I can’t believe the question was even rolling around in somebody’s mind. But all I said yesterday was, I’m amazed, because after five or six seasons of a show like this usually it starts its decline, run out of ideas. It just gets better and better and better. It’s as infectious and addictive as ever. I don’t miss it. See, it all evens up. You gotta look at it this way, folks. You’re out there upset because I’ve seen the first eight episodes. The first eight episodes take us through February 12th. Well, you get to start watching on January 14th and 15th. I have to wait ’til February 19th to find out what happens next. You know, all these things even out. I’m in ?24? limbo from now ’til the 19th of February. You people, in less than a week and a half are going to get started on your new season six. I’m just telling you, don’t worry. I’ll tell you one thing, because I can’t help myself, one thing. A bunch of questions that I had after last season’s finale start to be explained. Some of the tie-ins begin to happen within these first eight episodes, and they are mind-blowers. But that’s all I’m going to say.

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