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RUSH: AP: Female Speaker at a Glance: “A Look at some milestones for women in US politics,” starting in 1916, all the way to Pelosi becoming the first female speaker of the House, became the first woman to head her party. You got Sandra Day O’Connor in there, Geraldine Ferraro, Senator Hattie Wyatt Caraway (D-AR), appointed to the Senate to succeed her deceased husband. Representative Ella Nolan (R-CA), first woman to chair a congressional committee, all these, but there are a lot of women left out of this list. There have been a lot of amazing accomplishments, noteworthy occurrences by women in government, in Washington, and they’re not on this list. For example, Pat Schroeder! Patsy Schroeder of Colorado decided back in the eighties she was going to run for president. Well, she didn’t decide. She got close to deciding. When she did decide that she wasn’t going to run, she embarrassed the feminist movement worldwide. She went up to the hills of Colorado, the foothills, to announce that she wasn’t going to run, and in the process broke down crying. I mean, it was a bawl.
It was tears. It was flooding the caverns and the ravines out there. (Patsy impression) “I can’t win! I’m not running.” (Crying) and then, as if that weren’t bad enough, buried her head on the shoulder of her husband, who, prior to that, other than their children, there was no evidence he existed. It was a bad moment for feminists. I was in Sacramento and the feminists out there were embarrassed about it, they were all over local TV. How could she could this to us? A major milestone among women in Washington not mentioned in the AP story: Hillary’s Pretty in Pink, I’m-not-a-crook press conference, is not mentioned here. Cynthia McKinney’s assault on the Capitol Police with a cell phone, is not mentioned here. Hillary Clinton’s health care boondoggle, is not mentioned here — and of course, none of the Clinton women are mentioned: Monica, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, the list goes on. (interruption) Elizabeth who? Gracen? Yeah, that’s right, Elizabeth Gracen, Eleanor Mondale. Well, the list goes on. Gennifer Flowers. List goes on and on and on. None of these women who have participated in milestone events in Washington are mentioned in the list, and I didn’t want them to be left out.

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