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RUSH: I knew I was right all along, which is why I never felt the need to apologize. How about this headline: “Science Told: Keep Your Hands Off Gay Sheep.” Yes, this is from the UK Times. “Scientists are conducting experiments to change the sexuality of ‘gay? sheep in a programme that critics fear could pave the way for breeding out homosexuality in humans. The technique being developed by American researchers adjusts the hormonal balance in the brains of homosexual rams so that they are more inclined to mate with ewes. It raises the prospect that pregnant women could one day be offered a treatment to reduce or eliminate the chance that their offspring will be [gay]. Experts say that, in theory, the ‘straightening’ procedure on humans could be as simple as a hormone supplement for mothers-to-be, worn on the skin like an anti-smoking nicotine patch.”
Now, who was it that warned of this a decade ago? It was I. It was I, ladies and gentlemen. It might have been longer than ten years ago, and it took place during a discussion of abortion and genetic engineering, and at the time, I pointed out that this genetic engineering, we’re going to have to be very, very careful with this, and we’d already seen, a story before I left for the break, about how we’re able to determine now that a kid may be prone to overweight, red hair and freckles, and the mother says, “I’m not going to give birth to that,” and they abort the child, and then the mother says, “Unless you’ve walked in my shoes and worn my bra you can’t possibly know what it’s like so you can’t possibly have an opinion about it!” In the process of the abortion debate, I said, “Folks, if you want to wait, it’s going to happen somewhere down the road.
“Somebody’s going to be able to discover the gene that causes homosexuality or hormonal imbalance, whatever it is, and they’re going to be able to tell a pregnant couple, “Ah, your child has this hormonal imbalance that might lead…” “Oh, no, we wouldn’t want to do that to a child,” and abort the child, and I said, “You wait. The biggest shift in the pro-life, pro-choice movement will come from gays who will not want to see themselves bred out of existence. So they’ll become the biggest pro-lifers ever seen, and, lo and behold, it’s happened here. Scientists are experimenting on gay sheep, and activists are telling, “Hands off those gay sheep! You cannot do this! Do not do this!” (interruption) What are you shaking your head for in there? You can’t believe what, that I’m talking about it or that it’s happening? It’s happening, and I told you ten or 12 years ago it was going to happen.

I’m not trying to be a See, I Told You So here, but if you’re going to keep toying around it, we’re going to learn a lot more. I’d hesitate to predict what’s going to happen in the next ten years, but there’s no question: we’re choosing or going to be able to choose who lives or who doesn’t based on the convenience of the living in any way you can imagine. Anyway, on a related story: “Housework Can Cut the Risk of Breast Cancer — Women who exercise by doing housework can reduce their risk of breast cancer, says a study. The research on more than 200,000 women from nine European countries found that doing household chores was far more cancer protective than playing a sport. Dusting, mopping, and vacuuming was also better than having a physical job. The women in the cancer research UK-funded study spent an average of 16 to 17 hours a week cooking, cleaning, and doing the washing,” all those things that the feminists wanted to protect you women from have to go do.
“Experts have long known that physical exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer, probably through hormonal and metabolic changes. Dr. Lesley Walker of the Cancer Research UK said, ‘Something as simple and cheap as doing the housework can help,’ but of all of the physical activities, only housework significantly reduced the risk of both pre- and postmenopausal women getting breast cancer. Housework cut the breast cancer risk by 30% among the premenopausal women and 20% among the post-menopausal women.” Now, let’s see what happens with this. It’s going to be very interesting, ladies and gentlemen, because the minute you tell anybody that, say, oat bran can eliminate the risk of cancer, people will run out and buy it like crazy! You tell them that — what’s the latest? — omega-3. You tell people omega-3 will extend their life, omega-3 is going to be in there!
You’ll get a salt shaker of omega-3 to put on everything you eat. If they tell you that stopping eating trans-fats will extend your life and prevent cholesterol and all this, wow! We’ll ban it from New York City and other places. Now, let’s just see how much this study influences women doing housework. How many women will say that their husbands, “No, you stop the dishes! I have to do the dishes! I won’t get breast cancer. No, don’t clean the floor! I will you vacuum the floor!” Do we expect this to happen? This, by the way, this is a survey of 200,000 women! This is far more than any trans-fat study, which, by the way, I found something else over the break: The top ten health myths of last year, and in the top ten is that trans-fats cause increased cholesterol and all that. It’s a myth, according to some science group. It doesn’t matter. All somebody has to do is tell us something that’s going to kill us, and we’ll ban it, we’ll stop it, other than the car or the sidewalk or crosswalks in the street, won’t ban those. You know people get killed crossing the street? It’s riskier than driving, percentage basis. But now we’re being told that housework can reduce breast cancer by 30 percent, pre- and post-menopause. Heh, heh, heh. Yes, let’s just see the upward spike in women doing housework after this news gets out.

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