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RUSH: There’s a new term. I want you to get ready for a new term here regarding illegal immigrants. (story) “Most of the year, very little happens at the Free Trade Bridge here, one of the most remote and least-used international crossings on the Southwest border. But during the holidays the crossing bustles with Central American immigrants from various U.S. communities who trek across with secondhand cars and other goods they plan to sell in their homelands. The holidays are ‘the hottest time,’ Javier Pacheco, a 42-year-old Honduran, said Tuesday. ‘Everybody wants to get there before Christmas.’ For four years, this bridge has been the only one to accept these ‘transmigrantes,’ so named for the visa given them by Mexican officials for a beeline some 1,500 miles through Mexico.” So “transmigrants” is another name you’re going to have to add to your lexicon out there when dealing with the whole subject of illegal immigration.
From Chicago: (story) “With Christmas fast approaching, Elvira Arellano dispatched her 8-year-old son to Washington to plead her case and that of other immigrant families who fear being torn apart by deportation. The Mexican-born Arellano, 31, cannot go herself because she has been fighting a deportation order since August from inside a Chicago church where she has imprisoned herself, invoking the ancient medieval protection of sanctuary. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, there are 2 million families in the United States with mixed status…” Anyway, it’s one sob story after another today at Christmastime on the plight of the poor illegal immigrants and just how difficult it is and it’s made all the much harder because cold-hearted and cruel Americans get really cold-hearted, steel-hearted and cold at Christmastime and don’t understand they’re just human beings “trying to feed their families.”
From San Francisco: (story) “A senior California Democrat proposed on Thursday that employers pay to expand health care coverage to all uninsured children in the state, including those of illegal immigrants…” This is taking Prop 187 and throwing it right back down the throats of the people that voted for it. This guy is basically saying to all of you in California who voted for Prop 187… You remember what Prop 187 was. Prop 87 was a California ballot initiative that said: we’re not going to pay health care and benefits and benefits and education for the children of illegals, and it passed overwhelmingly and a federal judge said: You can’t do that! It’s unconstitutional! I have more power than you do. (Raspberry) Now the California Democrat here that has proposed this:
“Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez unveiled his plan to extend health care coverage to uninsured children by requiring employers to pay for insurance, or to have them pay a fee to the state,” if they don?t pay for the insurance. “Firms with fewer than two employees…” (laughing. So that means the self-employed. “Firms with fewer than two employees or with an annual payroll of $100,000 or less and small businesses open for less than three years would be excluded.” Arnold Schwarzenegger, the moderate Republican governor, “called Nunez’s plan a significant contribution to the health care debate We all agree — the current system is broken and it needs to be fixed, Schwarzenegger said in a statement.” So if you have an annual payroll of less than a hundred grand in California, or if you have fewer than two employees, you’re exempt! (Laughing.) It’s not funny, but it is. Every time I go to California, “What are we going to do, Rush?” “You’re stuck. I’m leaving tonight, and you’re pretty much stuck here.”
(story) “Arizona has ended Nevada’s 19-year reign as the nation’s fastest growing state, fueled by” transmigrants. (Laughing.) I’m just trying to get up to speed here. “…fueled by immigrants and Americans moving from other states. At the other end of the scale, Louisiana lost nearly 220,000 people, more than any other state in the near following Hurricane Katrina,” which means President Bush succeeded in busting up the Democrat majority in the state of Louisiana by getting so many people out of the way. Well, that’s what the madcap left thinks.

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