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“This Duke Lacrosse story is a great Drive-By Media example. The Drive-Bys show up and they start launching all kinds of ammo and stuff and get everybody on fire. They just incinerate the place, and we had stories about how these are ‘wealthy, white, privileged elitist athletes’ and how automatically they gotta be guilty! ‘Why, this is a racist society and, why, that is Durham, North Carolina. We know what Durham, North Carolina is. This is the South, and we know that racism lives.'”
“It sounds like what’s gotten everybody fired up is Virgil Goode saying, ‘I am for restricting immigration so that we don’t have a majority of Muslims elected to the United States House of Representatives.’ He’s voiced a concern that many Americans have. They probably don’t have the courage to say it.”
“Look at this: ‘UN Agencies Warn of Impending North Korea Food Crisis.’ They’ve had a food crisis in North Korea for 25 or 30 years!”
“These are some pretty vicious comments Donald Trump made about Rosie O’Donnell, far more vicious than anything I’ve ever said about anybody, but we’ll see if this adversely affects Trump down the road. Probably not. He’s a loved figure. He’s a great ‘media get,’ and people are afraid of him on a number of levels.”
“There is very little accountability for teachers in this country today based on what they teach, whereas everybody else’s job performance is rated on their productivity or their achievement or accomplishment.”
“You gotta learn to accommodate everybody, which means we have to learn to accommodate various minorities — and I’m talking about numerical minorities here, not racial or ethnic.”
“I tried to blow it out this fire that started in here, and that did not work. Hot air on a fire does not do anything but accelerate it.”
“ABC reports ‘Al-Qaeda operatives in Greater London are being encouraged to strike during the Christian holiday.’ Well, why not? Of course! We deserve to be hit, particularly on a highest Christian holiday. We need to get our just desserts for all these years of poisoning the world and dominating the world and destroying resources and creating havoc and causing pollution!”
“In a different world, all of this involving Sandy Burglar and Al-Qaeda and all of these cells that the Clinton administration knew were in the country and didn’t do anything about and didn’t pass the information on to the Bush administration, should be devastating to the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.”

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