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RUSH: Here’s that story on Barack Obama’ wife. It’s Thomas Lifson in the AmericanThinker.com.
“Poor Mrs. Barack Obama! ‘My income is pretty low compared to my peers’ she says. How much is she scraping by on? ‘According to a tax return released by the senator,” that would be her husband, Barack Hussein Obama, “this week, the promotion nearly tripled her income from the hospitals to $316,962 in 2005 from $121,910 in 2004.”‘” So she basically tripled her income. “Her income coincidentally jumped when her husband [Barack Hussein Obama] was elected to the United States Senate. She handles ‘community outreach’ for the University of Chicago Hospitals, which does indeed sound like vital work, right up there with open heart surgery. But wait, there’s more, as the late night television commercials assure us. Hubby bashes Wal-Mart, following the union boss catechism: ‘The Chicagoan who would be president – maybe – told members of a union-backed coalition that they have ‘a moral responsibility to stand up and fight’ [Wal-Mart].
“‘The battle to engage Wal-Mart and force them to examine their own corporate values and what their policies and approaches are to their workers . . . is absolutely vital,” the Associated Press quoted [Barack Obama] as saying.’ But Mrs. Obama is a director of a certain company: “Michelle [Hussein Barack Obama], mak[ing] $45,000 a year serving on the board of a Chicago-area company that pays its executives a very hefty amount of money while laying off mostly minority workers in an economically deprived area, a company whose No. 1 customer is – you guessed it – Wal-Mart?” So she doesn’t work at Wal-Mart. She is on the board of Chicago company and its biggest customer is Wal-Mart, while her husband is out doing everything in the world along with the Democrats to destroy it. More hypocrisy, not that that’s going to convince anybody of anything, as we discussed in great detail with a caller on Friday.
Now Mrs. Clinton, back to that, Today Show today, Meredith Vieira: “Everybody’s talking to you and about you, Senator Obama. Really, you’re the cover of Newsweek. Most people have decided you’re going to run. The Senator from Illinois has said he’s thinking about it, you’ve said you’re thinking about it. Senator, tell us whether you’ve made a decision.”
HILLARY: I’m working hard to make a decision and I will after the first of the year. It is really both very flattering and overwhelming to be looking at this. Maybe more than anybody else, I know how hard this job is. I saw it in an up close and personal way for eight years.
RUSH: Stop the tape a second. Saw it up close and personal. Hell, you ran it up close and personal!
HILLARY: This is an intensely personal decision. You know, I’m very honored that people are urging me to run and saying they want to sign up, and yet at the end of the day, I want to be sure that my decision is right for me, for my family, for my party, for my country.

RUSH: Well, if it’s the country we’re talking about, bag it, but in terms of family, the party. Some interesting Hillary stories over the weekend. The Washington Times: “Democrats Doubt Hillary’s Electability.” This is not the first of these stories. There have been many of them. “Several key Democrats say that Senator Hillary Rodham…” Have you heard the story, by the way (Dick Morris: Hillary wants to be ”President Rodham”) that if she’s elected president, she has decided she wants to be called President Rodham? Did you hear that? I’m not making this up. I read that, and it wasn’t a parody piece. It was not a parody piece, but you’ll understand why when I get to the second story here.
The Washington Times story talks about the fact that Democrats “worry Hillary could become the Howard Dean of 2008. Some say her biggest problem is her electability, an issue that could work against her in the [cauci] and the primaries among rank-and-file Democrats. ‘Hillary Clinton is going to be a formidable opponent because she’s able to raise more money, but does that make you the winner? Ask Howard Dean. He was raising more money than you can imagine. He ended up doing poorly in ’04,’ said former Iowa Democrat chairman Rob Tully. When asked about Mrs. Clinton’s lead in opinion polls they also point to the ill-fated presidential campaign of Mr. Dean.” Now, what’s the correlation to Howard Dean and Hillary? What do you think it is?
It’s the scream! Dean had a one-syllable scream. Hillary has a tendency to scream whole speeches, or whole paragraphs. Anyway, there are all kinds of undercurrents, and there have been for a while from Democrats: “I’m not sure she can win,” and then in the Washington Post on Sunday was… I don’t know how to describe this sop story: “President in the Room — Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Issue? A Certain Someone in Her Background.” Listen to the way this story starts: “He stood far behind, hiding in plain sight, though his glowing white hair and ruddy complexion rendered him as inconspicuous as a face on Mount Rushmore. The spotlight was not Bill Clinton’s. It belonged, instead, to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as she celebrated her reelection victory.
“So Bill stood poker-faced. He clasped his hands. He held his head high. He clapped when appropriate. He smiled ever so faintly. And he did not move. When Hillary offered thanks to him and turned around to acknowledge him, he did not step forward, did not step to her side. He stayed put, several feet away, as if taking pains to soak up not one ray of the spotlight he so dearly loves but that, now more than ever, must be hers and hers alone.” I’m telling you, this is worse than “power was crackling through his jeans” on Catalina Island. This was a woman, of course, wrote the story, Lynne Duke. (Well, I’m assuming it’s a family because there’s an E on the end of Lynn.) Anyway, I just wanted to read the open to you. That’s not the point. The point of the story is: how they going to keep him quiet?

The biggest challenge Hillary has is managing Bill! How does she keep him from dating? How does she keep him from being photographed with other women? How does she keep him out of Canada? (He’s got <a target=new href=”http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&safe=off&c2coff=1&rls=GGIC%2CGGIC%3A2006-50%2CGGIC%3Aen&q=belinda+stronach+clinton”>that babe</a> stashed up there.) How does she keep him from trying to hog the spotlight all over the place? The testicle lockbox is one option, but she’s been using that for years and he’s found other substitutes since testicle lockbox has probably been hidden from him. “If she runs, will voters focus too much on him? Will they remember too much of the national trauma known as ‘that woman’ (Monica Lewinsky) — and the presidential prevaricating, hair-splitting (what is ‘is,’ anyway?) and impeachment that followed?
“Can voters look at Bill without thinking of sex? If they don’t think of sex, they’ll likely think the word: ‘president,’ which may also not be such a good thing for the spouse who wants that title. Can Bill Clinton control himself during her presidential campaign? Bill Clinton, the management challenge.” The Drive-Bys are sending her a message. The Drive-Bys are telling her what they perceive her big problems to be in the campaign — and I’m only sharing this one because she said the decision to run is going to hinge on what’s best for her family. Now, here’s something I don’t think I knew. A little more than halfway through this story: “Since the Lewinsky scandal, Bill has received counseling for sex addiction.” Had you heard that? Did you know “Bill has received counseling for sex addiction.”
“He and Hillary have grown as a couple. She has burst out of her role as wife and first lady to become a politician in her own right. He has had a brush with death…” This is just syrupy, and then you compare the stories Obama is getting, and then look at your average coverage a Newt Gingrich gets or me, or anybody else, and it’s just laughable. But I didn’t know that Clinton went through sex addiction. I, ladies and gentlemen, know a little bit about sex addiction. I’ve never undergone counseling for it because I’ve never had a sex addiction, but I know people who have. When I went to drug rehabilitation out in Arizona, there are about 80 people in the place at any one time; the vast majority of them were being treated for sex addiction. Alcohol was number two. Drugs of various kinds was number three. The sex addicts were a mess, and it’s a tough thing. I have any doubts that he’s actually had counseling for it, because it’s something you don’t do overnight.
RUSH: It was Dick Morris, who was on John Gibson’s show in early December, who said that Hillary would not be another President Clinton. She would be President Rodham. “I’ll bet you that if she wins, that’s what she has people call her,” Morris said on Fox News, President Rodham. Do you think the country is ready for this succession line of presidents: “George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton”? Do you think the public even thinks about things like that when they vote for president? Do you think that the country is ready for, what is it, would be six terms with basically two families running the country? It’s a fascinating question.

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