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RUSH: Look at this immigration and the minimum wage news, because it’s obvious that there is a Drive-By Media agenda on both today as we went through the wire services. First, this story from the Associated Press. “A construction worker charged with murdering that actress in her Manhattan apartment now says he attacked her because he was worried about immigration officials. This according to court papers that prosecutors filed yesterday. His name is Diego Pillco, a 19-year-old Ecuadorian illegal immigrant. ‘I lost control and I kept cursing. She was insulting me. I thought she was going to call the police when she went upstairs. I was afraid of immigration.'” So, see, the actress would be alive today if it weren’t for the fact that zealots in this country are trying to send the illegals home or at least secure the borders.
Get this. “A southern California fence building company and two of its executives will be charged amid a long running criminal investigation into whether the company knowingly hired illegal immigrants to build its fences. Golden State Fence Company was scheduled to be arraigned on criminal charges Thursday in San Diego, said Christine Friedman, a clerk for US district Judge Barry Ted Moskowitz. Also being arraigned were Melvin Kay, Golden State’s president and founder and Michael McLaughlin, another company executive. Golden State currently employs about 750 people, saw sales soar from 60 million in ’98 to $150 million in 2004.” Get this. This is the company that’s building a border fence! (Laughing.) They’re building part of a 14-mile border fence in San Diego, they did in the late 1990s. The border fence was built by illegals that they hired — (Laughing.) It’s not funny. Yes, it is. No, it’s not. Yes, it is. “It’s serious, Rush.” It’s funny, folks. (Laughing.) It’s serious.
Also in San Diego, (story) “The city of Escondido said it will not enforce a law that punishes landlords for renting to illegal immigrants, killing a measure that many communities nationwide also have considered in an effort to crack down on undocumented workers.” Oh, we don’t need no stinking law. So they won’t enforce the law that punishes landlords for renting to illegal immigrants.
Let’s see. Mitt Romney, (story) “Governor Mitt Romney in Massachusetts signed an agreement Wednesday?” All these immigration stories. It’s just over the top. “?with federal authorities that allows Massachusetts state cops to detain suspected illegal immigrants. Initially, 30 troopers will get federally funded training, then be allowed to question and detain suspected illegals, charge them with a violation of immigration law and place them in removal proceedings. Romney said that the scope of our nation’s illegal immigration problems require us to pursue and implement new solutions wherever possible.” It is expected that this will somehow not hold up. The incoming governor, Duval Patrick, doesn’t like it. This guy wants to put city hall up for sale, by the way. It is sort of an eyesore.

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