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RUSH: I.V., Sacramento, California, glad you called. Welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Hello there.
RUSH: Hello there.
CALLER: Dittos, Maha Rushie.
RUSH: Thank you, sir.
CALLER: I’m getting confused with this pulp comparison thing going on.
RUSH: Most people usually are. That’s why they call here and listen to this program, to get straightened out. I’ll help.
CALLER: That’s true. They’re comparing 9/11 with how many people we’re losing in battle in Iran, right?
RUSH: Iraq, yes.
CALLER: Correct. How many people died in Pearl Harbor, and how many people did we lose in that whole World War II battle?
RUSH: Of course, but now you do understand the purpose of this kind of reporting? I mean, you are aware that they breathlessly were counting up to the first one thousand deaths. (Panting). They were panting. (Panting). And when they finally hit 1,000, they through a party, a Media Drive-By party. Then 1500, then 2,000, and then 3,000. Now they compare it to 9/11 because their point is, we lost 3,000 Americans in 9/11, we have sent 3,000 other Americans to their death in Iraq, and for what? Bush’s war. It’s simply an attempt to say that Bush, when he’s through is going to have killed more Americans than the attacks of 9/11 did. That’s where this is headed, I.V., make no mistake about it.
CALLER: Well, I thought they were trying to do a new goal thing like tit-for-tat, we lost so many on 9/11, so now the liberals say, well, we’ll lose so many in the war and then pull our troops back.
RUSH: Well, in a way, yes, but the point is that when this is all said and done they want to be able to say that we’ve lost more Americans in war because of George Bush than we lost on 9/11. That where this is headed. It’s about nothing else. There may be some ancillaries, but that’s pretty much it.

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