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RUSH: I told you about James Brolin. He was on The View Wednesday. This is the Rosie O’Donnell show with three other women taking up space on the couch. The question from Rosie O’Donnell: “You’ve been playing politician lately in your career.”
BROLIN: My grandmother and my grandfather and my mother and father were Republicans, and I started thinking for myself. We all used to get along. We were Americans. Now we’re split and arguing it. And so whose fault is that and what’s going wrong and think about the issues.
BEHAR: We know whose fault it is! Lets not pretend. (ranting cross talk)
BROLIN: And by the way, for starters, can I tell you to have a look at www.911weknow.com and wait till I see you next time.
RUSH: (Laughing.) What a bunch of hysterical raving. By the way, I would much rather feed, caress, pet and spend time with my cat to learn about women than to learn about women by watching The View. Anyway, the website that he mentions here is www.911weknow.com. We went there to find out what they know at www.911weknow.com. Let me just read it to you. “You may or may not have swallowed the ‘official story.’ Some of us were alert enough to shake our heads and say, ‘Those buildings came down much too fast.’ Others blocked the disaster from their minds, living life as they thought they had known it. But the scenery had changed. The buzzwords were born. ‘Nine Eleven! September Eleven! September Eleventh!’ Everywhere you went, they were jabbered. But what if it wasn’t an accident? What if it wasn’t beyond our control? What if it was all planned? Our consciousness has been altered.”
So here’s Streisand’s husband on The View telling everybody to go to this place and then to wait for him the next time he comes on the show. It sounded serious to me. Mr. Streisand sounded very very serious. You talk about the Drive-By Media not getting it, taking it out of context. You don’t start going down this road as a joke, especially with what he’d said before. Of course I take him seriously. He’s a nut. They’re all nuts. They have screws loose everywhere! That’s what I mean. They ought to be happy. These people, they won the election. They got Hillary or Obama to choose from. By the way, Hillary creamed Obama in a poll out there. Who did that poll? Thirty-three to 12 percent. I’ve got it here. Don’t even bother looking it up. Everybody is citing the poll. But Hillary just creamed Barack Obama.


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