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RUSH: The Drive-By Media is out there attempting to blame me now for the upcoming loss of several Republicans next Tuesday, particularly in Missouri with the Michael J. Fox ad flap, and I just want to remind you that that race has been a margin of error race for six months or more. It’s been deadlocked for that long a period of time. But there is another ad, another race featuring a Michael J. Fox ad where I also commented, said the same things, and that’s in Maryland, and in that race, the Republican, Michael Steele, has vaulted ahead, and he just got several key endorsements from black leaders in Prince George’s County yesterday.

What’s the difference? The difference is that Michael Steele didn’t sit back and take the ad. Michael Steele launched a counter ad with his sister, who has MS, because the ad, just as the ad in Missouri against Talent, the ad in Maryland professed and claimed that Michael Steele doesn’t care about stem cell research. The ad in Missouri said that Jim Talent wants to criminalize it. Talent didn’t say a word about that I heard about. But Michael Steele launched a response ad and didn’t let Fox or Ben Cardin get away with this. It was Ben Cardin who has in fact voted against stem cell research as a member of Congress, and yet Michael J. Fox’s ad runs on his behalf.

So this can be, if the Republicans involved know what they’re doing, a huge winner for them, and this the Democrats know, which is why they continually now, for over a week, continue to distort what I said and how I said it, because they’re worried about the impact of what I said might have on the races. That is the real bottom line.


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