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RUSH: All right, the flap over the Michael J. Fox commercial continues. It will not die down. The story is that I am out of control. The real story is and the fact is, the Drive-By Media, folks, has devolved into an hysterical mob. I’m going to explain why here in just a second, but before we go to the audio sound bites to set up the opening monologue in the program today, I want to get one thing straight. We had a call yesterday, and I dealt with it yesterday, and I will deal with it again today as often as I have to, because there is an irresponsible charge and an irresponsible misuse of video from my Dittocam here.

By the way, welcome to all of you watching on the Dittocam today. There was an irresponsible charge that I was making fun of Michael J. Fox and that I said Michael J. Fox was faking it. Neither of those two charges have any foundation of truth whatsoever, and yet they continue to be leveled, and they continue to be distorted and amplified upon. I’ll explain why in the opening monologue. But I just want to tell you as I told the woman from Maryland who called yesterday and said she had heard that I was making fun of Fox and that she had seen video of me imitating his gyrations and movements in the ad that he had done for Claire McCaskill in Missouri, and, by the way, many cable outlets have taken that snippet of video from the Dittocam and are speeding it up, I am told. Now, I haven’t seen it, but I’ve been inundated with e-mails from people who say, ‘Rush, it’s unconscionable what they’re doing. They’re speeding it up to make it look even more exaggerated, to fulfill their claim that you are making fun of Fox.’

I’ll take you through this step by step. Here’s what happened. I’m reading the Drudge Report after the show had started, I’m not even sure when, and there’s the link to the Michael J. Fox video and the word controversy attached to it, so I click on it and I watch it. Now, I’ve seen Michael J. Fox recently on television in a number of roles on the show Boston Legal, which I love, and I’ve seen Michael J. Fox interviewed, and I’ve never seen him the way I saw him in this ad, never. I’ve seen Parkinson’s disease sufferers. I know a couple. And I’ve never seen this. I just had never seen it. I run a radio show here, and I have a camera right there. I’m pointing to it. Subscribers to my website can watch the program and hundreds of thousands do each and every day. So in the process of describing for them — after all, I am a reporter, a-hem — in the process of describing what I was watching, it is a shock, as you’ve all seen it, it’s shocking, it’s unbelievable.

You don’t see this kind of thing every day, particularly in a television commercial, not even a public service announcement for a cause that might be involved when you see something like this. You couple that with the fact that I’d never seen Michael J. Fox in this way, I began to try to describe for viewers of my Dittocam what I had seen. Now, anybody who listens to me describe what I saw would know this. It is a purposeful attempt to smear. I mean, I’m not complaining because that’s the league that we all play in here, folks, and I don’t whine or moan, but I am going to correct the record here because this is something that’s now had a life span of two days that I’m making fun of Michael J. Fox. I would no more do that than I would make fun of anybody who suffers a disease about which and over which — I wouldn’t make fun of anybody with a disease. That is beneath me and there’s no evidence and history of it on this program at all or in my behavior as a human being. And yet it’s out there, and the people who culled that video could easily listen to the audio that accompanied and would easily know and do know precisely what I was doing, and yet it is being used for the express purpose of distorting and smearing for an audience that doesn’t listen to this program.
Now, this is election time, and that’s, as I say, par for the course, but in the old days, one of the things going on, in the old days the Drive-By Media had their monopoly. Nobody fought back when they used any of their practiced techniques to sway opinion during elections, nobody ever fought back. I fight back. They cannot and will not intimidate me, and they are going to continue to try in any number of ways. So rather than spend so much time at the beginning of their program today talking about Mr. Fox — because I’ve concluded, ladies and gentlemen, even I, who know much, even I have continued to learn during this, and I have concluded after three days of this week now, this is not about Michael J. Fox, and it’s not really about Parkinson’s disease. That is not what any of this is about, and it’s not what is propelling the people in the Drive-By Media to launch their scandalous, scurrilous, irresponsible attacks and charges on me. It’s not about him and it’s not about Parkinson’s disease, it’s not about curing disease, it’s not about any of that.

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