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RUSH: Here is the path, by the way, to October 8th. The Path to October 8th is the sequel to The Path to 9/11. The Path to October 8th — of course that’s when Kim Jong ll tests his little nuke.
<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> 1993: North Korea shocks the world by saying it will quit the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and then layered suspends its withdrawal.
<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> 1994: North Korea and the United States sign an agreement in Geneva, North Korea pledging to freeze and eventually dismantle its nuclear weapons program in exchange for help building two power producing nuclear reactors.
That was the sucker deal made with Madeleine Albright — Jimmy Carter did some advance work — and with the Clinton administration. So it was 1994, Clinton’s second year in office that North Korea ran the sucker deal to perfection against the United States.

<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> September 17th, 1999: Five years later: President Clinton agrees to a first major easing of economic sanctions against North Korea since the Korean War’s end in 1953.
<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> July of 2000: North Korea threatens to restart its nuclear program if Washington does not compensate it for the loss of electricity due to delays in building nuclear power plants.
(Laughing) The reason they’re having delays in building nuclear power plants is because they took what we gave them and they’re using it to develop weapons!
<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> July of 2001: The US State Department reports that North Korea is developing a long range missile.
<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> December 2001: President Bush warns Iraq and North Korea they will be held accountable if they develop weapons of mass destruction.
<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> January 29, 2001: Bush labels North Korea, Iran and Iraq an “axis of evil.”
<font color=”#ff0000″>•</font> October 4, 2002: North Korea tells visiting US delegation it has a second covert nuclear weapons program.
(Laughing) When you look at this timeline of events, The Path to Yesterday, The Path to October 8th, once again you find a totally snookered United States of America, making deals with communists and thinking they intend to keep them.

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