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RUSH: I have, ladies and gentlemen — working diligently this morning with Mr. Snerdley — have written another screenplay. We’re going to submit this to ABC: The Path to October 8th, which is the North Korean nuke test date. The Path to October 8th — and of course we’re blaming the Clinton administration and Madeleine Albright. We’re sending it out to Bob Iger later this week.
RUSH: John in Indianapolis. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello, sir.
CALLER: Barely 5-0 Colts dittos, Rush.
RUSH: Thank you, sir.
CALLER: My solution to the North Korean problem has precedent with the Cuban Missile Crisis. I think it gives China an incentive to control their puppet. No shots will be fired, and it has a precedent from a Democrat president, President Kennedy. He told Cuba an attack by Cuba on the United States will be considered an attack by the Soviet Union and we simply tell China that an attack by North Korea will be considered an attack by you, and you will be destroyed.
RUSH: Ain’t going to happen.
CALLER: Well, I don’t think it will happen publicly. I hope it happens privately. What’s wrong with that solution, though?
RUSH: Nothing is wrong with the solution, but I just don’t see anybody stopping the North Koreans from getting a nuke. I don’t see anybody stopping the Iranians from getting one, either.
CALLER: Well, you know what? I don’t, either, but I kind of assumed years ago that nuclear proliferation is going to happen; we probably can’t stop it, and we’re back to mutually assured destruction, and then we damn well better have a missile shield.
RUSH: One reason is we’ve got a bunch of liberals in this country who think that makes the world safer! Madeleine Albright laments the fact that there’s only one superpower. She’s all upset about the fact that that’s destabilizing. We need other nations, so that they think they have a fighting chance, to destabilize the power of the United States as the lone superpower. There are American liberal Democrats who actually hold that perverted view, and they don’t see anything different in a Great Britain having a nuke and an Iran having a nuke. They don’t see any difference in North Korea having one or India having one. At them it’s all the same — and it’s outrageous.
CALLER: Well, there’s fools, and unfortunately, it looks like those fools are going to control Congress again, and we damn well better make sure those fools don’t control the White House, because this country will lose this war.

RUSH: What you have to understand is if they control Congress and the Senate, they will ultimately control the White House because they will be able to shut down any White House agenda.
RUSH: Yes.
CALLER: I know.
RUSH: So while they won’t actually be running the White House by having a Democrat president, if they win the House and Senate, they can start subpoenaing all kinds of people and documents, starting all kinds of investigations into Bush as a “war criminal.” They can stall every element of his agenda that he wants to advance in his last two years, and in effect, rendering him a lame duck.
CALLER: But you’ve hit the key: Bush has been way too accommodative with his “new tone.” He should have fought these people from the beginning. Clinton did that, and even though he was a horrible president, he was a fighter, and people respected him and that’s why his job approval ratings went up.
RUSH: Clinton was a fighter… Well, I don’t think that’s why Clinton’s job approval ratings went up. I think in Clinton’s case, most Americans wish they were getting a little bit of what he was getting and they thought it was cool.
CALLER: (Laughing.)
RUSH: A lot of women wished they were Monica; a lot of men wished they had the chance to do this. In Foley’s case nobody wants to be Mark Foley. So he’s not looked at.
RUSH: Plus he checked out. He’s in rehab. He’s not fighting. You can’t say Bush isn’t a fighter. He’s the lone man in this country who is fighting against these people. He’s the lone man fighting the war on terror. He’s a lone man trying to do the right thing in Iraq. He’s the lone man warning the world about the danger posed by these people. You can’t say that Bush isn’t a fighter. John, I appreciate the call.
RUSH: Breaking news: United States preparing another protest letter in the UN Security Council on the North Koreans. This is going to be really big. This will be in all caps to get the point across. Audio sound bite time, The Today Show, NBC. Matt Lauer is talking with Andrea Mitchell about North Korea testing their nuke. Question from Matt Lauer, “I was there a few years ago. It was surprising to me that there is starting to be this communication and actual physical contact between South and North Korea. There’s a superhighway being built that really connects the two.”
MITCHELL: That and the rail connections. All this is the new sunshine policy, but that came right up against the Bush administration’s decision to cut off the connections. Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright were progressing in October and November of 2000 towards the restoration of diplomatic relations, and if the Democrats had won that election, that probably would have happened. It was cut short in March of 2001 by President Bush overruling his new secretary of state — some people said “cutting him off at the knees.” That was the first real setback for Powell — and then telling the South Korean ally on the first visit in March 2001 that they would not support, this Bush administration would not support, reengagement with North Korea.

RUSH: See, if we had just left it to Democrats and Clinton-Albright, this test wouldn’t have happened. We’d have built the superhighway and the North Koreans and the South Koreans would be trading with each other and they’d be loving each other and there wouldn’t be a problem. Actually the superhighway would have been used by the North Koreans to march troops down there and tanks and what have you. So this sound bite has it all: Bush sucks. He cut Colin Powell off at the knees early on, sandbagged brilliant Democrat plans of Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright. It just goes to show you, folks, how damaging Republicans have been.
We went back to the archives and found this laugher of a story. It is from December 16th of 2002. Here’s the headline: <a href=”/home/pathto911/109.member.html#0040″>”Clinton Had Plans to Attack North Korea Reactor</a> — “Rotterdam, The Netherlands — Former U.S. President Bill Clinton says he had plans in the early 1990s to attack and destroy North Korea’s nuclear facilities after the secretive communist state was found to be producing weapons-grade plutonium” given to him by Clinton! It doesn’t say that; I thought I’d add it. “At the time, he said, North Korea had plans to produce between six and eight nuclear weapons per year.” Clinton told a security forum in Rotterdam: “We actually drew up plans to attack North Korea and to destroy their reactors and we told them we would attack unless they ended their nuclear program. We were in a very tense situation.”
Of course, they didn’t end the program and we didn’t attack.
Look at all the stuff Clinton failed at. We had all these: (Clinton impression) “I had these plans drawn up. We had these plans to go out and get bin Laden. I could never get sanctioned approval that e was where they were saying he was, and I told the CIA people, ‘We’re going to get him. You tell me where he is and I’m going to pull the trigger! I’m gonna have you pull the trigger.’ They never got back to me and told me where bin Laden was. Now we’re going to go attack that North Korea reactor, and we just, you know…” (Sigh.) And there are people in the Clinton administration that run around singing the praises of this doofus day in and day out. He gets away with saying this. He gave them the reactors, he and Albright and Jimmy Carter — we can’t leave out Jimmuh out of the mix. Old Jimmuh goes over there and starts the ball rolling on this exchange of nuclear technology because the North Koreans didn’t have enough electricity and natural resources for their own power plants, and they made promises to us, folks.
Those communists promised us that they would not try to convert the nuclear tech we gave them into weapons, and Madeleine Albright was called on this on television once and said, “Well, they tricked us.” Communists lie! If you want to be tricked by a communist, you have to want to be tricked. You have to think it’s going to happen, to think that a communist isn’t going to lie to you. Okay, so now we’ve got the test that actually took place, but Bill Clinton could have stopped it by his own admission. He was going to bomb those reactors. I don’t know why he didn’t, but he didn’t. But you can look at it this way, folks. At least we had somebody who wanted to. At least Clinton wanted to blow up those reactors. Maybe he never got around to it for whatever reasons, but we had a guy who actually wanted to. Do you hear anybody talking about blowing up their reactors today? (interruption)
Well, of course if we believe him. There are always caveats to Clinton, but I mean look it, he’s coming off as a tough guy here. “Yeah, we’re going to attack those reactors.” See, people are celebrating. Clinton knew how to deal with these people! The fact he never did anything is irrelevant in terms of his stature, his legacy, or what have you. So… (Clinton impression) “I tried. At least I tried, Limbaugh! I was out there trying, I was going to bomb those reactors, I was going to bomb ’em and then they started Fox News. Fox! That’s what it was! Fox News started after your show and it totally distracted me, and I didn’t have time to keep my mind on North Korea because I had a TV network that was out to destroy me.”


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