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RUSH: Hillary Clinton this afternoon at the Columbus Day parade in New York weighed in on the North Korean nuke test.
HILLARY: Some of the reason we are facing this danger is because of the failed policies of the Bush administration, and I regret deeply their failure to deal with the threat posed by North Korea, and I hope that the administration will now adopt a much more effective response than what they have up until now.
RUSH: All right, see, now, this is exactly what I’m talking about. Many of you hearing this, you just get frustrated and angry that the media doesn’t criticize, you get, “All is lost, it’s over, did you see what Hillary said?” Yes, we just played for you what Hillary said. This, ladies and gentlemen, is ridiculous. And it is bizarre. And she will never get the question from the Drive-By Media that you ask or the reaction from the media that you have when you hear this. Blame Bush for this? The nuclear materials were delivered to Kim Jong Il by your husband, you dingbat! Your husband and his secretary of state and your fearless ex-president, Jimmy Carter, personally delivered the nuclear equipment for this test to take place today. You did this starting in 1994.
Where is that story on Clinton? <a href=”/home/pathto911/109.guest.html#0040″>This is the funniest thing</a>. If you’re just tuning in, I put this at the bottom of one of the stacks. In 2002, Clinton was over in the Netherlands, and he actually said that he had plans to bomb and take out North Korean nuclear reactors. He somehow just never got around to it, but he had plans to do it. So where is your comment on that, Mrs. Clinton? Now, this is the kind of thing, we are going to keep this in our archives and we’re going to be hauling this out whenever it is necessary but you have to understand, folks, that this kind of statement is never going to be corrected in the Drive-By Media, it is never going to be challenged, nobody is ever going to make fun of it, and so it’s kind of pointless to get all down in the dumps and gloomy over this and think it’s a sign of defeat. This is standard operating procedure for the media, standard operating procedure for Democrats, more than standard operating procedure for the Clintons; do everything they can to wash their hands of anything that was other than just fun and frolic ever having attached itself to them during their time in office.

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