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RUSH: Now to this Survivor story, a race between races. CBS: ‘In just a couple of weeks the new season of Survivor will take 20 castaways to the Cook Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They will be split into four tribes, and they will compete against each other.’ The four tribes are these: the African-American tribe, the Asian-tribe, the Hispanic tribe and the White tribe. Noticeably absent here, the Native American tribe, but I guess they had a full boat, so to speak, when they have 20. So you look at this, you say, ‘Here we are, we live in a society where we’re not supposed to cause racial friction. We’ve been getting away from this. So we’re all one. We’re all the same.’ This is incredible. Now we’ve got the Survivor series segregating contestants into tribes, not even groups. We’re calling them tribes!

I don’t know how many people still watch this show. I guess quite a few because it’s still on the air. You might cause riots on this show, or in the country as a result of this show. But here are the tribes: the African-American tribe, the Asian-American tribe, the Hispanic tribe, and the White tribe. Now, of these four tribes, just off the top of your head, who do you think has the advantage? Who do you think here is going to win? Do you think it’s going to be the white tribe, the Hispanic tribe, the African-American tribe, or the Asian-American tribe? We’ve been looking at this here amongst ourselves, and our early money is going on the Hispanic tribe, providing they stay unified. We don’t know who makes up the…

I mean, we got the names here of all these members of the tribes, but Hispanic encompasses a lot. You could have a Cuban in there. You could have a Nicaraguan. You could have a Mexican or two. You could have any number — and, you know, if they start fighting for supremacy amongst themselves, that could lead to problems. But our early money is on them anyway because these people have shown a remarkable ability, ladies and gentlemen, to cross borders, boundaries, they get anywhere they want to go, they can do it without water for a long time, they don’t get apprehended, and they will do things other people won’t do. So our money, early money is on the Hispanics. The white tribe, I have to tell you, I don’t have a lot of hope in the white tribe.

The Asian-American tribe probably will outsmart everybody, but will that help ’em in the ultimate survival contest? Intelligence is one thing, but raw native understanding of the land and so forth, this is probably why the Native Americans were excluded because they were at one with the land here, and they probably would have an unfair advantage. The African-American tribe, it’s tough to handicap on this one. You know, there are many characteristics here that you would think would give them the lead and the heads up in terms of skill and athleticism and so forth. The Asians, as I say, the brainiacs of the bunch. The Hispanic tribe, they’ve probably shown the most survival characteristics of any (interruption).

Well, what are you shaking your head about for? Well, I don’t know that CBS is going to let them get away with that. We were talking about the white tribe. We were speculating among ourselves that if the white tribe behaves as it historically has, they will bring along vials of diseases, they will end up oppressing the other groups. They will deny them benefits, deny them their property, steal it from them and put ’em on some kind of a benefit program. The white tribe will put everybody on some kind of a benefit program but the benefit program, of course, will not be enough. There will be no education. The white tribe will not allow any health care except for themselves.

But that would be cheating. Now, if CBS allows for them to cheat then of course the white tribe is going to win. If they allow oppression to take place then there’s no question. (interruption) Well, that’s the point. The white tribe does run CBS, but don’t forget CBS is run by a bunch of white people that have guilt over the fact that they run things. They might not want to win. The white tribe might just say to the Hispanics, to hell, you’re not getting on the island in the first place, you’re outta here. You never know where this is going to go, ladies and gentlemen. But I mean it’s incredible! It is incredible. A survival between races on CBS. Here’s Tony in Columbus, Ohio. Hi Tony, glad you called, Open Line Friday on Wednesday.
CALLER: Hi, Rush. First-time caller.
RUSH: Thank you, sir.
CALLER: I have listened for a while. I am a liberal. I do want to say that. But I listen to both sides. I have a quick statement for you and then a question, and I want to get right to my point.
RUSH: Sure. Go right ahead.
CALLER: Okay. Well, my statement is just maybe, just maybe they’re doing this to show that all races would be equal in this case. You’re not talking about different nations like Africa or Asia —
RUSH: Tony, you can’t say that because three of these races are going to lose; one of them is going to win. One of them is going to be proclaimed the winner of the survivor contest. By simple virtue of that is going to be considered best and better than all the others.
CALLER: Sure. But that’s one way to look at it, but you never know, you never know, they might be down to four people and there might be one from each race left. You don’t know what’s going to happen. You never know.
RUSH: Yes, we do. It’s set up as a survival between the races.
CALLER: I don’t want to argue with you about that point. It’s just your view of looking at the world, that’s okay, that’s the way you see it, that’s the way you see it breaking down as race.
RUSH: No, it’s not how you see it. No, no, no. It’s not how you see it.
RUSH: You know, that’s obfuscation. It is what it is. If you don’t have the guts to see what it is and you make it something else then you’re fooling yourself, you’re lying to yourself. It is what it is.
CALLER: Just made it something right here. When you said right before your first break, right before your break, you said, who has the disadvantage for swimming? You know, how can you say any team has a disadvantage in swimming? Which team do you think will be the better swimmer? Which team do you think will be the worst swimmers and why?
RUSH: The best swimmers?
CALLER: The worst —
RUSH: If you just let me answer the question I’ll be happy to tell you. Okay, who’s going to be the best swimmers in this group. African-American tribe, Asian-American tribe, Hispanic — well, looking at the Olympics you’d have to say the white tribe would be the best swimmers.
CALLER: The Olympics.
RUSH: Yeah, that’s if you just look at the Olympics.
CALLER: Nice. Good one. You’re judging by world class athletes. I’m an African-American man. You know, mid-age, you know, I’m 35 years old —
RUSH: Wait a second, though. If the Hispanic tribe has a Cuban in it, those people swim 90 miles sometimes for freedom, you just never know. That’s why you gotta watch the show.

CALLER: Right. I like the way you play around with that and what you do is you tease the racism card throughout this nation right now, and instead of trying to elevate it and say you know what — and say, you know, hold on —
RUSH: Look at this! I am playing the racism card!
CALLER: You know it.
RUSH: I’m telling you what a major network is doing in its prime-time schedule. They’re pitting races against each other in this stupid Survivor format and you’re telling me I’m being racist.
CALLER: But you don’t know what they’re doing. They could say — look at the end, at the very end they could say, “See, these are all stereotypes,” you never know.
RUSH: Tony, I’ve got the story from CBS News right here.
CALLER: The story you just read is that they’re doing the show, but you don’t know why they’re doing the show.
RUSH: I do. The guy was on the Early Show on CBS explaining the whole thing. I haven’t read the whole story to you. I expect you to believe that I’m telling you the truth about this. I’ll tell you what, I will put this story up on my website, I’ll link to it at RushLimbaugh.com. It’s from the CBS News website, CBSNews.com.
CALLER: One last thing.
RUSH: And they address the potential controversy. Jeff Probst, the host of the show, was on their Early Show today or recently and described the whole thing. It is what it is.
CALLER: The potential controversy is that they separated the races. No one ever said that they expect any particular race to do better than the other. You presume that —
RUSH: Tony!
CALLER: — they separate the races and people will presume that.
RUSH: Tony? The show is about one tribe being better than the other three. It is a contest! It is a competition. That’s precisely the purpose and the format. You say nobody talks about anybody being the best. That’s what’s so interesting about this. They’re pitting races against races to see who’s better as a race at surviving anybody else. It’s not individuals, Tony. It’s races.
CALLER: Wow. Good try. You know, I like the way you did that, but you — forgetting one last thing.
RUSH: (Laughing.) Good try?
CALLER: At the end, when there’s a winner — look at you. That’s okay. You can laugh at it and fail to see my point and be closed-minded. You don’t even think that I have a point. But that’s okay.
RUSH: This is incredible. The show (Laughing.) Tony, I love you. You are so great to illustrate to this audience what liberals are like. Here we’ve got the show that’s going to be committing all the offense, you are waiting for it to end for me to comment on who the winner is for there to be any racism involved in it. I am the racist. I didn’t conceive of this. Imagine if I had. Imagine if this were an EIB production that CBS bought. (Laughing.) Or, better yet, imagine if this were an EIB production that ESPN bought and co-produced with CBS. Now, I want to address one thing. I heard you, Tony. You accused me in a sly way of being racist by making comments about who would win the swimming competition.

I know what you’re saying. You’re saying I’m being racist. You’re saying I’m being racist because I’m saying blacks can’t swim. I have here a story, and I read this recently. It’s from HealthDay News. ‘One of the largest studies of its kind confirms that young blacks, especially males, are much more likely to drown in pools than whites. In fact, almost half of all recorded drowning deaths among people aged five to 24 are among blacks, according to the study in the April issue of the American Journal of Public opinion. Blacks are especially likely to drown in motel and hotel pools, while whites tend to drown in private pools.’ Now, I mentioned the swimming comment only because since this is known this is not going to be fair if there’s a lot of water competition in this. It just isn’t. It is not a racial or racist comment at all. It’s an example of how we’re so tightly wound that I, by no stretch, am the first person to reference these studies and these facts. At any rate, Tony, I’m glad you called. I’m glad you held on.


RUSH: All right, this Survivor show is going to happen in the very remote Cook Islands in the South Pacific. You know, it’s dangerous when you take white people to places that largely have been uninhabited by man. Like I say, they bring disease, racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, Lord help us if there’s some gay people in these other tribes. Another thing, nobody is thinking about the indigenous species, the animals, the plants and so forth that live there in the Cook Islands. You know what white people do, they’re going to just destroy ’em. They’ll come in and not care, probably build a housing development for themselves before they even start the competition. They won’t even be worried about zoning laws, they’ll just run roughshod over everybody — and then they’ll hire the Hispanic tribe to clean the place and do yard work, and won’t pay ’em much.

The Hispanics, they’ll think they’re outsmarting them by taking the money anyway. You know, I don’t know what’s going to happen to this show, but I’ve been told that every episode except the finale is already in the can. And they’ll tape the finale, film the finale at some later date. Swear all these tribes to secrecy, and that’s the thing, which of these tribes is best at keeping a secret? You know, white people can’t keep a secret to save their lives. I’d say the Asians are probably the best at espionage, keeping secrets and so forth. Everybody else wears their hearts on their sleeve, these other tribes. But I’m just wondering, if it’s going to end up as it starts out. I just wonder if what’s going to happen here is these tribes are going to end up being mixed before this thing is all over to avoid this type controversy. In other words, the white people on the verge of winning it, they’re this close, but late in the show a defector from the African-American tribe shows up and pulls them over the top. Something like that. You never know with these programs — and it’s hard to predict.


RUSH: Back to the Survivor show on CBS. Something just struck me. You know, we’ve had a couple of great sociologists comment on a factor we’ve not mentioned. One is Leonard Jeffries. Where did Leonard Jeffries teach? CUNY. City University of New York somewhere, right? New York City somewhere. Leonard Jeffries divided people into ice people and sun people, and he said the ‘ice people,’ the white people, they just don’t do well in the heat — and then the other famous socialist, Chicago Cubs Manager Dusty Baker, also made the comment that blacks and Latinos ‘do better in the heat,’ which spells doom for the white tribe and perhaps even the Asian tribe, Asian-American tribe over in the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. Let’s see. What is this? This is April 22, 2004. ‘The North Miami Police Department dropped a swimming requirement for applicants, saying they need new officers and they want to encourage blacks to sign up.’

Oh, I remember this caused all kinds of hell down there. Oh, this went nuclear down there. ‘North Miami police say they’re dropping the swimming requirement for a year. They say few departments require swimming and their officers rarely send people in the water anyway. ‘Our swimming requirement may give the false perception that we are not serious in our efforts to hire Haitian police applicants,’ said Police Chief Gwendolyn Boyd-Savage. Gwendolyn Boyd-Savage is black. ‘They’ve been intimidated because they don’t swim. Very few of them swim,’ said the mayor, who is Haitian-American. ‘They have the ability to learn to swim, but many of them are not that great of a swimmer as the standard current requirement that we have and we want to bring them in anyway and give them a chance to learn so we’re dropping the swimming requirement.” So, who was that from Columbus? What was that guy’s name? Tony, Tony, I mean it’s all over the place out there. I’m just the messenger. I’m the bad guy.


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