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RUSH: Let me expand, if I may, on this report in Ms. Glick’s piece in the Jerusalem Post that she has heard from sources in Washington that we authorized the ceasefire because the United States government had lost confidence in the Israeli prime minister’s ability to wage and win the war against the Hezbos. I don’t know what to believe. I mean, I’m not sure that I buy that theory because that theory basically says we stepped in because we didn’t think Israel could win. I think we could have pressured Israel to take it to the enemy and really unload if that’s what we wanted, just as we pressure Israel to do other things.

But as far as Melissa’s call from London, the problem is, Israel and Britain aside, for some reason, at this point in time — and this is what we have to face, my good friends, it was decided somewhere that it was not in our best interests to do this. It was decided it was not in our best interests to go further with this for fear that it would lead to Iran or to Syria. What this ultimately does is energize the enemy, our enemy. Everybody on the planet, let’s just shoot straight here. Everybody on the planet knows full-well that we are all that ultimately stands between liberty and tyranny around the world. The United States of America is it. We’re the ones.

Whether Olmert is weak (which he is) or whether Blair is under enormous political pressures within his own party, which he is, doesn’t excuse us entering into a deal that’s a setback for our cause. But, you know, if we’re doing things to please other people, if we’re doing things to lessen pressure on other people, working with our allies and so forth, then that sentiment, that desire, has apparently carried the day. Let me try this thought on you. I’m talking about at the leadership level here. We could believe that we were hurting our ability to get the world to pressure Iran to drop its nuke program by continuing to be out of step with these other countries by not pressuring Israel to accept a diplomatic outcome — and we’ve decided that we need to engender their support for that diplomatic confrontation.

I don’t agree with that if that’s true, but it’s possible. It’s possible here that the real objective from our side is the Iranian nukes, and so it’s possible that by continuing to alienate the rest of the world by supporting Israel during this skirmish with the Hezbos, and appearing so out of step with these other countries, that we would hurt our diplomatic effort to stop Iranian nukes from being produced. It’s a long shot. And even so, if I’m right, if by pressuring Israel to accept a diplomatic outcome against the Hezbos, we think that it’s going to buy us goodwill with the rest of the world who wants to neutralize Iran’s nukes. I don’t know. There are people smarter than I in these circles that deal with this kind of stuff.

I think they’d better surface fast, because I don’t know. None of this, in a gut sense, makes any sense to me. Limbaugh Doctrine: Peace follows victory, and I’m telling you, the people that are celebrating in the streets are not us, and you know damn well that’s the case. Nobody in this country… Even over the ceasefire, there’s no celebrating over there. People in their guts know something’s wrong about this. But the Arabs and the Islamists, the Islamofascists, the Iranians, the Syrians, even though they’re being told to march in the streets, they’re still doing it, and the cameras are rolling and the pictures are being broadcast all over the world. Here’s Jason in Fargo, North Dakota. Welcome, Jason, great to have you with us.

CALLER: Right on. Hey, this is an honor, man, seconded only if I could shake the hand of President Bush.
RUSH: Thank you, sir.
CALLER: Yeah, you’re a great guy. Love the show, I’ve been listening since the nineties.
RUSH: Thank you.
CALLER: Hey, I’m a typical out-for-himself Irish mick from the highest lands in North Dakota and I am insane. I’ve had enough of this. I call for a reverse jihad. The next American that dies, I want 10,000 towel heads gone. The next Israeli that dies, 10,000 gone. I’m just so sick of how we’re pussyfooting around these people. They want us dead. My father, let me segue here, Air Force colonel retired in the 1980s, sold some aircraft to the Israelis back in the mid-seventies and he came back with these stories of the Israelis saying, “My God, I’m glad they’re on our side, they’re tough, they will not take it, and their motto of the Massad is, ‘Never again,’ and we have got to develop that mind-set, I swear to God, we have got to do this, or we’re going to be done.
RUSH: True on most of what you said, except that we’re not there. There’s a certain sizeable percentage of the country that is not there.
CALLER: Who are these people, Rush? Come up to North Dakota once, man, you know, we’re an oxymoron here, we’re a very conservative people. We put liberals and Democrats into –
RUSH: I’ll tell you who they are.
CALLER: The only state of the union that has a state bank but yet we’re as conservative as they get. We come from the mind-set, Rush, of “you screw me a dime, I’ll screw you a dollar.” And why is the rest of the nation not like this?
RUSH: Well, let me try and explain this to you, and if you’ve listened since 1990, you’ve probably heard this. Pardon the redundancy. There are many, many factors. One of the factors is our affluence in this country. We don’t have to take this seriously because since 9/11, an attempt to us, I mean, we stop the port deal, gasoline prices are a little bit high but besides that, hey, everything’s pretty cool. Baseball games are being played, the NFL starting up, had a little heat this summer, that’s pretty normal, but what the hell should we care about all that stuff going on over there? It’s been going on since biblical times! Why is it our job to stop it and care about it? Because most people haven’t yet arrived at the point of view that you have about this, and it’s just going to take more such incidents. It’s going to take a little bit longer. Look, when you get down to brass tacks, I have full faith in the American people, but they’re last to act. When signal goes out, it’s unmistakable that there is a genuine threat that we face, that threatens this affluence, threatens our way of life. Then the American people en masse, well, not en masse, we got a lot of libs, that’s factor number two. You got people in this country, Jason, who actually don’t like this country, blame this country. I’ve got a piece in the stack, the LA Times — I’ll have to find it before the show ends — what are we doing to deserve this? Why do they hate us?
CALLER: I don’t care. I don’t care why.
RUSH: I don’t either but the point is you asked why people are not like — there’s more than you care to think that think all this is our fault and if we would just change the way we live and change the way we act and change who we elect, why, then we wouldn’t be threatened, and the world wouldn’t hate us.
CALLER: I look at this tongue-in-cheek, but this is beyond fun, this is beyond good times from noon to three, we’ve got to convince America that they hate us. When they yell “death to America,” they’re talking about me and you, they’re talking about my kids and they would love to see every one of us hanging by piano wire off street poles. I’m baffled. Your grandfather said, “surreal people and surreal environments make surreal decisions,” and I’m convinced that the east and west coasts are just so far removed from reality, from, hey, bread comes from grain which is grown in the ground and not a store, that some of these ideas that come out of these people’s minds are beyond insanity, they’re dangerous!

RUSH: I agree totally.

CALLER: — (unintelligible) man, thank you.

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: I don’t know what I’d do without you. I really wouldn’t.

RUSH: We need more like you. There’s only one of me, but we need more like you.

CALLER: Come to Fargo, come to North Dakota, shake hands with anybody I see during my day, and you will see there’s a lot more of us —

RUSH: By the way, is Fargo really where that big statue of Paul Bunyan is?

CALLER: No, that’s in Bemidji, Minnesota.

RUSH: Yeah, okay.

CALLER: Yeah, you betcha, I’ve heard all that crap my whole life. You know, the Cohen brothers, I would love to line them up and give them a good kick in the nads. They did nothing for Fargo, nothing. By the way, everybody from the cereal state in California, I was born in LA, fruits, nuts, and flakes. Stay out. We don’t need you in North Dakota, stay out, but thanks to you.

RUSH: Jason, you bet, thanks for the call. One more thing about this. I cannot emphasize this enough, ladies and gentlemen. I mentioned this at the top of the program. When you do see these militant Islamists shouting ‘death to America’ and all that, it’s easy to turn off the television and just think, ‘Well, they’re thousands and thousands of miles away.’ They’re really not. They’re much closer than you think, and for all this talk about ‘peaceful Muslims,’ and I know there are some, I really have to tell you I’m stunned when things like this happen there isn’t any condemnation of it from them. For example, let’s talk about London for just a second. In London, in the latest attack, we’re told that 24 Muslims — British citizens, Pakistani natives, they’re still Muslims — were involved in this plot.

If I were Muslim, and totally free-minded, innocent, free-loving Muslim, I would be outraged at these guys for doing what they’re doing to tarnish my religion. Wouldn’t you? But do you hear such outrage? No, and one of the reasons is they’re scared to death that they will be targeted, too. That’s one of the reasons. Another reason could be they don’t disagree with it, who knows? But I’ll tell you this. In a religious war, which is what this is — this is something about which most people are in utter denial, because facing this is something that people, when they don’t have to, they won’t. A religious war, and, again, just listen to what these people say. The whole purpose for what they’re doing is to wipe the world clean of people that don’t agree with their religion, infidels, heretics, whatever they want to call us.

In a standard war, you go in and you beat the crap out of the bad guys and you get them to surrender and you make agreements with them, and they realize that they have no hope and no prayer and you turn Germany into a democracy. You turn Japan into a democracy, and their satellite countries, Soviet Union, the Eastern Bloc, turn those countries into fledgling democracies or full-fledged democracies now — and you do that by virtue of two things. You defeat them and then you compromise. There’s no compromising in a religious war. There just isn’t. Especially in terms of negotiation and settling things, ceasefires, can’t we all just get along? How do you say that to somebody who thinks you don’t deserve to live because of what you believe and it’s different than what they believe, and who also believe that their path and their route to salvation is making sure you don’t live?

How do you compromise with that? You can’t. That has to be dealt with and defeated at some point. Look at your history, look at the history of all these religious wars. There have been countless religious wars, and they all have something in common. I mean, there have been any number of crusades, and then interreligious wars, certain religions, same religion, different beliefs, one group said, ‘you can’t have those different beliefs and still be one of us, we’re going to wipe you out, we’re going to burn you at the stake,’ or what have you. History’s replete with all of these examples. But when you admit you’re in a religious war, when you admit that we’re in a religious with a with militant Islamic fascists, what you’re admitting is there’s no compromise. That means there’s no need for a UN and that means there’s no real ceasefire that ever works, and that means that there’s no hope.

I don’t think people want to give up hope on the basis of negotiation and diplomacy and so forth. Because nobody likes the sufferin’ and nobody likes the shootin’ and nobody likes the bombin’ and all that, and in the meantime, this attitude of pretending something that is isn’t, just allows the other guys to continue to strengthen. It encourages them every time they perceive their enemies back out, give up, what have you, and ’til some point they get so big, monstrously large, that their acts become more common, larger and more frequent, and then the wake-up call hits that we’re just not there yet, plain and simple. This episode illustrates that to me better than anything else to explain why this ceasefire was negotiated. We’re just not there yet. We’re not ready to admit who the enemy really is. We’re not even willing to profile them in airports when we know that’s who is blowing up the airplanes; we’re not even at that point yet.


RUSH: Indianapolis and Jeff, nice that you waited, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Young conservative dittos from Minneapolis, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Thank you. Let me first preface my question with: I’m with you, that the ceasefire is not a ceasefire. It’s either a re-arming or a temporary stoppage in what’s really going on. But my question is, and you’re kind of alluding to this with everything that you’ve been talking about, is, what, what is that line in the sand, what has to happen with Iran and/or Syria that makes our involvement in the situation become less diplomatic and maybe much more on the side of, shall we say, aggressive use of force?

RUSH: Well, the way we’re going, what I worry about most is that the Iranians and the Hezbos and the Syrians are going to figure they don’t have to take a really big step. All they have to do — because I fear what they’re learning. I fear what they think they’re learning. This Hezbollah-Israel war was a skirmish in the end, and yet the United States had Democratic politicians that are broadcast all over the world, the worldwide diplomatic community acted as though this were World War III. We have to stop the killin’, the sufferin’, we had all these bogus pictures coming out of Lebanon, via Reuters and AP, and they have seen how easy it is to shut their enemies down. So I think they can probably just continue to take baby steps. These people are patient. They see that we thwarted another terrorist attempt at an airport in London, and we’re still not going to target the group of people from whom likely suspects will come. They see us operating in a politically correct way. I’ll tell you this just to cut to the chase. I don’t think we’re going to stop them getting nukes. It isn’t going to happen. We are not going to stop them from getting nuclear weapons. So I think that the next incident that causes us to really awaken and rise will be the detonation of some sort of a nuke carried by a terrorist somewhere in this country, suitcase or what have you, or maybe in Israel. Won’t be a big bomb flown over by a missile or a bomber, it will be something. I think it’s going to take that. I think it’s going to take these guys getting a nuke and using it somewhere for the giant wake-up call to be heard.


RUSH: I hope I’m wrong, but I have this little thought that this peace plan with the United Nations, Resolution 1701 is the 2006 equivalent of Mogadishu. You know how that emboldened bin Laden.


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