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RUSH: Well… ‘Reuters has withdrawn all 920 photographs by a freelance Lebanese photographer from its database after an urgent review of his work showed he had altered two images from the conflict between Israel and the armed group Hezbollah.’ Why can’t you — oh, it’s a Reuters story — can’t call them terrorists. It’s in the stylebook at Reuters. So it’s just ‘the armed group Hezbollah.’ Cute. ‘Global picture editor Tom S…’ What does this name look like? Benadryl — ‘called the measure precautionary but said the fact that two of the images by photographer Adnan Hajj had been manipulated under my trust in his entire body of work.’ Not only his, Tom, yours. And now it’s not just Reuters. It’s AP. There’s an exposé that’s been done.

Reuters had a story of the same building, supposedly hit twice, about a week apart. It was actually the same building, only hit once. They ran a second picture five or six days after the first picture claiming it was a brand-new attack. They got caught, AP has been caught pretty much doing the same thing. It must be all that ‘competition’ they face out there in trying to get the news. I’m going to tell you something. In addition to all of the fake pictures, there’s something about this that is, I think, far more important, far more newsworthy and more interesting to investigate, and that is the staging of events. I mean, the fake pictures are one thing and we’ve now got a bead on it, but the staging of these events is quite another thing, and that is happening routinely and regularly in an attempt here to mobilize sympathy and compassion for Hezbollah.

It’s become obvious that you are silly to trust anything coming out of this region when it comes to photo journalism. It would just be — with what we have learned — like when somebody lies to you in your personal life. Somebody lies for the first time, you never forget it, and you always wonder after that. You always wonder. I would advise the same kind of scrutiny and doubt when viewing any of these photos, still photos that come out of this region from either Reuters or AP. The blog DrinkingFromHome notes a Reuters picture and an AP picture, that both show the same woman whose ‘home’ — which is an ‘apartment’ according to Reuters, a ‘house,’ according to AP — Israel has supposedly just destroyed. The Reuters photo, dated July 22nd, the AP photo dated August 5th, two weeks apart. We will put this at RushLimbaugh.com. It’s the DrinkingFromHome blog, and we’ll put the link up. Same woman, different poses, same place, two weeks apart, two different attacks. The structure misidentified or identified in different ways by the two news agencies.


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