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RUSH: I wonder what Dominique de Villepin thinks about all this. I haven’t heard anybody ask him. Good. Has he commented? He probably — (interruption). A 48-hour ceasefire is not enough? Well, you notice how long it lasted. You notice how long this 48-hour — it was not a ceasefire, by the way, it was a ‘suspension,’ and it was, by the way, to get the innocent civilians out of the Hezbo strongholds, and there supposedly was a convoy of civilians headed north when this thing all broke down, but Israeli planes — the story broke about eight o’clock this morning is when I first heard about it. ‘Israeli planes hit targets in southern Lebanon on Monday after Hezbo guerrillas blasted an Israeli tank and injured three Israeli soldiers, breaking a brief respite in 20 days of fighting.’ When I heard this yesterday, I just threw up my hands. Did this happen in World War II? ‘We’re going to cease hostilities here to get the innocent civilians out of the way.’ I mean, anybody in their right mind knew this wasn’t going to work, and, of course, most of the stories say Israel violated the suspension, when isn’t that a wonderful picture, some UN blue helmets on Fox. That just makes me want to puke and laugh at the same time. Joy in Manhattan, I’m glad you called, glad you waited, welcome to the program.

CALLER: Mega dittos from the Upper West Side, Rush.

RUSH: Whoa. Upper West Side dittos. Well, that is rare.

CALLER: We’ve been listening since Dave Dawson introduced you.

RUSH: Oh, jeez. Dave Dawson. I’ll never forget that moment. My first day in New York, it’s July 4th of 1988.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: Anyway, well, that’s great. You’re very loyal. I appreciate that.

CALLER: You are right on the mark with your analysis of this situation. The Lebanese government is really disingenuous when it comes to Hezbollah. The Lebanese government claims that its army is too weak to confront Hezbollah, but what’s preventing them from kicking the Hezbollah members out of the cabinet and also the parliament?

RUSH: Well, they’ve been duly elected. Let’s be honest. The Lebanese government is a shell here. They’ve got an 80,000-member military. They don’t want to take ’em out. They’re on the same side. They’re essentially the same people. In terms of this conflict, who’s the enemy, there’s no way that the Lebanese government is going to look at Hezbollah as the enemy when the mortar fire and so forth being exchanged is with Israel. That’s why all of this needs to be looked at through a different prism, and I hear people say, ‘Well, we have to end up preserving and supporting the legitimately elected government of Lebanon.’ Well, that’s fine as an afterthought, but that’s not what this is about.

This is about a war on terror. You know what? I’m actually sorry, folks, I took everybody seriously when this war was declared. I should have known we didn’t really mean it, and then I wouldn’t have been this upset about it. In a real war on terror, we would have already kicked butt. We would have sent messages to Syria and Iran that you’re next and that we’re not going to put up with this, and that’s why I thought this was a gift to the world when this fighting broke out 20 days ago. I didn’t get back for the first week of it, but that’s when I first had my chance to speak to you about this. That’s one of the first things I said, it’s a gift to the world because this is an Iranian proxy, Hezbollah, and a Syrian proxy as well. Heather in West Palm Beach, Florida, across the bridge, nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Thank you. Many dittos from the (unintelligible) actually, we’re on the road. I just wanted to —

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: — highlight this morning. We turned on the news for whatever reason. We normally don’t watch the news, normally. Good Morning America had to highlight the fact that America supplied the bombs that were dropped and killed so many civilians and that the civilians don’t have chances to get out because of all the shrapnel on the roads and, you know, so —

RUSH: Look it. I’m sure it made you mad and made you regret you turned on the television, right?

CALLER: Yeah. They try and find a way to blame Bush for the war, even though Israel has been fighting for thousands of years —

RUSH: Of course, of course, Bush was responsible for Katrina. We’re looking at the same kind of coverage here. In fact, did Good Morning America happen to mention, Heather, that the Hezbos are getting their rockets and bombs from Iran and Syria?

CALLER: Yeah, because the next segment was about Iran right after that.

RUSH: Ok, but they did mention that the Hezbos are being armed from the Iranians?

CALLER: No. The next segment was about, you know, going into the threat with Iran, are we going to go and put our troops into Iran, wanted to make it out that we were the big, bad wolf.

RUSH: Already tried to sabotage that. So the US is guilty. Bush’s bombs. What do you bet that we get that slogan before the week is out, Bush’s bombs killed innocent civilians in Qana, Bush’s bombs. So we got a two-front war. We have to defeat, just as we do in this country, liberals are liberals first and last and always, and we’re going to have to defeat somehow the Drive-By Media as well as their allies, the bad guys.


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