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RUSH: All right, the United Nations. The United Nations shocked, the United Nations stunned by the actions of the Israelis in hitting a UN peacekeeper force in the territory of the Hezbos. (story) ‘Israeli warplanes bombarded a UN post in southern Lebanon yesterday, killing four observers in a strike that Secretary General Kofi Annan termed ‘apparently deliberate.” Thank you, Kofi. Thank you for telling us who you are. Thank you for letting us know that your anti-Semitism knows no bounds. This from the so-called leading diplomat of the world! ‘The bombing capped a violent day that included the death of a 15-year-old Israeli girl from a [Hezbo] rocket in a northern Galilee town and renewed Israeli air strikes in and around Beirut.

‘The Israeli ambassador Daniel Ayalon said on CNN’s The Situation Room, ‘I think this kind of rhetoric is deplorable,” talking about Kofi. ”It’s outrageous, and I hope he’ll apologize for that.’ He went on to accuse the [Hezbo] militants of positioning rocket launchers beside UN sites, a practice that has been reported by UN officials in recent days.’ The UN said, ‘Hey, they’re putting rocket launchers near our peacekeeper building here.’ Now, this is one of those questions you’re not supposed to ask. What the hell are peacekeepers doing in the middle of a war zone? What are unarmed peacekeepers doing in the middle of a war zone?

My God, are these people children? Are they children? Do they not really understand what’s going on, or are they so arrogant that they think if they’re in a building right next to some Hezbo rocket launchers in the middle of a war with Israel, all they got to do is fly the blue flag? That’s exactly what Hezbo wants. Hezbo is a bunch of cowards. Hezbo is launching rockets from private homes. Hezbo is being transported around by ambulance. Hezbo members are painting red crosses on vehicles as they putt-putt around their little territory down there. I love the Israelis. They’re not putting up with this. This is a lesson to the rest of the world.

This — as I said when I got back from vacation a week and a half ago, this — is a gift to the world, folks. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This morning in Rome, Italy, another diplomatic total failure which was destined to be from the get-go because all diplomatic efforts to stop wars before their natural conclusion, which is victory and defeat, are utter failures. I was driving in today, and I was listening to some of this, and I thought Condoleezza Rice, what she said after this meeting was just brilliant. Then, after that when I got here turned on the tube and I saw Karen Hughes who I haven’t seen in a while. Karen Hughes is under secretary of state for some sort or other. I don’t know those titles but she was just on fire after this. She was talking to the lovely and gracious Soledad O’Brien on the little-watched CNN morning show.

Speaking of that, you know, Bill Hemmer used to be on that morning show. Now Hemmer is becoming a star over at Fox. CNN has this knack of letting the best people in their tent get away, and they bring in all these has-beens, and think that they have stars. It’s amazing. I’m just saying this as a broadcaster, I’m not even talking about news here. But I get sidetracked. Karen Hughes was just fabulous, and it made me miss her. So I fired off an e-mail. I said, “You were fabulous, and, you know, I miss you. I miss you being out in the public domain and making these statements.” She was such a rock during the first term, and no doubt she’s doing a great job with Condoleezza Rice at the state department. Anyway, here’s Kofi Annan about Israel’s apology. This is after the meaningless conference on the Mideast crisis in Rome this morning.
ANNAN: Look at the events of yesterday. Our general and troops were — people on the ground, were in touch with the Israeli army, trying to warn them, please be careful, we have positions here. Don’t harm our people. You can imagine the anguish of the soldiers and the men and women, unarmed military observers who were down there in the service of peace. We await the investigations, end of the investigations. And I’m grateful for the prime minister for what he’s said, and we accept his fair words. But do code correctly next time, please.

RUSH: Do code correctly next time. So there’s Kofi accepting Israel’s apology, then rips them and warns them not to do it again or risk another very nasty letter from him. Boy, I tell you, I wouldn’t want a nasty letter from Kofi Annan, would you? That would really thwart me. That would really make me put on the brakes, to get a nasty letter from Kofi Annan. All right, this is outside — or in — Tyre, Lebanon. CNN again, UN Captain Ronan Corcoran, who is Irish, is being interviewed by a reporter over there, Karl Penhaul, and Penhaul
says, “What can you tell us so far about what happened with the attack on the observation post?”
CORCORAN: Yesterday, throughout the day we had a number of firings close. When artillery fire or rocket fire is directed in an area within a certain circumference, as to make us feel unsafe within our observation post, a big part of our neutrality and freedom of movement, everybody, all players, understand we are unmanned, we fly the blue flag. We are secretary general’s eyes on the ground. Yesterday, there were a series of firings close on the position that was eventually hit.
RUSH: Don’t misunderstand me, folks. I am not happy that these blue helmets got hit in their observation post. That’s not why I’m saying I love the Israelis. So don’t confuse what I’m saying. I love the Israelis because they’re showing everybody how it’s done. To hell with political correctness, and to hell with what anybody thinks, when the lives of your people and the future of your country is on the line you do what you have to do. You’ve tried to cooperate for all these years, and nothing has worked. You have bent over backwards and forwards to go along with all these diplomats and all these resolutions, and now a gift to the world because the eyes have been opened on the part of a lot of people about who these terrorists really are.

The whole concept of land for peace has been blown to shreds. There’s no such concept. It’s simply a curtain or a camouflage mask that the enemies of Israel hide behind, but I still say: Okay, so these guys are Kofi’s eyes on the ground? Kofi, get a satellite, for crying out loud! Get Google. Go get Google Earth, for crying out loud. What are you putting these poor people in the middle of a battlefield for? You know, folks, if I didn’t know better, there’s a part of me that thinks that the diplomatic community at the UN is not all that unhappy about this because this gives them a real shot to point out in their mind just how evil and mean the Israelis are. They can then launch into their anti-Semitism and have their anti-Semitism portrayed as compassion, restraint, understanding, but make no mistake about it, it is anti-Semitism that runs all of this anti-Israeli-ism, as well as other factors.
But what in the world are they doing there? When the Hezbos bring their rocket launchers right next to your peacekeeper building, what the hell are you doing staying there? Can somebody explain that? Look it, if I’m a UN peacekeeper, I’m going to be questioning why I’m there in the first place because there’s no peace right now. A peacekeeper supposedly keeps the peace. These guys don’t even do that. Talk to them about it in Rwanda, talk to them about it in any other number of African countries where UN peacekeepers are all over the place. The most common occurrence is rape, but they sure aren’t keeping any peace. But that’s beside the point. Once again I sidetrack myself, but I don’t lose my place. If I’m a peacekeeper, and I’ve been sent in there, and I see the Hezbos bring some rocket launchers over very near my building, I don’t look for a bigger flagpole to put my blue flag on. I get the hell out of there. Something fishy about this, folks.
RUSH: I’ll tell you a little trick here about Kofi Annan and how he gets away with these untenable, ridiculous, outrageous positions. All Kofi has to do is to lament the “human suffering.” You notice when Kofi pronounces an -ing word, he never pronounces the G? “I’m thinkin’, human sufferin’. No, I won’t resign.” He’s always missing the G on — I guess — I know it’s not his native tongue, so I will back off. But when he comes out he talks about the human “suffering.” He’s loved! Why, a man of peace! His years of peacekeeping failures that caused all the human suffering in the first place, melt away, because the liberals of the world cry, “He cares! He cares! He’s concerned about human suffering, too! (Crying.) I love you, Kofi!”
That’s all he’s gotta do — and whatever outrageous thing he does or says is then forgotten. Remember those words, “end human suffering.” It’s the open sesame to a liberal’s heart. You know, what if I were to start saying, “You know, we really need to end this human suffering”? You think liberals’ hearts would be open to me if I started saying, “We need to end this human suffering”? Well, I don’t know if I could pull it off. There was a day I could be a lib. You remember back in the early nineties I’m doing the Rush to Excellence Tour, and I was a lib for the first hour of the program. I had people calling saying they were going to cancel their tickets, they weren’t going to show up wherever I was scheduled to be. They bought it. I don’t know that I could actually pull it off today. I was able to pull it off back then. It did take a studious effort. I’ll think about it.


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