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RUSH: Rich out there on Long Island. Great to have you with us. Welcome to the EIB Network.
CALLER: Rush how are you?
RUSH: Fine, sir, thank you.
CALLER: Okay. The Associated Press from what I read is reporting the opposite version of what’s being told to people. They’re saying that this skirmish occurred in Lebanon.
RUSH: I’m not following you.
RUSH: You talking about the kidnapping of the two soldiers?
CALLER: Right. It was inside Lebanon. There was not Hezbollah going into Israel. You know, Israel sent some commandos into Lebanon, and ultimately this skirmish occurred where a tank was destroyed, couple soldiers got killed and then two got kidnapped.
RUSH: Oh, yes. So let me guess, you think that Israel has been planning this for the longest time?
CALLER: Well, Rush, you know that wars take years to plan. You’re going to tell me that two soldiers get kidnapped and all of a sudden they have all this machinery ready, all these tanks, and this whole war strategery is all set and ready to go within a matter of a couple of days? You know as well as I do that war take years to plan.
RUSH: Of course I do. The Israelis are at war every day of their lives. The Israelis have war planning every day. They never know who’s going to attack them.

CALLER: Not on a scale like this.

RUSH: Yes, they do.

CALLER: They haven’t had a war —

RUSH: That’s the only way they’ve survived. It’s the only way they’ve survived. But, look, we’re getting sidetracked here because you want to say that the Israelis actually were hoping for this, and they were planning it for the longest time. There was a story in the San Francisco Chronicle earlier this week Rich, that basically said the same thing — that the Israelis have been working on this for a full year.

CALLER: Well, this is a plan for conquest of the greater Middle East. The Hezbollah has to be eliminated and pushed out of the way to further isolate Syria in order to take control of Iran. You know that and I know that. This is a plan —

RUSH: Hold it a sec, hold it. Let the host get in a word edgewise here.


RUSH: The scenario that you’ve just described, are you opposed to that?

CALLER: Absolutely, yes.

RUSH: You would be opposed to the Hezbos and the Iranians being neutralized.

CALLER: Yeah, I would.

RUSH: You think the Israelis want to take control of Iran?

CALLER: No, I think the neocons do. They want to take control of the Middle East is what they want to do.

RUSH: Oh, the neocons. You mean like Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer?

CALLER: There you go. You read the Project of the American Century, right? You read that, right?

RUSH: I’ve heard of the Project of the American Century, yeah, it’s Kristol’s bunch.

CALLER: Have you read it?

RUSH: No, I haven’t read it.

CALLER: Well, it clearly states about taking control of the Middle East and natural resources and things like that. It’s clearly stated in there.

RUSH: All well and good but I don’t think the Israelis are run by the Project for the American Century.

CALLER: Well, the neocons support Israel.

RUSH: Well so do I, and I’m not a neocon. You better be real careful on this, because neocon is a code word for Jew, conservative Jew. It’s just a code word for that.

CALLER: Support the war.

RUSH: It’s a way for people to express their anti-Semitism, and you gotta be — trying to protect you here, Rich, you gotta be real careful about this. I want to stick to the substance of what you said. You may as well said it’s a Karl Rove plot because it’s a conspiracy now, and it’s very interesting how Rove and Kristol and Krauthammer have control over the Hezbos to make ’em go ahead and do the kidnapping. It’s amazing how all this happens. I think you’re being a little shortsighted here. It’s right out in front of your face, and the explanation here is so simple, that it can’t be that. No, no. It has to be something sinister, behind the scenes that we don’t know anything about, run by powerful forces, the neocons. That’s not the case at all.

In fact, this San Francisco Chronicle story, which laid out the year-long planning of the Israelis, was denied by everybody in Israel, but, of course, you’re not going to believe that. How about the fact that the Hezbos have been building underground tunnels in southern Lebanon and have been arming caches of weapons in them and have been building bunkers hundreds of feet below civilian homes in southern Lebanon? In fact, a story out of Jerusalem today, ‘Israel claimed victory in the Hezbos’ southern capital yesterday after a battle in Lebanon that uncovered Iranian-made weapons.’ The neocons made sure that Ahmadinejad sent some weapons over there to the Hezbos so that world support would unite around Israel. I’m sure Rove is part of this, too. That’s right.

‘Israel claimed victory in the Hezbos’ southern capital yesterday after a battle in Lebanon that uncovered Iranian-made weapons and electric equipment and left 150 guerrillas dead.’ For those of you in Rio Linda these are guerrilla fighters, not the apes. ‘Israeli forces found war rooms equipped with Iranian surveillance and eavesdropping gear. The main Hezbo stronghold just inside the border. ‘The town is completely controlled by us,’ an Israeli colonel said. Caches of weapons were also found in this town. Mahmoud Kamati, the deputy chief of the Hezbos’ political arm, refused to acknowledge the group was firing Iranian-made missiles into Israel. ‘We don’t deny or confirm. We believe where the weapons came from is irrelevant,’ he said, adding that the Hezbos have weapons made in France and Russia and China and the United States.’

I have no doubt that they do. Anyway, this is not a conspiracy, and this is not about taking over Iran or having Israel take over Iran. You’re really trying to be too smart by half here. This is what it is. This is a 30- to 40-year war over a little country’s right to exist, pure and simple, by a bunch of nomadic fourteenth and fifteenth century oddballs who have now become armed with serious weapons who are willing to blow up their own children in order to further their absolutely perverse and perverted and depraved ideology, which they are hiding behind a so-called religion, which means you can’t criticize them, religions are out of bounds, articles of faith, you can’t criticize somebody’s religious beliefs. These people are phony baloney from the get-go, and it’s time finally to deal with them. And if we get rid of Iran, I would throw a party.


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