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RUSH: All right, thanks to the archives at the Cybercast News Service, we have — and this just runs 13 seconds — audio of Jack Murtha being offered cash, bribes, during the Abscam sting. He turned this down at first but then says later, ‘I’m not interested — at this point.’ He was an unindicted coconspirator! The only reason I bring this up is because anybody could have gone back and found this. Robert Novak did. Murtha is held up in the Drive-By Media as an angel. He’s a god. He’s a paragon of virtue. He’s infallible! He says, ‘We should get out of Iraq. We’re losing. We can’t win!’

Meanwhile, people like Hookstra and Santorum and others are considered kooks. ‘They still believe this weapons of mass destruction stuff!’ So we’re just trying to establish for you here that the Drive-By Media and the Democrats will overlook their own conspirators, their own unindicted coconspirators, overlook their own corruption in order to fulfill the notion of their own template. Here is the Abscam-related meeting involving John Murtha showing the rejection of the offered bribe was less than definite.

UNDERCOVER FBI AGENT: I went out and I got this the fifty thousand, okay? From what you’re telling me, okay? You’re telling me that that’s not what you — you know, that that’s not —

MURTHA: I’m not interested. I’m sorry.


MURTHA: At this point.

RUSH: ‘At this point.’

‘I’m not interested — at this point.’

So he was ‘unindicted,’ but nevertheless a ‘co-conspirator.’ That is Jack Murtha, who is being held up, as I say, as a paragon of virtue by the Drive-By Media. He’s starting to embarrass the Democratic Party as John Kerry has embarrassed the party.


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