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RUSH: Remember, my good friends: always keep the faith and always remain confident, particularly of the United States military when under the command of George W. Bush. You don’t need to lose faith in that. Today is just more evidence. Greetings. It’s great to have you with us. Broadcast excellence continues from the acclaimed and prestigious Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. I, of course, am the head honcho sitting in the prestigious Attila the Hun Chair here at the distinguished institute, looking forward to speaking to you. 800-282-2882 if you’d like to be on the program. The e-mail address, Rush@eibnet.com.
Now, I do want to move on to other things. There are other juicy, classic things out there today in addition to this. If you watch the Drive-By Media, they’re still running their graphics that say: BREAKING NEWS! This news “broke” at 3:08 to 3:30 this morning. That’s when the news first hit. It’s ten hours later. It’s still breaking news out there, and that’s how the Drive-Bys work: it’s one issue, one issue at a time. They’ll go with this for a while, and then they’ll move on. I’m going to move on quite soon here. We’ll take your phone calls on this. That doesn’t mean you have to hang up, because if you still want to weigh in on this, feel free to do so. We have some more examples of what’s being posted at kook-fringe Democrat blogs like Daily Kos, Daily Chaos.
Here’s just a sample. Bush’s idea of justice is bombs falling out of the sky? Why is he dead again just now? I wonder if Karl’s getting indicted tomorrow…Those pics of Abu Z look like they just thawed him out just in time for the elections. Zarqawi was quite probably a psyops job in the first place, so what does that make his “death”? Keep your eyes on the prize….Haditha. Just in time to hide the fact they’re trying to cut the estate tax for the uber wealthy. Yes the timing of Zarqawi’s death does seem too good for Bush to be true. It reeks of distraction politics.
I kid you not! (laughing) Have you wondered why there hasn’t been any slaps on the back, there haven’t been in the slaps on the back from liberal Democrats for the military? You’ve had a glancing blow, if you will, “great job, tremendous, successful mission,” but you haven’t had any Democrat do what the president did today, which was… In fact I’m going to have you grab the audio sound bite of that, Mike. Audio sound bite #6. You haven’t heard a Democrat come close to saying this. I’ll tell you why in just a second.

THE PRESIDENT: The operation against Zarqawi was conducted with courage and professionalism by the finest military in the world.
RUSH: Yep.
THE PRESIDENT: Coalition and Iraqi forces —
RUSH: Yep.
THE PRESIDENT: — persevered through years of near-misses and false leads.
RUSH: Right on. Right on.
THE PRESIDENT: And they never gave up.
RUSH: Right on.
THE PRESIDENT: On behalf of all Americans —
RUSH: Right on.
THE PRESIDENT: — I congratulate our troops —
RUSH: Right on!
THE PRESIDENT: — on this remarkable achievement.
RUSH: Right on!
THE PRESIDENT: Zarqawi is dead.
RUSH: Yes!
THE PRESIDENT: But the difficult and necessary mission in Iraq continues.
RUSH: Right on.
THE PRESIDENT: We can expect the terrorists and insurgents to carry on without him.
RUSH: Mmm-hmm.
THE PRESIDENT: Zarqawi’s death is a severe blow to al-Qaeda.
RUSH: Amen, bro.
THE PRESIDENT: It’s a victory in the global war on terror.
RUSH: Amen.
THE PRESIDENT: And it’s an opportunity for Iraq’s new government to turn the tide of this struggle.
RUSH: Right on, right on. Now, at the very beginning of that: “courage, professionalism, by the finest military in the world.” Why will you not hear a lib Democrat say that today or tomorrow, or next year? Because these kooks that we are finding on these blogs would go ballistic. They would go ballistic. The elected Democrats in Washington are almost captive to the kook fringe that now claim to be their base. If they go out and start praising the men and women of the military as the “finest fighting force,” there will be hell to pay on the part of anybody who says it — and if some Democrat who happens to be running for president got close to saying anything like that, the other Democratic contenders would jump all over him or her, whoever it might be.


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