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RUSH: Here is Al in Port Chester, New York. Welcome, sir, nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thanks for taking the call, Rush. I was just calling, you know, this Mrs. L. or Ms. L., whatever that is?

RUSH: Dana L. Get it right. Dana L. out there.

CALLER: Yeah. Her husband ought to get a paternity test done on those unborn children, because this woman knew what she was doing.

RUSH: (Laughing)

CALLER: She came home, the 72 hours is already passed, she hops into the sack, quick does this thing — oh, yeah, it was all passion — and now they are stuck. I don’t buy it. Somebody that professional forgets and then can’t call and doesn’t know about Planned Parenthood? Me thinks she doth protest too much.

RUSH: Now look, a lot of people are offering opinions here on poor old Dana L., and I love yours. But let’s be honest about Planned Parenthood. She says she didn’t think of it.

CALLER: (Laughing)

RUSH: She said yesterday on a blog in the Washington Post, in all of her panicked state of mind that she was running around trying to solve the problem, she just simply forgot.

CALLER: Oh, she was panicked all right but I’ll betcha it wasn’t because of that. ‘How am I going to tell him I’m already pregnant?’ was her problem.

RUSH: (Laughing.)

CALLER: ‘Honey, listen, I just forget.’

RUSH: Do you think she’s out there sleeping around on the guy?

CALLER: Well, with one or more, but whoever. It wasn’t him. It wasn’t him. I’ll betcha anything it wasn’t him.

RUSH: (Laughing.) Let me tell you something, I don’t know about any of that. See, a caller, you can say that.


RUSH: As host, I cannot. I can laugh at it when you say it, but I just want to talk about the Planned Parenthood business. What I don’t believe among all of this in the story that she wrote, this column, was that she didn’t know you could get Plan B or anything else or an abortion at Planned Parenthood. What she knew is, she wouldn’t dare set foot inside Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is for the serfs. Planned Parenthood is for the downtrodden, the victims, the shall we say ‘the trailer park crowd.’ A professional woman and lawyer and writer is not going to be caught dead stepping foot inside a Planned Parenthood! No way.

CALLER: I can see your point. I still think her husband ought to get a paternity test done.

RUSH: (Laughing) You mean on the two kids they already have?

CALLER: Yeah. Well, that and on the unborn children. Did she abort all three of them then?

RUSH: No, no, you’re confusing people now. Wait a minute. Who are you talking about, the woman that lives down in the East Village in New York who had triplets?

CALLER: No, no, no. Danielle L. is the one I was talking about.

RUSH: Dana.

CALLER: Dana L., yes. Did she get pregnant?

RUSH: She got pregnant; she had the abortion. There’s no paternity test possible.

CALLER: You can do a paternity test on an unborn fetus, after. Well, they could exhume the body. I’m telling you, this guy ought to — if he’s listening, she’s dying, because we got her.

RUSH: Well, I know the basis under which Al or on which Al is making these assertions, and it’s basically his sexist view of the kind of woman Dana L. is, and he’s drawing that conclusion because this poor husband, this sad sack, doesn’t get any mentions whatsoever in this piece. Let me read the only mention of the husband in this piece. ‘I’m a 42-year-old happily married mother two of elementary schoolers. My husband and I both work and like many couples, we’re starved for time together. One Thursday evening this past March, we managed to snag some rare couple time. In a sudden rush of passion, I failed to insert my’ diagram. Diaphragm! (Laughing) Diaphragm! Diaphragm. No, the reason I’m laughing is it reminds me of a joke. No, it’s not a joke. No, it’s a true story and I can’t tell the story. I’m sorry, it’s an actual true story. I can’t tell the story on the air.

It’s about a former Royals baseball player. I can’t tell the story. (interruption). No, I can’t tell the story, Mr. Snerdley. Don’t even try to coax me. Just trust me. I cannot tell the story. (interruption) It’s not protecting him. It’s the language that would be necessary to tell the story. I can’t do it. (interruption) If I changed his words it wouldn’t convey the humor of the situation. (interruption) Just stop. I am not going to tell the story. Anyway, after this reference to the fact that they had this passionate night back in ‘March,’ March, that’s the last reference to the husband in the piece. If he was consulted on Plan B or abortion or whatever, it doesn’t reference that. Oh, I take it back. There’s one other mention: ‘After making the decision with my husband, I was plunged into an even murkier world.’

So there is an allusion to his being a participant in the decision. But this piece is an I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, and here you go: ‘It was a decision I’m sorry I had to make.’ There is no, ‘we’ had to make here. ‘The decision I’m sorry I had to make. It was awful, painful sickening, but I feel that this administration gave me practically no choice but to have an unwanted abortion because of the way it has polit…’ Unwanted? What’s the difference in Plan B and an abortion? Come on! What? We’re gonna split hairs here? So she gets pregnant, she go gets Plan B, that’s not an abortion. She didn’t take Plan B in time, had to go get an abortion, that’s an abortion. She was pregnant and she’s not, and there is no baby, she had an abortion. You can hide behind Plan B and it’s just an immediate period or whatever you want, but it’s an abortion. At any rate, it’s all Bush’s fault! No mention of the guy after supposedly having some role in the decision.


RUSH: I’m being bombarded with questions asking me to explain my ‘ridiculous assertion’ that there’s no difference in an abortion and Plan B. Typical question. ‘Well, what’s the difference? In all seriousness here, El Rushbo, what is the difference between birth control and Plan B?’ Well, that’s easy! Birth control prevents conception. Life begins at conception. I don’t care what anybody says; it can’t begin anywhere else. Life begins at conception. Human life begins at conception. Plan B comes after conception. Ergo… I mean, my logic is unassailable.


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