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RUSH: All right, it’s a fairly interesting Election Day today. Eight states have elections. The most-watched congressional contest is the only one that will actually put somebody in office. That’s the special election in southern California to replace Duke Cunningham: California 50. This is Francine Busby, local school board member who was polling even with Republican Brian Bilbray until she blurted out this nonsense on Thursday of last week that illegal aliens “didn’t need papers” to vote for her or to work on her campaign.

Democrats obviously hope to win this seat using their “culture of corruption” mantra out in California 50, San Diego. It’s interesting to see what will take place in this. The Democrats have already said that even if Francine Busby loses, that it will be a “moral victory,” because they’re making inroads in these safe Republican districts. It’s sort of like Paul Hackett when he lost in a Republican district in Ohio, they said it was a “moral victory.” Can I tell you about moral victories? A little football news. Since so many of you are upset today, let me just go full bore. A little football story: Charlie Weis, great offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots and their Super Bowl teams, head coach now at Notre Dame, and last year, Notre Dame hosted number one USC, and Notre Dame played one of the best games of Charlie…

Well, one of the best games of the season, first season last year. It was just exciting, and almost won the game. USC came back on the arm of Matt Leinart and running back Reggie Bush in the closing seconds of the game to win it. And after the game, the sports media gathered around Charlie Weis, and he said, “You gotta feel good about this, Coach Weis. You going to tell your players that you appreciate their effort and it was a great moral victory?” and Weis looked at them like he was looking at a collection of idiots. He said (summarized), “Did you look at the scoreboard? Do you find the word moral up there? We lost the game. I’m not going to tell our players to feel good about losing a game. Yeah, we might have played well, but we lost the game. The scoreboard is what counts. There’s no such thing as moral victories. I’ve never heard of a champion in moral victories, have you? Next question.”

So I would say to you Democrats who want to continue to redefine victory as when you narrowly lose, “Keep it up, because for all the moral victories in the world you think you’re having, it’s just a bunch of sophistry. You’re just stroking yourselves trying to tell yourself something good happened when you lost,” and of course for the country at large, it is a good thing when liberal Democrats lose. In addition to the race to replace Cunningham, there are primaries today for governor in Alabama and California, and the Democrat that wins that primary for governor in California is going to emerge beaten up, will be accused by his opponent of having been — a Democrat opponent of having been a tax raiser and corrupt himself.

Schwarzenegger has looked statesman-like in comparison to Phil Angelides and to the other Democrat, Steve Westley. Also, what else do we have? We have a Senate seat in Montana and a handful of House contests. “In Montana, revelations of three-term republican Senator Conrad Burns’ ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff have made him one of the most vulnerable members of Congress, inspiring a vigorous contest among democrats for the right to face him this November. Burns has blamed what he calls the ‘eastern liberal press’ for his troubles, and predicted that Montana voters ‘will make the right judgment call.’ The issues in Alabama include tax policy, social conservatism, and immigration. As the Republican governor Bob Riley’s failed tax increases have spurred both the Republican primary and a heated contest among Democrats. A former judge, Roy Moore, is challenging Riley for the GOP nomination.”

Now, Schwarzenegger in California has no major primary competition and has benefited, as I say, from the mean-spirited competition between Phil Angelides who is the state treasurer and the state comptroller, Steve Westley. Also in California, adding intrigue to the state’s vote is the fate of Proposition 82, the “Meathead” proposition. This is a measure that would tax the rich to pay for universal preschool, and it would do even more than that. It would put the government totally in charge of preschool, even those of you in California who are paying on your own to send your kid to whatever preschool you want your kid to go to. Sorry, kid.

Isn’t this right? Kid gets pulled out of there, or is put under some state control for the agency. “Until late last week, Prop 82 held a slight advantage. On Saturday, however, polls showed that voters may be turning away from the idea.” It’s cost them billions already. Didn’t Meathead have to resign from this, a little conflict of interest problem that he had? Yeah, he was throwing the money that he used for this to his Hollywood ad agency buddies, and it appeared to be a conflict of interest. Make no mistake what this is all about. I’ve heard the Meathead talking about it. Rob Reiner, I’ve heard him talking about this, and he gets up there, starts wringing his hands, “Oh, we’re leaving our kids behind! Preschool is so important.” 

You know, we have first grade through twelfth grade, and it’s apparent that that’s not enough time to educate kids. So now we’ve got work training centers for when you graduate from high school but don’t even diddly-squat. We have places teach you to go how to read when you graduate from high school but can’t read your diploma. Job training centers here and there. Now it is so important to learn to read before you get to the first grade that we need preschool, and they wring their hands and they talk about how so sad it is that kids are being left behind. This is nothing more, folks. Remember, I know these people.

I know these libs like every square inch of my glorious naked body, and all they want is government in charge of as much as possible, and the more years of your kids’ education they can put under their control, they will do it. It’s inculcation time, it’s indoctrination time, all under the guise, we can’t leave the students behind; we just can’t leave the children behind. We wouldn’t need all this attention to preschool if what should have been going on in grades one through five was actually happening or one through 12. So instead of fixing and shaping up the primary years of education, we’re going to go ahead and proclaim, “Well, yep, they’re failures. We gotta fix this by educating them before they get there and educating them after they to leave,” and it’s just absurd, plus it’s always a way, as this case and story illustrates, to get even more money from you for government. This is California, one of the highest tax states in the country, and regardless what the left gets, it’s never enough.



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