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RUSH: Five-hundred-thousand people in Dallas, Texas and they’re all over television, and when you see these people marching, what’s the first thing that enters your mind? I can guess that some of you say, ‘Don’t these people have jobs?’ Then you say, ‘Look at all the yard work not being done. Look at all the bathrooms in Los Angeles not being cleaned today. Don’t they have jobs?’ You might also be saying, ‘Who’s paying for this?’ You might also be saying, ‘Where’s the INS?’ You might be saying, ‘How can they just show up? I thought they were ‘in the shadows.’ How can they just show up and brazenly demand to be against the law and allowed to be against the law, and nobody does anything about it?’ Some of you might say, ‘Surround them with INS agents.’

My first thought is anger, folks, anger and disgust at our government’s refusal to do its job. It is obviously these people have no fear of any enforcement whatsoever, and as I said, they don’t look like they’re in the shadows to me. They look to me like they’re totally willing to come right out of the shadows into the sunlight, and here’s the thing you have to know: the Democrats are encouraging all this. The Democrats are encouraging this. The Democrats are doing this to win back the Senate, to win back the House of Representatives. Ted Kennedy is actually going to speak at 4:30 this afternoon at the Washington demonstration. Where is it? The Washington Monument, wherever it’s going to be and he’s going to be there. He’s going to be there with John Sweeney.

Attention union members! Are you paying attention to what’s happening as you’re being sold out by your party? But Ted Kennedy is going to sit there. He’s going to stand up and he’s going to say in his remarks today that the House bill on illegal immigration is wrong because it’ll make America less secure — and, by the way, Sensenbrenner is bearing the brunt of the blame for all this because he’s the guy who has put in the House bill that if you’re here illegally you are a felon, and these people say, ‘We’re not felons!’ Democrats are spreading the word throughout the protestors. They have co-opted along with other loony left members, they’ve co-opted this whole business of the marches. This is a ‘new civil rights era.’

In fact, I look at this: the Black Panthers have come out of the woodwork! The Black Panthers, the Che Guevara crowd, the Che imitators, they’re all over the place. It’s like the 1960s all over again. Some people reliving their youth, and the whole thing being cast about illegal immigration but it’s not about that, folks — and this isn’t bash Bush, either, because Bush, frankly, doesn’t disagree with any of this. This is simply a mechanism whereby the Democrats think they’re going to win back the House and win back the Senate.

This is nothing more than the Democrats attempting to secure their power. The circumstances, the details here have not changed. Businesses love the cheap labor. It’s not because Americans won’t do it. They do it because it’s cheap. They import this labor because it’s cheap. There’s a reason for this. It’s not the typical reason, “Well, they’re just big business and they want to pay people nothing so they can maximize their profits and have their 15 homes.” That’s not the primary reason behind this. The lies, nothing’s changing. “They’re all being perpetrated. They’re in the shadows. Americans won’t do the work they do; we can’t deport all of them,” and nobody is suggesting that they be deported, by the way.
People need to remember, liberalism advances by little steps, and this is what you’re seeing. You’re looking at a demand for the recreation of the welfare state. You’re looking at a marched demand, a protested demand, for the recreation of statism, big government socialism. You had people marching today basically for socialism. Liberalism advances in small steps, one behind another — and by that I mean liberalism advances, and we all go backward. That’s why I say one step behind another. They don’t move forward. Look at the last 65 years, how socialism has become central to government’s role. First: mass amnesty.
That’s what’s in the Senate bill. Then more illegals will pour across. In fact, I don’t know the number — I’m just going to guess — but I’ll bet you the number of people pouring across the border at night has doubled since this debate began two or three weeks ago, especially since the Senate bill contained what is essentially amnesty. I’ll bet you the numbers of people coming across the border from Mexico have increased in the last two weeks dramatically precisely because of the legislation, and it makes perfect sense that it would happen, given how that bill shapes up and what the people who want to get into this country are being made to understand about that bill.
So you got mass amnesty, then you have more illegals, then voting rights for illegals. That’s been proposed and that’s what the Democrats see. The Republicans on the wrong side of this issue think, like McCain and whoever, that they can pander to the Hispanics and get their votes? Hell’s bells, folks, these people are being promised socialism. These people are promised they can vote, and they’re being promised benefits. They’re going to be able to suckle the giant teat of the federal pig, and that’s what they know, and that’s one of the reasons — not all, but there’s a good number of them that are coming for that reason.
The electoral system is under assault here. The Democrats want to legalize felon voting. They want to now legalize the voting of illegals, voting rights for illegals. “They’re here, Rush. I mean, they ought to be able to have a stake in the society and the culture in which they live.” So we have the electoral system under assault here, and it could be forever changed to ensure the election of liberal Democrats. Meanwhile, while you do all that you continue to expand entitlement programs, national health care and those who qualify for it, because, of course, illegals are people, too — and as people, they’re human beings, and human beings have certain rights, and one of those rights is health care for all.

The proof of the strategy — you think I’m over-exaggerating? I don’t think so. The proof of this strategy is clear. The left refuses to build any barriers to illegal immigration, either physical like walls or through the punishment of businesses who hire illegals. And they also know this. The homeland security department, which they attack over Hurricane Katrina, is incapable of following or enforcing any of the phony mandates in the proposed bill, such as you gotta learn to speak English, you gotta show up and pay a fine. There’s not going to be any enforcement on that. And the Department of Homeland Security is supposed to do this after being maligned?
Figure this out. These guys, in the Senate and Congress, who have spent a year maligning Homeland Security and FEMA, “You guys are incompetent. You can’t do diddly-squat,” are going to empower them with enforcing elements of a piece of legislation on, what, perhaps 11, 12, or 20 million people. It’s a joke. It’s a laugher, and they all know it. There’s no intention for enforcement to occur. This bill in other words, if it passes, if some version of it passes, would institutionalize incompetence and failure, and that is precisely what it’s meant to do. It is meant to do the following thing. You put in a bunch of enforcement measures that won’t be enforced.
They gotta pay a $2,000 fine. You gotta learn to speak English, you gotta show up and not show up depending on how many years you’ve been here. It’s all bogus. At the end of the day when it’s not enforced because it can’t be, the conclusion will be, “Ah, you know what? We just can’t control this. The best and brightest minds among us in the US Senate came up with a brilliant piece of legislation, but it just didn’t work. Ah, there’s nothing we can do about it.” It is meant to institutionalize the failure to control the border, and when I say it is meant, it’s meant by the Democrats and the left who are sponsoring this and providing the energy behind it, because you see all of these hundreds of thousands today, the Democrats see votes, and those votes to them translate to the reacquisition of their power, and that’s all this is. Doesn’t matter if it’s the war in Iraq or the war on terror or illegal immigration, the Democrats will gut the country in order to get their power back, and then they’ll do what they think they have to, if anything, to fix it later.
RUSH: Now, let me ask you a question about all this. It’s clear that the Democrats and the American left, and some Republicans, want to get behind this movement. They want to be seen by the people protesting today as “friendly,” despite the polls on the issue nationwide. Ted Kennedy and the Democrats are just ecstatic. They’re excited about this. They see all these new voters. It gives you an idea where their outreach is. They have to target felons and illegal immigrants in order to have a chance at reacquiring power. Now, do you think that these protests are going to get the Democrats anywhere? Do you think these protests will advance the Democratic cause?

Do you think they’ll advance the cause of Republicans who are behind them? They think they do. Ted Kennedy thinks he’s going to benefit big from this. Ted Kennedy and the boys, the Democrats think, “Oh, this is nirvana, folks!” They’ve got their new civil rights issue. They think this is heaven sent. I wonder. I think they’re going to be dead wrong. I think this is another jump-the-shark moment, if you will. It wouldn’t surprise me if the more this stuff happens, the more a sleeping giant will be awakened in the form of the American people, because my sense is that when you people look at these crowds, you say, “What the hell is going on?”
You say, “How can our politicians and government allow tens and millions of foreigners into the country like this and not want to do anything about it?” We don’t know who these people are. We don’t know whether they’re criminals, what their medical conditions are; and yet we all end up paying to subsidize them. The liberals, and this is including the Republicans, they can use whatever tag lines they like in trying to spin what’s occurring, but the American people are not stupid. You can see what’s going on with your own eyes, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s going to be a backlash on this soon, that this is a huge wake-up call.
I notice that all the media coverage talks about immigrants now and immigration, nary a word about “illegal.” It’s not put in there, and that is more intentional propaganda. It is intended to upset legal immigrants. As I said earlier, this is not about bashing President Bush because he’s with them on this. This is purely an opportunity to advance the causes of socialism and winning their power back, and the sad thing here is that the Republicans who are on the same side as the protesters, the McCains and the others, have now helped to unleash forces that could doom ’06 electoral prospects for Republicans. You just can’t keep ignoring your base like this and expect them to understand and come out and vote for you. If you are upset about this, what are you going to do?
Are you going to rush out and vote Republican tomorrow? No. I mean, there’s some solid Republicans out there, don’t misunderstand, but not in the Senate leadership, on this. I don’t know where the White House is on this. Kennedy’s dead right about this in one sense, and this is why I get frustrated and damn frustrated, I’ll be honest with you about this. It seems that we are reluctant. I talked about this on Friday. We’ve got so many Democrat necks stuck out ready for the guillotine because of scandal on their part and we don’t pursue it; we ignore it, and the same thing here. We don’t use this to undermine their base with blue-collar workers and the civil rights movement. The civil rights movement is being splintered here.
You’re not hearing about it in the mainstream press, but the civil rights coalition, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, there’s a little bit of unease here at how eager the Democrats are to make this the illegal immigrant population, the new civil rights movement. There’s a sense of competition here, and of course when you are a constituency of the Democratic Party, what’s the competition for? The competition is for their attention to make you the number one minority so that you get the largesse or the majority of it in both policy and money, and there are people who think they own that right. They are the permanent minority. They are the #1 minority. They are the chosen minority and the Democrats had better not abandon this.
It’s the same thing with big labor. Blue-collar workers are being totally ignored. There’s a fissure occurring in big labor. Some organizations of big labor, not all, are uncomfortable watching the Democrats on this. You’ve got big companies, you’ve got the Chamber of Commerce in Washington pushing hard for this bill, for illegal immigration. And it’s not because they care about Mexicans. It’s because they want cheap labor, and let me tell you one of the reasons why corporations want cheap labor, and you small business operators and large business operators will understand when I say this because it affects you both the same way. Cheap labor is a way to circumvent all of the socialist big government regulations that have been imposed on employer-employee relations for the past 65 years with the ascendancy of liberalism since the days of FDR.

It’s a hassle to start a business. People do it, but it’s a hassle. There are regulations. You gotta hire certain people, can’t hire certain people. You’ve got to hire the incompetent just to make up for racial quotas, all these kind of things. The paperwork is unending, and so after awhile, folks, things seek their own level, and so cheap labor is one of the ways of dealing with all of these. I’ll put it to you this way: not only cheap labor but illegal. If you know that they’re not going to track you down and find you and get rid of your workforce, then what do you have to worry about? And who cares if they’re paying Social Security taxes or not or if you have to as a businessman, because if you don’t have to that’s one less burden on you, and if you know that people are not going to come after you from the government, then what’s to stop you?
This legislation, with no enforcement in it whatsoever, can say anything and it’s not going to change anything. Kennedy sees this. Ted Kennedy sees this. He said, “Okay, we’re going to get these people into our country. We’re going to make them citizens. We’re going to get ’em used to entitlements, and we’re going to get ’em registered as Democrats.” He’s right that the Democrats will win here if open borders continues as a policy, because the Republicans cannot win. The Democrats will get the votes. Republicans will not. There are some Republicans that think if we pander to this group of people they’ll vote for us. If we act like we care, we’re going to treat them as the backbone of America. But unless we’re prepared to get into an actual war over who can give away more benefits the best and fastest, we’re not going to get the vote, because these people are being sponsored by Democrats.
This is a total Democrat and leftist move, and they are being encouraged to do this. There is a support system in this country for people, legal or not, as you well know. Whether it be in health or unemployment, food stamps, I don’t care what it is, the Democrats are simply the ones that are going to promise this, and why would you vote for people that are simply pandering to you, as in Republicans, when you can vote for the real socialist ideal in the Democratic Party candidate? It’s nuts.
So, in essence, what do we have here? We have these businesses and Republicans laying the foundation for a near-permanent Democrat liberal majority in decades ahead. That’s apparently what’s going on here, and there’s no better place to look at that — and I’m not trying to scare you. There’s time to stop this. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not trying to be negative, but you’ve got be realistic at the same time. If you think I’m a little bit, shall I say “exaggerated” when I say that the Republicans, by playing along with this, and along with the Democrats, are laying the foundation for a near-permanent liberal Democrat majority, take a look at California.
Take a look at what’s happening in California. Schwarzenegger’s success there is due to his fame and personality, but he’s abandoned whatever conservatism he had for the most part. What’s happening? Citizens and businesses are pouring out of there. Citizens and businesses are pouring out of California for a whole host of reasons. Taxes have to be high in order to support this permanent underclass. But there comes a point when illegal labor becomes so oppressive in terms of subsidizing social services that even those who may have once benefited from it are forced to run and leave. Yeah, you may be able to hire an illegal to clean your bathroom and not pay them very much, but when the influx of such people gets to be so large that taxes have to be raised to pay for their social services and so forth, then the money you’re saving hiring cheap labor is long wiped out, and you end up fleeing, too.
It’s beginning to look like a circus, like in Latin America and in Europe. Now, let me ask you a question. I was trolling around on the Internet today, and I went to this place called WizBangBlog.com, Wiz is W-i-z, and there’s a picture along with the article, and here’s the headline of the article: “Democrats Recruiting at Illegal Immigrant Protests — A number of photos were taken at yesterday’s Dallas illegal immigrant protest, including this one of a Democrat recruitment flier encouraging Mexican immigrants to vote for Democrats in 2006.” Now, they’ve got a picture on this, a graphic on this thing. The top of the voter pamphlet says, “Your voice matters. Make sure you are heard. Vote Democrat in 2006.”

Then there’s a circular icon logo. The center is a map. Have you seen this? Texas and Mexico as one. ‘Let’s work together, vote Democrat in 2006.’ Texico. Texas and Mexico as one entity. Now, remember this march was in Dallas. They probably have another one for marches in Arizona that shows Arizona, then another one for New Mexico, and then one for California, which shows California and Mexico as one. Now, the fact that the Democrats are recruiting at these protests, I mean, it’s not a surprise. It fits into their big picture of race and politics which is why the fliers’ visual puts Texas and Mexico together. The Democrats do. You know, they look at people and they see groups. They look at an individual and they see a group.

They classify people based upon race and then work to corner the racial voting collectives in every group. At this point the white vote is already split down the middle, half voting Democrat, half Republican basically. Let me ask you this. The Republicans want to pander. Tthe Republicans want these votes, too. I assume that’s why we have Republican sponsors of this silly legislation. Republicans want these voters too so that’s why we’re pandering to them right? So my question is this. Are there Republicans recruiting at these illegal immigrant protests? Have the Republicans put out a pamphlet? Is anybody from the RNC recruiting? Of course not.

You know why not? Because they’re not welcome! Can you imagine if a bumbling of Republicans went into this crowd and said, ‘Vote Republican,’ and started handing these out? There would be violence. They would get stomped on, beat up, there would be busted heads all over the place, and yet somehow the Republicans think that they can get these people’s votes by pandering? The Democrats are out there recruiting. This is a huge, big Democrat effort, all these protests are. This is what they excel at and I guess the Republicans and McCain and all that, I guess they’re blind to it. You’ve got the usual suspects behind this, the radical left, anti-war left, the hate-America crowd joined by the Democratic hierarchy, and they’re all going to be showing up at various locales making speeches to these people.


RUSH: So if you’re watching television today, if you’re reading websites, you’re going to see that immigration marches are taking place all over the country — and since the word’s gone out to the protesters this time to wave your American flags and leave the Mexican flags at home, then what you’re going to see on television are immigrants with nary a word about illegal, waving American flags around, and then probably later this week we’re going to get a poll that says something more than 55% of the American people support the ‘immigrants’ and their marches. I know how these people in the drive-by media work, folks, and when you understand that all of this is oriented around the reacquisition of power by the Democratic Party and the liberal left, you’ll understand everything that’s going on.

Some people said in the e-mail, ‘Hey, Rush, that flier that the Democrats handed out in Dallas yesterday with the map showing Texas and Mexico as one entity, how come it wasn’t printed in Spanish?’ It was. It was on the backside. It was in Spanish. On the front side it was English. The media has to be able to read it and know what you’re passing out, and the American people have to see it, too. So you watch: there will be a poll. ‘Oh, yeah, we love immigrants in America! We love the way they have become the backbone. We love the way they love our support, waving the American flag. Yes, it’s a wonderful series of protests.’ Not one mention of the word ‘illegal’ in any of this. Kathy in Gainesville, Florida. We’ll take you first. Welcome to the program today.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: You’re welcome. Go right ahead.

CALLER: My comment on the protesters, you asked what is the first thing we thought of, and the first thing I thought of is: Why aren’t they doing this in their own countries? Why don’t they go back to their own country and protest to their government to improve the economic conditions in their country so that they…?

RUSH: Well, because the Mexican government’s not like the French government, which caves inside of two weeks. The Mexican government is not going to stand up. They believe in a permanent underclass doing junk work. That is one of the ways their moneyed elites maintain their status, and we’ve got people in this country, ‘Yeah, it’s not a bad idea, influx, it’s a way to keep wages down.’ I’ll tell you something, folks, if people without high school diplomas and junk wages were the routes to economic prosperity, the Mexicans would be running rings around us, and a lot of the other Latin-American countries would, too.

In some of these Latin-American countries — not all — if you protest you get shot, you get put in jail. But at the same time it is a way of life. They do protest. They do protest in a lot of places in Mexico. In Mexico City they protest over economic circumstances quite a lot, but it’s never going to change, and they’re not interested in reviving their economy for that sector to build it up so that people will stay. That’s not what they’re interested in, pure and simple. But the Democratic Party sees votes here and the Republican Party for some asinine reason thinks they’ve got votes out there, too. But the Democrats see votes.

They don’t care. Nothing else matters. Union people, some of the union guys, they see potential new members. ‘Oh, yeah, bring these people in! We’ll make them members of the union. We’ll collect more dues and we’ll pass out more goodies to the union bosses and we’ll get the percentage of the workforce that is members of unions on the increase because it’s been declining.’ Some union members, or union leaders, don’t see it that way. They look at it for what it is, seeing the organized workforce continually undermined, but the Democrats? Where else is Jesse Jackson going to take his people? ‘They’re not going to vote Republican,’ they think, and same thing with Big Labor. The Democrats think, ‘They’re not going to abandon us. Where else have they got to go?’ There’s a lot of calculating going on out there, a lot of it miscalculating. It’s just going to take time for it to materialize in ways that we’ll understand.


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