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RUSH: Katie in Detroit, you’re up, and I really appreciate your patience. Thanks for holding on.
CALLER: Hi, Mr. Limbaugh. How are you?
RUSH: Fine, thank you.
CALLER: Good! Well, I really need your help, and I am not the type of person to mess around, so I decided just to call you, the expert. I am in a communism class here in Michigan.
RUSH: Wait a second!
CALLER: (giggles)
RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. (laughing)
CALLER: Now don’t get me wrong, okay?
RUSH: No, no, no. Katie, is it…? What’s the class really called?
CALLER: It’s called “communism.” (giggles) Political Science 377.
RUSH: Okay. All right. I knew it. She’s right, but I knew they don’t have the guts to call it what it is. No liberal ever does. So you’re taking PoliSci. What’s going on in there?
CALLER: Well, being the conservative I am of course I had some reservations about this class but I thought, “You know what? I’m going to be open-minded, and just go into this class to learn about different, views than my own.” So the class has been very interesting, but we have to do this term paper where we create our own communist society and all this stuff. So he said — my professor said — that, “Well, if you absolutely don’t want to do that you can defend capitalism.” So I need help in defending capitalism, because there’s no way I’m writing a paper on how to make a communist society because I know it will not work.
RUSH: You could do that.
RUSH: Here. It’s very simple. It wouldn’t take much work. It would be accurate.
CALLER: Really? Okay.
RUSH: Yeah, you could do it on one page. “How to Create a Communist System.”
RUSH: To create a communist society: the first thing you do is you build a wall around wherever the people live, either the country or the county or the city. Then you put security checkpoints on top of the wall at various places and if anybody tries to get out, you kill them.

RUSH: You take away every bit of freedom that they have. Everybody that works will work for the state and will make the same amount of money. It won’t be much. There will be no achievement allowed, no excellence allowed. The only people who will make out will be those who lead this community — its president, its Politburo; I’ve got to use the right terms — or what have you. It’s misery. It is forced misery and death if you try to escape it. It’s prisons. It is mind control. It is denial of free media and truth. It is suppression of any statement that opposes the government. Do that, and the guy ought to give you an A and probably think you have a good future.
CALLER: Well, that wouldn’t really match with Marx’s views on communism on his original ideas of what a Marxist society would be.
RUSH: Oh, I’m sorry it doesn’t! The communists, that’s what they end up having to do after their system fails.
CALLER: Right. That’s my whole problem with it, and my teacher… Like, no one in the class, all those people that are going to sit there and be brainwashed by liberals, the liberal professors we have, are not… I mean, they don’t see that. They don’t see it’s not going to work. They just say, “Oh, well we hate capitalism. We hate Republicans.” So… I don’t know.
RUSH: Forget the other students. You’ll soon be rid of them when you get out of school.
RUSH: They are who they are. You can’t bring them all with you. Take care of yourself; fend for yourself. They’re a bunch of malcontent idiots and they’re not worth your time. You can be concerned and worried about their future but it’s really not your problem. You’ve got your own stet of standards and your own objectives and your own goals using this class as you must in order to achieve them. So let’s work on you.
RUSH: Let’s help you out.
RUSH: You could do that paper. That paper would be — what I just told you would be — more than accurate. It would be more honest than anything the Marxist professor reads.
CALLER: But I think I would fail the class.
RUSH: I understand that. We’re going to explore the other alternative here for you.
CALLER: Okay, okay.
RUSH: But still, but the point is, even though that is precisely what world history has taught us about communism.
CALLER: Right.
RUSH: It will still be denied by every liberal in this country and every Marxist on every college campus because they still hold in dream that it still “hasn’t been done right.”
CALLER: Right.
RUSH: They look at capitalism as inherently unfair.
CALLER: Right.

RUSH: When liberals see “haves” and “have-nots,” they attempt to equalize the imbalance, and they do this by punishing the achievers. They do this by punishing the people at the top in order to bring them down on a more level field with the have-nots. They never attempt to educate or inspire the have-nots to do better and move up or prosper because they have contempt for people. They look at people with condescension. They don’t see people who have smarts enough to handle life’s challenges on their own and they need help from government, need help from liberals, who are the smart people.
The liberals’ faith in the individual is dwarfed by their faith and love of government as the great equalizer — with themselves in charge of it of course — and they look at this situation of inequality as something that is not the result of normal actions in a free market — i.e. capitalism. They look at it as he “powerful” choosing who will succeed and who will fail determining life’s winners, “the winners of life’s lottery” and otherwise. Capitalism — very simply, Katie — is what happens when people are free to engage in commerce amongst themselves. Socialism and communism are attempts to control that because you don’t like the outcomes; you think they’re unfair. It’s the attempt to equalize things, but that’s not possible. They do it, they say, on the basis of compassion, but capitalism is simply the natural result of freedom! It’s all it is. We can get into detailed economic definitions of various things, but that’s really all it is.
RUSH: What institution of higher learning are you stuck in?
CALLER: I attend Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.
RUSH: Oakland University, Rochester. Okay, good. All right, now, let me go over this capitalism business again, because I know you’ve given the assignment to write a paper defending it.
CALLER: Yes. Yes.
RUSH: What I actually… If I were you — and I’m being serious. If I were you, I would start this paper by saying that I object to the premise. Capitalism needs no defense.
CALLER: Okay. (laughs)
RUSH: It is people who propose alternatives that need to defend their failures. Capitalism has brought more prosperity to more people in the history of the world than any other system. Every other system has brought misery, disappointment and failure. But capitalism, this country, is the richest country in the world. We feed the world; we feed ourselves. We defend the world. We defend ourselves. Our population has the largest life expectancy in — well, it’s close to the largest. We do have problems. It’s not perfect, but we do things as a country, as a younger nation, than any other civilization has accomplished in however long it lasted.
There is more commonwealth produced in this country; there is more opportunity in this country; there’s more prosperity than the human race has ever known. Go to anyplace else around the world where something else has been tried. Look at the Soviet Bloc when it existed. Look at the ChiComs now. You can tell your Marxist professor that the ChiComs are actually reviving their economy with capitalism, because we are infiltrating that country with capitalism, and they are playing that game with us. Their economy is pretty much capitalist. We had a story that there are yacht taxes. There are luxury goods taxes in China now.
That’s not because of communism; it’s because communism — it exists there, it’s their form of government, but their economy, they can’t feed a billion people with communism. They need capitalism to do it. So I would challenge the premise, Katie. Capitalism needs no defense, and it’s the arrogance and condescension of these Marxist liberals that makes them feel that they are superior, that makes them tell you, you have to defend the superior system. These are a bunch of liberal authors that have written all kinds of books about how to, uh, deal with the inequities and the inherent unfairness of capitalism.
CALLER: Yeah, we’re reading Alperovitz’s book right now: “America Beyond Capitalism,” Gar Alperovitz —
RUSH: Yeah?
CALLER: — and his whole premise is he wants to bridge the gap of wealth between the wealthiest in society and the poorest, but, you know, more fairly.
RUSH: Well, the guy is a socialist. What he’s trying to do, it’s exactly what I told you. They look at the inequities and they see built-in unfairness and they think that there’s a powerful elite that controls all the wealth and that chooses who gets it, and the that the poor and the downtrodden are selected. They’re just as good as anybody else. They’re just as hard working. They’re just as accomplished. They’re just getting screwed! But it’s absurd, and it fails under any legitimate economic or intellectual analysis.

They are loath to accept the blame for the failure of their own policies such as the war on poverty. You could tell this professor, “We’ve tried to equalize it. We’ve done everything we can and still maintain our capitalist identity. The war on poverty is a failure. The Great Society is a failure. The same percentage of poor are poor today. We only recently started welfare reform and it is changing people’s lives. It is enriching people’s lives, whose lives were previously doomed to nothing because they were made totally dependent on government.”
In all of human history, Katie, redistributionist policies have never succeeded in equalizing a society economically. We have transferred over $6 trillion from the haves to the have-nots in the Great Society and the war on poverty, and yet it’s never enough. Six trillion, Katie, from the producers to the non-producers! We still have the same inequities, percentage-wise, and yet they still claim, “The rich don’t care! They’re just cold-hearted and greedy.” I would bet that your professor believes that capitalism, which is America’s basic economic architecture, is probably to blame for all of this inequality.
CALLER: Well, of course.
RUSH: Because they think capitalism is designed to be unfair. But I’m telling you, if you just accept — start out, Mr. Professor — whatever Professor Marx, whatever your name is — “I refuse to accept your premise. I’m going to write the paper, but capitalism needs no defense.”
CALLER: Yeah. Well, I think —
RUSH: Don’t be afraid of the grade, Katie. Don’t be afraid.
CALLER: I think the professor would probably have a heart attack if he found out I called you for help, but I really — like if you ever come to Michigan —
RUSH: Okay, wait a second. I’m sorry that’s true, but why? The key… The answer, the key —
CALLER: Because you’re right, of course.
RUSH: Well, but he doesn’t think that. He doesn’t have the brains to even listen to this program, probably, the odds are.
CALLER: I know. I do give him some credit. I have him for two classes. I do enjoy his classes, but I am just sick of hearing how the government needs to hand out all this money to everybody and we need to have nationalized health care because it’s not fair that the rich people get everything.
RUSH: Katie? Katie? Katie? For everything he says, you have an example somewhere in the world where you can point to it as a failure. <a target=new href=”http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/2006/03/21/private-healthcare060321.html”>Canada</a>, Great Britain?
CALLER: But he wouldn’t accept it.
RUSH: Wherever there is nationalized health care the people there hate it and doesn’t want it anymore, it doesn’t work.
CALLER: But he says with health — nationalized health care is better than no health care, which a lot of people refuse to get because it’s too expensive.
RUSH: Okay, we’ve got statistics on that.

RUSH: The vast majority of people (statistics) in this country without health care are illegal immigrants and they get it anyway. When you go to the emergency room for an emergency the federal law requires that you be treated. There are a lot of people that choose not to go get health insurance because they’re young and don’t want to spend the money right now. Some people self-insure. It’s a myth. This is the greatest health care system in the world! When people genuinely get sick and need to be —
CALLER: Right.
RUSH: — treated for the advanced catastrophic diseases, they find their way to the United States of America.
CALLER: Well, that’s my whole question: Why do people keep complaining about it? They’re still living here. It’s like —
RUSH: Who can…? If I could explain a liberal to you, Katie, I would be even wealthier than I am. I can’t understand ’em. It’s as though they hate the country. It’s as though they’ve got a big problem, and I think in large part there’s guilt. I think they look at the prosperity and they believe this notion that we’re only rich — remember, nothing happens unless some elite control it. So they look at our prosperity and they look at Africa and they say ,”We must have stolen all the resources from Africa. We’re stealing all the oil. We’re stealing all the diamonds. We’re stealing all of this; we’re stealing all of that, and now we’re polluting the planet, and we’re destroying the end of the planet with global warming. We are horrible people,” and that’s how I think they look at themselves. They’re a bunch of egalitarians — and it’s basically I think they’re self-loathing. I think the bottom line is, Katie, they don’t even like themselves, and they don’t want to like you, and they want everybody to be like them, and so they spread this stuff around. Not that they don’t seriously believe it, they do, but self-loathing is the root to understanding a liberal.
CALLER: Perhaps, yeah, you probably are right about that. Well —
RUSH: Are you taking notes on all this?
CALLER: I tried to, but I’m trying to listen, too.
RUSH: Okay. Katie, I’m going to tell you what we’re going to do. Are you a subscriber to my website?
CALLER: No. I’ve been thinking about it, but I’m a poor college student, so… (giggles)
RUSH: But do you have a computer? Do you have the ability to go online?
RUSH: Okay. When we finish the call here, I’m going to put you on hold. I’m going to make you a complimentary one year subscriber.
CALLER: Great!
RUSH: You will be able, after about 5:30 tonight Eastern Time (every day this is the case), you will log onto RushLimbaugh.com. This segment today that we are having will be highlighted. It will be easy to find. There will be a transcript of it, and —
RUSH: — you’ll be able to listen to it audio-wise. You’ll get a podcast each day of the program if you want.
RUSH: And that way you don’t have to take notes. I’m a professor that records myself.
RUSH: I’m proud for the class to hear what I have to say. Nobody has to sneak recorders in on me because I do it myself.
CALLER: Actually I had to buy a tape recorder for this class, so you saved me some money (giggles) but I think it would be good if you come to Michigan and debate my professor yourself because that would just make my day and all the conservatives that are too afraid to speak on OU’s campus because of the liberal yelling that we hear every day. I think that would be great.

RUSH: It’s not fear. It’s not. You know, Katie, it’s not fear. It’s a waste of time. The deck is going to be stacked. They’re going to get protested, shouted at and screamed at by a bunch of yin-yang little kids that don’t know what they’re talking about but think they know everything because they’re in college.
RUSH: You have to deal with the professors and so forth. If you do these things off campus, that could be fine, but, you know, there’s some people that still brave the elements and get out there. I’ll not waste my time. I’ve got 20 million people or more a week here, and if the professors want to date — debate — me on my radio show, they can call. Some of them would like to date me, but…

CALLER: Well, maybe you could call and be a guest on my radio show.
RUSH: (laughs) Okay. Well, now, look, I gotta run. I’m going to put on you hold.
CALLER: All right, thank you very much.
RUSH: You bet. What year are you in college, Katie?
CALLER: I’m a junior.

<a target=new href=”http://service.bfast.com/bfast/click?bfmid=2181&sourceid=38461944&bfpid=0671657151&bfmtype=book”> </a>RUSH: You’re a junior. Okay. So a nice man will come along and get all the information, and we need to make you a complimentary subscriber. We’re going to throw in the Limbaugh Letter
RUSH: — as well. The most widely read, the most widely read political newsletter in the country —
CALLER: Great.
RUSH: — and actually I’m going to make sure that you get a Club Gitmo T-shirt well.
CALLER: Oh, good!
RUSH: So just hang on, and then everything that you have learned today —
RUSH: — and in the future will be available to you at RushLimbaugh.com. Okay?
CALLER: Great. Thank you, and I’ll let you know how the paper turns out, if I get a good grade on it.
RUSH: I’d like to see a copy of it. Send me a copy before you get the grade.
CALLER: Before I get the grade, send you a copy?
RUSH: You will be a member, and there’s a special e-mail address for members of the website to send e-mail to me. So I’ll see it.
CALLER: Okay. Thank you very much, Mr. Limbaugh.
RUSH: You bet. Hang on, Katie. Great to talk to you. It’s a pleasure.
RUSH: Katie in Michigan, I know you’re still out there. One thing you could do: You’re worried about the other students. I kind of blew the other students off. I ought not have done that. You’re never going to change the mind of your professor. It’s an intellectual challenge to try. You’re never going to do that. But the service that you could do with this new-found knowledge and confidence is you can begin to work on some of your classmates, and penetrate those skulls full of mush so that the professor does not turn them all into a bunch of mind-numbed little liberal robots.
That is a service that you can perform.

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