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This argument that I’m an elitist and 90% of the American people are the real smart ones, but I think I’m smarter than everybody else. Let me tell you what this is leading up to, because I will guarantee you that there are some members of Congress that know this thing was okay but they didn’t think they had the time and they didn’t have the guts to try to properly inform the American people on this. One of the things about that — and now the Democrats in a story today that’s in the San Francisco Chronicle, Democrats admit that they had racist and xenophobic reactions and it was Bush’s fault, and that they actually played that up, because they knew that the American people were having the same reaction. They played it up because that would help them win politically on the deal.

So the Democrats have admitted now that you can be xenophobic and racist, and even profile, if it helps you politically. Besides, it’s all Bush’s fault anyway because he’s been so exaggerated fighting terrorism, he’s made all of us xenophobes and racists against Arabs and Muslims. What’s going to happen, before this is all over with, we’re going to find out it was a good deal, it made all kinds of sense, but the American people were just too stupid to understand it. That’s what will be said. ‘Well, we didn’t have time to teach the American people. The American people couldn’t understand it.’ Same old liberal talking point: people are to be viewed with contempt and condescension because they’re too dumb to do what’s right in life, so we, the anointed elite, we must lead their lives for them as best we can, blah, blah, blah. And don’t lump me in with those elites. As you people know, I am your biggest defender. I am the one who has the ultimate respect for your abilities and your intelligence, which is why I have spent three weeks on the ports deal giving you all the details on it that I could learn.


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