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RUSH: This is unbelievable! No, it’s not because I predicted it. Right now — as we speak this instant — Dingy Harry flanked by “The Lout,” Frank Lautenberg and I guess Schumer and Menendez, Robert Menendez from New Jersey. Dingy Harry, at this moment is demanding an up-or-down vote in the Senate on the port deal even though DPW has pulled out, said, “Anchors aweigh, my friends,” they’re sailing off to the sunset, going to sell their US part of the interests of this deal to somebody else, Dingy Harry is demanding an up-or-down vote, and the has just gone over the edge.
Listen to this slug as they report the story: “Senate has voted to ignore its Republican leaders and clear the way for a vote on blocking a Dubai-owned company’s US ports deal.”
Dingy Harry, it’s too late! The deal was killed by the Republicans in the House yesterday, and nothing you can do will convince the American people that you and your chumps in the Senate Democrats did it. You can go out and try to make Schumer the face of opposition, but you’re a day late. The Republicans in the House killed this deal yesterday, before you even got your amendment offered. (laughs) So exactly what I said to you at the top of the program, that this was really all about who can get to the finish line first. “I stopped the port deal! I did! I did! I did! I did it! I want the credit. I’m the great American. I care about national security, and I don’t like those people, and I saved you.”
Well, the Republicans got to the finish line first, and Dingy Harry has still out there trying to make people think that it’s still relevant! Meanwhile both networks, CNN and Fox, were covering Dingy Harry’s press conference. They just bumped out of it to go to the White House where Bush is signing the extension of the Patriot Act. So Dingy Harry trying to get his day in the sun for Chuck Schumer. In fact, it was right when they cut to Schumer — it was right when Dingy Harry introduced Schumer — the networks bumped out of that and have gone to Bush now as he’s signing the Patriot Act in Washington. Oh, I’ll tell you what, I knew there would be some ancillary upsides to this port deal going south, and today is a big one. The Democrats have once again opened the door flat, smack-dab into their nose.

RUSH: Vince in Cleveland, I’m glad you called. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: The reason that I’m calling is you’ve been so far out in front on this ports deal, and I think what you said about Harry Reid just a minute ago points it up. I mean, he’s still dealing with yesterday’s news. The president has moved on. This ports deal, it’s dead, and whether it was good or bad — and I think it was neutral, kind of — but it’s a tempest in a teapot and it’s yesterday’s news, and the deal with India that President Bush negotiated is so much bigger. It’s infinitely — it’s huge. It’s one of the biggest agreements in my lifetime. It took Russia out of the equation with Iran, as far as selling nuclear material. They’re going to deal with India and they’re going to do it the right way, aboveboard, and I think Bush is in great political shape, but the Republicans in the House and Senate really aren’t. They’ve compromised somebody else principles by want backed President Bush on things like the delay in getting the seats on the Supreme Court for Alito and Roberts, and, you know, the things that we control — the Senate, the House, and the presidency — and imagine if President Bush, what difference would it make if there was a shift? He’ll still have to deal with an antagonistic Senate Congress, and I think you were way out ahead. Nobody else was out there with you. It’s lonely at the top, brother.

RUSH: I appreciate it. It’s very nice. You’ve made my day along with a whole lot of other people. You’re right. You’re dead on about the deal, the nuclear deal with India. Couldn’t believe Kofi Annan complaining about it because it showed eye double standard. We don’t deal with our enemies like you do, Kofi. We don’t cozy up to them and, you know, give them things that they could turn around and kill us with. We do that with your friends because we know they’re not going to use them to kill us. We’re developing allies. I think Bush on that trip last week had a great trip. Unfortunately, the drive-by media didn’t care. To the drive-by media, there was no reason to lob a hail of bullets into those things that happened last week. The port deal is one of these visceral, emotional things that had people all wired up. So the Republicans in the Congress are feeling their oats right now. The Indian nuclear deal, deal with India regarding nukes, that something that the historians will go back and look at this administration, analyze it, economic numbers, tax rates, all these, when the historical data is in, when this administration’s served its time, that when all these accomplishments will actually be put into perspective. That won’t happen now. That’s another reason why we’re on the cutting edge, because if you listen to this program you don’t have to wait for the historians.

We are writing the history today.


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