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Well, it’s another week filled with optimism from our side, ladies and gentlemen, and gloom and doom on the horizon for the left. You and I, we arise each day, we look forward to a brighter future. They, the left, looks to another week without a civil war in Iraq. But, you know, they’re out there saying, ‘This time we almost made it happen, baby. We almost made that civil war happen.’ But they didn’t quite get there. So they’re disappointed about that. It’s another week without an economic depression or at least even a housing bubble. In fact, the news continues to indicate that we’re going to have a blow-through-the-roof first quarter economic GDP growth anywhere from four and a half to six percent are what some people who study this stuff are suggesting could be the figure. And of course we’ve had another week without a terrorist attack.

So, you know, the left, it’s tough out there for them. They get up with all these doom and gloom hopes, and the doom and gloom never happens. So they go out there and say, ‘It’s coming, the doom and gloom is coming!’ Jon Corzine did the Democrats’ radio response to the president’s radio address on Saturday. He was full of demagoguery and mischaracterizing the United Arab Emirates port deal. That was quite a topic for discussion on the Sunday programs yesterday. So I thought, ladies and gentlemen, that I would share just some randomly chosen news items with you today that are related to the port deal. First a story here from the Boston Globe. ‘British firm set to buy KeySpan. National Grid would add to Mass. holdings.

‘The British energy conglomerate, National Grid PLC, which already owns Massachusetts’s biggest electric utility, was poised to announce a $7 billion-plus agreement early today to buy the Bay State’s biggest gas utility as well. National Grid was scheduled to disclose the terms of its takeover of KeySpan Corp. after 2 a.m. today, according to four utility industry executives… Though the deal could still fall through at the last minute, the two companies were preparing to announce the takeover before London’s stock exchange opened for trading this morning.’

I don’t know if it actually happened, but do we need an investigation of this? Some of you might be saying, “No, Rush, we don’t need an investigation. The Brits are our allies.” Well, yeah they are, but the Brits could sell to anybody once they acquire this. We need to investigate this and we need to make sure that every foreign company that buys an asset in the United States promises not to sell it in the future to people we don’t approve of. Let’s see… “KeySpan stock has climbed more than $7 per share in the last week on intensifying speculation about a takeover.” And let’s not forget, folks, that the 7/7 bombers were Brits. Remember those two kids — well, they’re more than that, that blew up the — what was it, some kind of a subway or bus, whatever it was, remember that, on July 7th, last summer? They were British citizens, and they could infiltrate the grid now because the British might bring their own people over here to work. (interruption) This company? I don’t know if the company recognizes the IRA or not, we should look into that. Here’s another interesting note. Westinghouse.
You remember that name, Westinghouse used to own everything. Westinghouse used to own washers and dryers, jet engines, they used to make refrigerators, they used to own radio stations all over the country. Well, Westinghouse is also a major operator of our country’s nuclear power plants, and as such, the plans, the weaknesses, the security arrangements, the work schedules et cetera of these nuclear power plants are known to Westinghouse management. Imagine if a terrorist were to get this information. Ah, but, Westinghouse isn’t a US company anymore. It’s owned by the British government, ladies and gentlemen. Did you know that, Mr. Snerdley? Yes, I know, by the way, this is some blogger, I think, has submitted what I’m reading to you at National Review Online. There’s a difference between the British government and, say, the government of Dubai, but it’s important the secrets to the US nuclear industry are not held on US soil anymore. We have no control over who in Britain has access to this information. As we all know, England does have a slight issue with homegrown terrorists. But the British government has decided that they don’t like Westinghouse, and they’re going to sell it. And do you know to whom they’re selling it? They’re selling it to Toshiba.

Now, Toshiba wants to become the world’s leader in nuclear technology, because there’s this country that is right to the west of Japan that is flush with cash and hungry for electricity. It’s called China. Toshiba is betting that China’s nuclear power market will balloon. Toshiba has not built a nuclear power plant yet in China, but it runs operations in 63 locations there, including sales outlets, distribution centers, and production plants. They employ 20,000 people. So now because we sold Westinghouse to the Brits, who are now selling it to the Japanese, US nuclear technology on the building of nuclear power plants is going to end up in China.
I also did a little bit more research on just how extensive Dubai’s holdings, the United Arab Emirates’ holdings are in this country. “Dubai Ports World’s $6.8 billion purchase of Britain’s P&O is drawing heightened scrutiny because it includes the takeover of significant operations at six U.S. ports. But the deal represents just a small part of this desert city-state’s headlong rush into global investing – a rush almost without precedent. The stated goal of the tribal sheiks who run Dubai is to mold it into a global hub of trade and luxury tourism. Until now, though, less attention has been paid to the billions being spent by their state-owned investing arms – as well as where that money comes from and how the investments are performing. The purchases include everything from apartment complexes in the U.S. sunbelt to trophy hotels and office towers in New York City to the Tussaud Group’s wax museum franchise worldwide.”
You know, Madame Tussaud’s, they just had that wax figurine of Hillary. The United Arab Emirates did it. The UAE was behind the new wax statue of Hillary, folks. The UAE did it, and they did it wrong. We did it right on my website. If you’re going to have a sculpture of Hillary, it’s not wax, it needs to be ice that does not melt. “They also have a $1 billion investment in carmaker DaimlerChrysler AG.” The United Arab Emirates has a billion bucks in DaimlerChrysler. So after they have used — (interruption) what? What’s that? That’s really dangerous. We drive those cars. Some of those cars are made here, some of those cars are made in Germany, and they’re imported in probably through the ports that these Emirates people are going to own. They’ve got GPS in those cars. I mean, Americans are being tracked to this day. I mean, right now we didn’t even know it, the United Arab Emirates can sit there in Dubai and find out, Dawn, where you are any time you are in a DaimlerChrysler product.

I have one of those cars. The United Arab Emirates can no doubt track me, and I know that they do, because when I got the car it was brand-new, they’ve got this service in there, and I had to register it and test it and when I called them you push a little button in there sort of like OnStar in General Motors, you push a little button in there and they answer the phone, and I don’t know where they are but they knew where I was. They were able to tell me the exact intersection, just confirming that I was actually calling from that car, and so forth. They were probably in Dubai. I’m guessing that I was talking to outsourced customer service people in Dubai, able to tell exactly where I was. They have these apartment buildings and hotels. Okay, after they infiltrate the country with future terrorists, they gotta place to put them. These people don’t even have to go out and rent on their own; they can sign up under false names. I mean, they’re all over the place, folks. I mean, it’s something we gotta be concerned about. Here’s the flip side of this, though.
“The rancor about Dubai?s investments in the United States is not reciprocated here. The United States cuts a large profile in Dubai: the U.S. Navy U.S. Navy has a permanent presence in Dubai?s ports, allowing the ports to handle incoming warships making port visits. U.S. Customs has a container inspection team based at the Dubai ports. Even the UAE dirham, the currency here, is pegged to the U.S. dollar. And U.S. companies have been cashing in on Dubai?s boom. Microsoft Corp., Sun Microsystems Inc. and IBM buildings dot an office park here. Harvard Medical School is building a satellite campus, while U.S. construction giants Parsons, Turner and Bechtel are managing construction across the emirate, overseeing buildings designed by American architectural powerhouses like Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.”
So, folks, the tentacles are deeper than any of us knew. They know our architectural infrastructure techniques. They are learning about our computers. They’re learning about how our software is put together, operating systems and so forth. I feel relatively secure because Apple doesn’t have a relationship with them because, of course, I use and we all use the Mac here at the EIB Network. So we have a level of protection that most of you don’t.

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