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RUSH: If you want to have some fun this afternoon when the program is over, go visit any liberal blog website, because Mother Jones has an article, a very long article, on how Paul Hackett got sabotaged by Harry Reid. Paul Hackett was going to run for the Senate against Mike DeWine in Ohio. The Democratic Party came in and they sabotaged him. They threw him under the bus; they threw him overboard, and now we know why.
Mother Jones has done some investigative journalism here, and it turns out that the Democrats believe that Paul Hackett committed “war crimes” while in Iraq. They had pictures, and Dingy Harry and other Democrats started spreading rumors that Hackett committed war crimes in the way he dealt with Iraqis, and that they had pictures — and they got on the phone and they started telling Hackett’s donors about this and told them not to donate anymore, had to get rid of the guy, and Hackett is fit to be tied.
When the blogosphere finds out about this — because Hackett was their hero — you know, it’s not often a Democrat can find a person wearing a uniform that they admire, and they had found one in Paul Hackett — and now the very party that they’re at odds with already… I mean, the blogosphere, the kooks out there in Kooksville despise these elected Democrats. They think they’re a bunch of cowards and linguini-spined wimps, and when they find out that the Democratic Party skewered this guy and tried to make him out to be, “Just like George Bush, just like a war criminal.” Oh! folks! The eruptions at Democrat Underground, Daily Kos, MoveOn.org, are going to be priceless today.END TRANSCRIPT


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