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RUSH: I watch this — we have some sound bites of it today — and it is really is pathetic to watch these guys repeat Liberalism 1: Version 1. There haven’t been any upgrades in the software. They’re still using an old operating system, and they don’t have any idea how to update it and there’s nobody in their camp that can write the revisions. Here’s the way they think. They’ve got Alito. “What’s Alito? He’s a white guy; he’s a conservative, and he’s a Republican. Therefore, he discriminates. He’s a racist. He’s anti-gay. He’s homophobic. He’s against civil liberties. He’s against fairness,” and all they’ve got to do is ask some nonsensical questions to trap the guy into admitting this and that is what they’re trying to do. So here comes Ted Kennedy, of all people, whose brother wiretapped Martin Luther King, going on and on and on about all these violations of civil liberties! Ted Kennedy going on and on and on about strip searching ten-year-old little girls as though Alito said, “Yeah, I’m all for that and let’s do it more often! Let’s have fun with it!”
I mean, they actually think that’s the way Alito thinks about it, because he’s a reprobate. “As a conservative, he’s a sexist. Women don’t count for anything.” That’s the extent of their thinking. Then you had what’s his name, Leahy, in a purely suicidal move. I understood the politics of it, but in his first line of questioning Leahy took up the defense of Al-Qaeda terrorists and demanded to know if Alito was going to see to it that they had constitutional rights protected. “Where do you stand on this, Judge?” These are the enemies of the country, and here’s Leahy out basically standings up for the Al-Qaeda Bill of Rights. Now, what he was doing was trying to — he wanted to — entrap Alito into agreeing with the premise that the president could ignore McCain’s torture law. A couple of Democrats tried this. The president has a signing affidavit after every bill he signs, a signing statement, and he signs his intent, what to do with the legislation, and McCain’s torture bill, the president’s signing statement said: Hey, I’m commander-in-chief, and if there’s a drastic need I’m going to do what it takes.
McCain himself has even said that there is a case to be made for the ticking time bomb, the nuclear bomb exception. If you have to torture somebody to get something to keep a nuclear bomb from going off, you can do it. This whole thing is absurd. Bush said: I can ignore this if I have to, to protect the country. So the Democrats zero in on that and they want Alito to say, “I think the president can ignore anything; I think the president can do anything he wants; there is only one power in this country, and that’s the president.” That’s what they thought he would say. They thought these stupid enough to be roped in. They want to say, “See? This man is not fit to be in power,” and then to show you how convoluted they are, here are these big government Democrats. They love it! They grow it; they expand it every chance they get. They want to raise taxes. They believe in government as the sole arbiter of any dispute. Government leads this nation. Government is the reason anything happens — and yet when they ask this guy questions, you ought to hear how they portray big government!
Big government spies on its citizens! Big government has too many police powers. Big government? You can’t trust big government!

According to these are the guys who are the architects of it! That’s how out of whack they are. Here the big government believers end up ripping their own philosophy trying to trip up this judge whose 12 times smarter than all of them combined. He’s been toying with them all day. I don’t know whether it’s these guys are just not unified or they’re all their own agendas. I think that they’re just stuck 30, 40 years in the past. They think they can Robert Bork anybody, and the way they do it they’ll go out and tell lies. Kennedy is saying, yesterday in his opening statement, “You can’t find in history anywhere, why, where he’s found or ruled in favor of a minority in any of his opinions,” and the Republicans, they trotted out four such opinions where Alito has ruled in favor of minorities. In four such cases! No fazing Kennedy. It doesn’t matter to him. His point was to lie about it and have the media expound and promote and amplify the lie. I asked Snerdley earlier in the program, “Do you actually think that they knew that these four cases existed?”
“Oh, yeah. They’re smart enough to know that.”
And I understand people thinking that, but I also think these people are arrogant enough — I know these people. Folks, I’ve hung around these people all my life to this day. I have experiences with liberals, and I will tell them the way I think about something and I can see in their eyes it’s the first time they’ve ever heard such a thing, and you can see that it’s foreign, and they try to think about it, but it doesn’t fit in the world view that they’ve constructed so they reject it, and they say, “Well, that’s just simplistic,” or, “That’s just silly,” or, “Why, you have to agree that that’s outrageous.”
“No, I don’t. I happen to believe that. I think what’s outrageous is you.”
So I think it’s entirely possible that these people and the staffs of the senator didn’t know that these cases existed precisely because he’s a conservative Republican, and he hates minorities; he’s never going to find for them. They believe that! It’s not just something they say. They believe it. Now, in the event that I’m wrong and they did know that those four cases existed, it didn’t matter. They’ll tell the lie anyway because they’re still stuck 30 years ago where they think Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings, and Tom Brokaw are going to take care of the lie for them, and the day’s over. The day is done. Who sang that song <a href=”http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/clipserve/B000002KHJ001013/0/ref=mu_sam_wma_001_013/103-7570287-2779038″>Day is Done</a>? <a target=new href=”,-paul-%26-mary/107756.html+%22Day+is+Done%22+lyrics&hl=en”>Peter, Paul & Mary? Day is Done.</a> Ah, it’s a big song, big tune, from the Sixties. Day is Done. Well, somebody look it up.

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